BREAKING: Devastating Facts About The Deadly Explosion At The Ariana Grande Concert

Photo: AP
Things To Know About Deadly Explosion At Ariana Grande Concert In London

Singer Ariana Grande was just completing her performance at Manchester Arena in England when two explosions caused chaos and a large police presence.

Initial social media reports indicated that two bombs had gone off while others stated that it was a blown speaker or popped balloons that caused the loud bomb-like sound.

Unfortunately, police confirmed that they are dealing with a "serious" incident at Manchester Arena and that there has been fatalities.

This is still a developing story so information is being slowly revealed as the investigation is underway.

Here is what we do know:

1. There are an unknown number of fatalities and many injuries.

Photo Credit: The GuardianP

Police have not confirmed the number of fatalities but NBC News is reporting that at least 20 were killed and hundreds of people injured.

Authorities have not confirmed or denied that these explosions were the result of terrorism, but it's an obvious focus for everyone at this moment.

Police want everyone to stay clear of the area as it's still an active investigation.

Twitter users are currently sharing photos of their loved ones that were at the concert and are currently missing.

The Manchester Arena holds up to 21,000 people and the concert was sold out.

2. Videos surfaced of people crying and running from the explosions.

The explosions occurred around 10:30 p.m. local time in the foyer area of the arena.

3. Ariana Grande's representatives say she is safe after the incident. 

Billboard reported that they made contact wth Grande's reps and she is "okay" and they are investigating what happened. 

4. It is being treated as a terrorist event. 

While everyone has been asking if the explosion at the Ariana Grande concert was terrorism, Sky News confirmed Northwest Counter Terrorism Unit says they are treating it as possible terrorist incident

This is an ongoing news story and we will update accordingly.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by this tragedy.