The Long-Term Solar Eclipse Healing Effects On Each Zodiac Sign From April - October 2024

Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Aries brings us face to face with our desires and past hurt — and helps us to heal.

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Eclipses in Astrology can be described as everything from “fated events” to course corrections. While they happen roughly four times a year; each brings a major milestone that we often remember for our entire lives. From 2024 to 2025, eclipse season will take place in the signs of Aries and Libra, and the collective focus since July of 2023 is about how to balance life between how to remain true to ourselves while being in a relationship with others. 


The Solar Eclipse on April 8 with the New Moon joined the asteroid Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer. There is a collective wound we have all experienced and one that we have in our lives personally. So, one long-term effect of the eclipse in April will be coming face-to-face with past experiences. We learn to do things with bravery and courage. We also learn to accept that our actions may or may not be judged how we want them to be. We may be accepted or rejected by others — and both responses are OK.

For the next six months the Aries eclipse will highlight the need to heal from past hurts so we can come into deep connection with others —and a deeper understanding of ourselves. This will be emphasized when we experience the eclipse in Libra on October 2, 2024.


This Solar Eclipse with Chiron is inviting hold space and 'not go it alone', while also considering what non-negotiables we have about who we are and how we want to show up. The eclipse involves Mercury retrograde, slowing down the usual quick, fast, and perhaps domineering communication style that's typical of Mercury in Aries. Think. But also, let your voice be heard, and be conscientious of your purpose for sharing thoughts and ideas. This Mercury is currently ruled by Mars in Pisces, so we could feel like we want to say something, but it might not be as clear-cut as we think.

Eclipse energy lasts for up to six months, and the effects of this healing energy will last a lifetime. The effects of this new moon are most accurately explained using a rising sign horoscope, but if you don’t know your rising sign, choose the horoscope that matches your sun sign below.

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Long-term post-solar eclipse healing effects for each zodiac sign from April 2024 - October 2024:

Aries Sun/Moon/Rising

You sure have no problem going about your life how you want to, but this eclipse and new moon ask how you have been impacted by having to go in alone or doing something all by yourself most of the time. This new moon feels a little like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you may be doing something courageous and brave, and on the other hand, there could be some pain points about how people are reacting to you or perhaps your own internal struggle with the realities of making these brave choices. Remember that bravery doesn’t always look like what we think it does. 

This is a good time to identify the people in your life who want to hold space for your bravery and courage. Even if it’s something small, this new moon could also bring to the surface an old story about your capabilities or even what people have told you can and cannot do. Let those narratives surface, and discuss it with those you trust to tell the story. It could help you feel a sense of belonging and trust that you have good company to enjoy the journey.

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Taurus Sun/Moon/Rising

This new moon is an invitation to step away from everyday life and feel comfortable away from it all.  An invitation to make plans based on your hidden thoughts can be an important part of the next chapter of your life, especially things you don’t share with others. If you feel inspired to enter any sort of incubator space to create, now is a great time to do it! The point isn’t so much to have a purpose but to try to create something and see what comes out of it. 


If that’s not your thing, this could be a great time to evaluate whatever aids you in your mental health. Perhaps it is a commitment to a workout or even doing something that’s just for you, but this powerful eclipse is here to bring forth unhelpful thoughts or suppressed feelings to aid in the process of healing. The Eclipse is happening in the area of your chart that has to do with letting go. Let yourself let go of being in control for the next few days and see how life shifts for you.

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Gemini Sun/Moon/Rising

Is there a storyline that began for you around July 2023 around creating a community for yourself that you feel like you belong to and that you can be yourself with? This Solar Eclipse is a part of that narrative around what social networks you belong to, how you want to show up in your advocacy, or what people inspire you to want to hang around them. This eclipse may highlight a yearning and a struggle to feel like you don’t have to dampen yourself or even a struggle to find folks who share similar experiences with you.

Post Aries Eclipse is here to help you compost past struggles and aid in helping you identify how you can be big and bold in community spaces. The Aries Eclipse is ruled by Mars, which is currently in Pisces in that area of your chart that rules public reputation of vocation. There’s a relationship happening for you between who your community is and how you want to be seen in your public role. You know how to be a leader, and this eclipse leaves clues as to what would inspire you with your hopes and dreams.


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Cancer Sun/Moon/Rising

This Eclipse is a big one for you! My first question for you to reflect on is what changes have occurred in your career and/or vocation since July 2023. Have you had to become more entrepreneurial or perhaps have to figure out different or new paths to make a living? The post-eclipse energy brings more observations about your aspirations career-wise and your ability to lead. You are on a new path you are creating for yourself and that no one else has been on. You are the one creating the roadmap for others to follow in your footsteps.

This is a bright time to show the world how you can be someone they look to in times of strife. But going in alone or doing something for yourself can still feel lonely even if you feel empowered. There could be a pain point brought to the surface about how others feel about your career, or perhaps a narrative or the “right” way to be courageous or a leader. Remember to set the terms for yourself on what feels brave to you, even if it defies what others think. If you know the sign your Mars is in, I would look to that and the house it is in for a better indication of where and how you might want to lead.

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Leo Sun/Moon/Rising

Travel, philosophical exploration, and being a leader in ways to view your own spiritually are all top of mind for you after this Eclipse! Perhaps you are the first in your family to travel the way you do, or perhaps you are incorporating a new approach to how you see the world. This time highlights how you are a natural when it comes to being a teacher or adviser, but you must do it in a way that works for you. The more you think through how to approach travel or even your long-term goals and aspirations based on what works best for you and not how you feel like you need to show up — the more invigorated you may feel about laying the groundwork for the future. Adding a bit of flare and drama draws people in.

