How Mercury Retrograde In Aries Affects Each Zodiac Sign From April 1 - 25

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Mercury retrograde is often a time that is met with fear and skepticism as you become wary of troubles that could pop up with technology, travel or even relationship issues. Yet, these Mercury retrograde in Aries is anything but problematic and will be able to help you understand and move more fully toward your divine fate.

In astrology, the North Node represents your fate and the divine plan for your soul that is meant for you. The North Node is currently in Aries and with Mercury retrograde also occurring in this fire sign, you are being given an extraordinary opportunity to discover more of what your destiny is so that in the year ahead you may fully and consciously choose it. This is an opportune time to get clearer about your soul purpose, to wrap up those karmic lessons and to realize that you will have to embrace the bold and courageous warrior energy of Aries in order to seize the life and fate that has always been meant for you.

How Mercury retrograde in Aries affects each zodiac sign from April 1 - 25

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Spend time reflecting on all the ways you’ve ignored or gaslit yourself in terms of what you really want out of life. This is so you can learn that you can’t choose what others think is best for you, but instead know in your heart the only way you can find fulfillment is by being true to your authentic self. The friends and people who really are those meant to be in your life will support you. But part of this process is choosing what you really want, without the input or opinions of others. When you are making decisions from your truth, it will become amazing how much easier and more abundant life feels.


It doesn’t matter if you have a plan as of yet, or even if some dreams seem too big. The most important choice you can make right now is to tune into your soul and honor your dreams and intuition. It’s okay to let the path appear as you start to move forward, this is how the universe tests your trust. Lean into where your intuition is directing you at this time, both the ideas and where inspiration is coming from as this is also where your fate resides. The sooner you tune into your soul, the more readily you’ll be able to manifest the life of your dreams.


You don’t have to do it all alone. You don’t have to try to create the changes or success you want, all by yourself. You have a circle around you of people that not only care but that also serve as important resources for your future. Make the conscious choice to collaborate and ask for help more often. See it as a team effort and activity, because through this space, you will be able to make each one of your wishes a reality. And this is what allows you to know with confidence you are walking in alignment with your fate.


It isn’t your job to take care of everyone, and no matter how much you might love those in your life, ultimately you need to love yourself with the same ferocity. Take this chance to focus on your professional path as you lean into what interests you and honors your gifts. This is your time to become more confident, clear and bold as you move knowing that you cannot fail. Focus on your professional success, because you deserve to have a life and purpose that is all your own.

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You get to choose what is in alignment with your soul and what isn’t. No matter who has been writing the rules for your life, this is your moment when you finally realize that you hold the ability to write your own. As you release and discard the rules, ideals and even plans that have been controlling your decisions, you step into greater freedom to choose for yourself. Everything is on the table as a possibility, you just need to decide that you no longer need the safety of your comfort zone.


You are being empowered to make the decisions and choices for your life that will open up the path of fate. But you also will be asked to take your power back from those you may have given it to or even that have taken it upon themselves. This is the era of a comeback when you finally see that your light is not meant to be dimmed and that there is a big difference between what you need versus what you want. And now, by going after both, you will realize your fate was always yours to choose.


You are realizing that your personal growth and healing dramatically affects the decisions you make in your romantic relationships. But you can’t be too quick to choose one path, especially when you know you are still in progress of becoming your best self. Make decisions as you feel called to but be gentle with your process. You will be asking for more from your partner, or even prospective lovers, but it all begins with you knowing what you are worth and no longer being afraid of what you might lose because all you will see is what you stand to gain.


Your heart is one of your greatest gifts, but that also means you must protect it. There is no one that can create the life you are dreaming of but you simply because only you know your soul. Don’t be afraid to upset others, or even some across as cold, as boundaries will be what allows you to create the life that aligns with your fate. You will have to make hard decisions, but they will also lead to an easier life. Become so determined on choosing your fate, that you protect yourself and your dreams at all costs knowing this chapter in your life, is all about you.

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You aren’t who you used to be, which means you also must make peace not only with your past but also the previous versions of yourself. It won’t serve you to keep lugging around that suitcase of regrets. Your choices thus far have made you who you are. Spend time reconnecting with your inner child, remember what used to light you up, and then use that energy to create a life of complete and utter joy.


It’s okay to admit that your family matters more than career or finances. By leaning into this new truth of seeing that at the end of the day, it’s who you love that matters most, you also reach a new point of growth within yourself. You are finally seeing what can be when you no longer try to force or push things. Make time for family, for home, for focusing and investing in the relationships that make your life what it is. Professional and financial success will come when you are in greater balance with yourself, which also means, the path to your heart is one that will also lead to your fate.


You have an incredible gift for bringing others together and seeing a vision so unique and original others may need you to guide them. This is your unique purpose in this world as you truly are a visionary knowing in your heart what is in the best interest of the collective. But to fully step into this role, you have to start speaking up. Don’t be afraid over how your words or messages will be received but dig deep into your soul and remember there is a difference between guiding and teaching. A guide radiates truth to others without having to show them the way, so as you follow your path of fate, it will only help to encourage others to do the same.


You have been healing your wound around lack, scarcity and even the misconception that to be spiritual means you also have to struggle. But you’ve also been focusing more on learning how to keep yourself safe without needing to remain a hermit in this world. Both of these lessons were to prepare you for this moment as you start to step into the abundance and fate that has always been destined for you. Focus on practical matters, but also continue to affirm your worth of receiving the wealth, success and even status that you will receive. Don’t backdown from who you’re meant to become, because the world is waiting on you.

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