This is a time to notice where you want to broadcast to the world what you have learned throughout your life and how that can aid in their journeys. One thing to note is that you could experience an old narrative that feels tender about people not previously embracing your approach to things. Now is a great time to seek out people like yourself who are potentially forging a new path regarding tried and true understandings of the world. Additionally, this could be a perfect time to consider returning to school to learn something more specialized or consider how international travel could be just the ticket to understanding your life through a new lens.

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Virgo Sun/Moon/Rising

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word 'inheritance?' Is it perhaps your family’s lineage of having to go through adversity? Perhaps it is more monetary-focused or family heirlooms. This Eclipse is highlighting what you have inherited from your family, and you are now considering for yourself how to build on that. You may want to start something completely new. Additionally, this Eclipse is happening where the rubber meets the road with emotional intimacy, and you are coming into a renewed understanding of what you need and want when it comes to relationship dynamics, without getting caught up in the undertow of unspoken agreements or giving away your energy. 


This Eclipse could bring opportunities for you to try out intimacy in a whole new manner. You could have to work through old stories about past hurt when you have tried to be vulnerable before. Consider what feels scary but promising and what feels cautious, like when your spidey senses tingling. Finally, this post-eclipse could be a great time to consider your investments and how to build long-term wealth.

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Libra Sun/Moon/Rising

Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. This Eclipse brings you face to face with things that feel prickly in your one-on-one dynamics. Perhaps you need to speak up and say something that you have felt reserved about, or you need to set the record straight, but this time, it is about discernment. You need to decide what effort you are willing to put into your relationships. This Eclipse is a shift in how you want to show up as yourself inside relationships. This could bring some necessary but not easy conversations with folks.

With Mercury retrograde in Aries, it could be good to evaluate whether what needs to be said is honest or rude, either coming from you or the other person. The Eclipse conjunct with the Asteroid Chiron, “The Wounded Healer," could bring up past narratives of struggles with being yourself and experiencing your relationship needs. Those past hurts have their place but know that it doesn’t mean it will continue in the future. You can heal from the past and get the relationships you want — and deserve.


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Scorpio Sun/Moon/Rising

This new moon eclipse reminds you of the bold new actions you take in your work life. Last Fall’s eclipses could have brought you abrupt endings, but now you could have transitioned into something you had never thought of doing before. Now, you're invited to be proud of the hard work you’ve been putting into your job and knowing how you have stepped up to do things for yourself or leading the way for others. If there’s an idea you have had about a work project or perhaps something you’ve wanted to be a little entrepreneur about, this is a good time to consider what that might look like.

You have the drive, and you are proving now that you know how to put in the work to make the big picture things come to life. Additionally, this is a great time to think about the things in your life that bring you passion or inspiration about your daily life. Use that as an inkling to prioritize how you schedule your routines. Finally, if your physical health feels a bit under the weather, give yourself time to heal. Rest and take a breather. Relax as much as you can.

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Sagittarius Sun/Moon/Rising

This new moon Eclipse brings closure and a renewal of things relating to romance, pleasure, and creative expression. Post-eclipse, in particular, could be bringing up pain points of past dating and romance issues or your relationship with intimacy, and now you could heal and liberate yourself to redefine your spark. This could mean feeling inspired to find a new creative outlet for yourself or just taking the day to do what made you happy when you were a kid.

There could be communications to be had about what your needs are, romance, or what brings you joy, and the conversations could bring disagreements but also eventually clarity after multiple conversations. This Eclipse, especially, is a call to let the good times roll. Be OK if plans change, though, since Mercury is retrograde in the same part of your chart as the new moon.

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Capricorn Sun/Moon/Rising

Big or sudden changes might be happening at home in your family, and you may be feeling a sense of having to step up and take a leadership role. This could bring you back to moments where you felt the need to be brave or take one more responsibility when you were younger. This is an ideal time to evaluate what your needs are in the situation compared to the responsibility or obligation you feel to your family.


It’s not one or the other, but coming to a better understanding of the limits you have and preserving what you need to preserve while giving what you can. Alternatively, this could bring about a new home or living situation, or you may feel the call to make a shift at home. This is a good time to evaluate what makes a good and restful home for yourself and how you can cultivate that in the future.

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Aquarius Sun/Moon/Rising

What is your relationship with traditional learning environments? Post-eclipse energy highlights something from your past around issues you faced with learning in these environments and how you are trusting that your own way of learning is just as valuable. In your pursuit of self-study or studying something most others don’t, you bring your own perspective that is unique and worth sharing with others. Additionally, this eclipse highlights your need to create and initiate new community bonds, even if you find your surroundings changing or your desire to change up your community often.

This is a perfect time to consider new income opportunities based on the new things you are learning right now and how your immediate neighborhood could be involved with making that happen. Perhaps you meet a new friend or establish a new hang-out spot that others also utilize, and your collaboration helps you facilitate and create magic together!


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Pisces Sun/Moon/Rising

What is your relationship to money or income right now? Are you going through any process of working through old narratives about healing your relationship with money or perhaps coming to a renewed sense of belief in being able to follow your own path to making a living? This Eclipse is bringing to the surface themes of self-worth, material possessions, making an income, and letting go of attachments to assistance from others who haven’t felt even or fair.

There could be hard choices to make around the dedication and effort you have had to put into doing your own thing, and that doesn’t come without strife, this eclipse highlights how new ideas of ventures don’t specifically translate to the same situation as the last time, and forging ahead with new ideas requires another sense of bravery. The post-eclipse energy could also highlight where firmer and clearer boundaries need to be established so that you aren’t offering up aid in relationships than what you can truly give. Mercury retrograde is happening at the same time as this eclipse, so if new income opportunities open up to you, ask many qualifying questions before proceeding.

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