Every Zodiac Sign's Weekly Tarot Horoscope For March 4 - 10, 2024

If we 'play our cards right' we can shape our futures and transform ourselves.

Weekly Tarot Horoscope For March 4 - 10, 2024 Illustration by YourTango

Welcome to the week of March 4 - 10, 2024 and the tarot reading for each zodiac sign.

Having drawn the cards, we can see that while each individual has their own burden to bear, there's a general feeling of accomplishment that comes with this week. 

We should be very happy to know that whatever we must get through, there is a bright and shiny 'reward' waiting for us 'on the other side.'

We literally 'play our cards right,' and we can shape our futures in such a way that we totally transform ourselves. This is a week of great healing, as we've learned astrological, and we can trust that this entire month will run in a similar fashion.


The Tarot shows that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, so what we do reaps karma and payback. Knowing this, we will be keeping an eye out for the details.

All in all, this is how we run our lives anyway. What sets this week apart is that we are just little bit more conscious of the law of action and reaction.

Potentially, we have the world at our fingertips; what we choose to do this week could reverberate throughout eternity, so let's choose wisely, heal promptly and show kindness to those around us. Empathy is key, and so is kindness during the week.

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Each zodiac sign's weekly tarot horoscope for March 4 - 10, 2024:


Tarot Card: The Hanged Man, reversed

This week has you confronting the ideas and opinions of others with your own very unique perspective on the whole thing. 

While you might not be able to convince others of your mindset at this point, you will definitely be making a very good case for what it is you wish to convey. You come up with your own ideas, which will be discussed and reviewed.

You see that you are unafraid to express yourself at this time, and while you know that you deliver an uncanny point of view, your opinion is worthwhile. It can possibly bring great change to a situation requires that kind of seismic upheaval. If anyone can be the instigator of positive change here, it's you, Aries.


Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: Being unique is what you are known for, so words that work well in your week are perspective, change, curiosity, and adventure. This week has you showing that you aren't the kind of thinker who stays put; you are outspoken and different, and what you bring to the table is refreshing and worthy of being paid attention to.

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Tarot Card: The Empress

Knowing who you are is such a big part of what makes this week work out so well for you, Taurus. You have always had a lot of nerve, and your nerve has even inspired jealousy at times. There are people in your life who wish they had the same kind of chutzpah as you have, as you appear to be fearless at times.


You'll see that it's not really about nerve as much as it is about feeling good about who you are and what you've accomplished in your life, so far. You are merely 'taking the bull by the horns' as they say, which is apropos for your Taurus zodiac sign. You know exactly what you want out of this week, and it just so happens that the universe is completely ready to work with you on it.

Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: It's almost as if you were made for this position, as being someone who really knows what you want is exactly how this week is going to pan out for you. As 'the Empress' you can look to words and ideas such as authority, ownership, loyalty, judgment, kindness, empathy, quality and beauty.

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Tarot Card: King of Wands


From the perspective of one who has accomplished much in your life so far, you may feel as though you are now in the position to help and guide others, and during the week of March 4 - 10, 2024, you'll see that this isn't too off base; you are somewhat of an expert in certain areas, so why shouldn't you be there for others when they need a helping hand, as they will need one during this week.

You'll see that in helping others, you end up feeling very good about yourself, but not in the egomaniacal way. You like the idea that your expertise is not being taking lightly and that those whom you choose to help are actually taking the time to listen to you. This makes you feel respected, as you should be. It's all good for you, respect-wise.

Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: You not only have a real command of the language, you're the person who can rely on themselves to get things done the right way. Your keywords and ideas this week are vision, future, aforethought, planning, execution, stoicism, and generosity.

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Tarot Card: Six of Swords, reversed

While you aren't thrilled about having to go over certain details, mainly because you feel as though you've gone down this road before, you'll be happy to know that checking things twice actually works in your favor, as you find a few mistakes that were made and in rectifying them, you spare yourself grief in the future.

This is a good week for you in terms of buckling down and doing the work that you've been avoiding. What you'll see happening is that once it's done...it's done, and you won't be going back over it again and again. This is because you chose to focus on the details, and in finding out where you made mistakes, you're able to correct each and every one of them, providing a safe and sound future for yourself.

Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: While you may feel that some of the actions that you need to participate in this week are redundant, you'll have to continue on as it's 'not over until it's over.' Your helpful words for the week are patience, endurance, responsibility, obligation, duty and concern.


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Tarot Card: Ace of Cups

A wonderful card for a wonderful zodiac sign, and we're all very fortunate when the Ace of Cups shows up as our representative for the week. Your week comes with an abundance of love and respect, and you will feel so at ease with your romantic situation and your home life. There are no complaints coming out of your mouth this week, Leo, and gratitude is definitely going to be a part of that package.

It's nice to think that you've got a week filled with only love and that the troubles of 'the real world' simply won't be making an appearance at this time. We all get a break now and then, and it seems that your break, which will be filled with love, romance and kindness, will last an entire week. This could go on and on, depending on how you play your cards.


Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: Love is likely the only thing that rules for you, and your words of the week will be togetherness, desire, gratitude, empathy, generosity, union, like-minded thinking, and abundance. 

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Tarot Card: Four of Swords, reversed

Being that you tend to get psyched up for things that you know will bring you great joy when those things don't pan out, you fall back into a pattern of thinking that 'good things' don't happen to you. Of course, you'd be anything but correct on that, Virgo, as you are in line for greatness right now, and your best bet is to sit tight and wait for it to happen.


Don't drag yourself down with unnecessary negative thinking. This is a great week to figure out how a good attitude will bring you a good life. This week shows you that you have learned masterful lessons from failures gone by and that you have just as much of a chance at victory and success as anyone else.

Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: If a retreat is what is needed this week, then retreat is what you'll tend to, and you'll find that keywords that describe for you, Virgo, are hesitance, thought, pre-meditation, reclusiveness, planning, and organization.

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Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune, reversed


Being that you are incredibly brave and full of nerve, you will find that, while you don't know where all of this nerve will take you, you're most certainly willing to take a chance, and as we've learned, the universe loves a believer. Belief in your own abilities is what gets you up and moving this week, Libra.

You'll see that you have a plan in mind but aren't sure what the outcome will be. Nonetheless, your ability to charm others into coming with you on your journey will create the condition of togetherness and unity. The future may be uncertain, but you are sure to convince yourself and others that it will be beautiful if they can only trust and believe in you...which they will do, easily. 

Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: Whatever you do or do not do is part of the plan; you'll notice that words and ideas like these continue to come up for you: chance, change, luck, determination, mistakes, re-do's, faith and belief.

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Tarot Card: Nine of Swords

What you've come to trust is your intuition, above all, and when your gut tells you to avoid something, you avoid it at all costs. You'll be picking up on inner clues that tell you that there is no point in making the same mistakes twice. Dreams will show you that, while convoluted in a message, they are trying to tell you something...and you are very interested in listening.

This week brings you great success in so much as you can pick and choose what you avoid getting into. While we tend to think of success in terms of what we 'have,' in your case, Scorpio, it's what you don't have that brings you the good fortune that comes along with this strange and foreboding card. Think of this as your lucky charm; the Nine of Swords has you listening intently to your gut feelings.

Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something this week; if you listen closely to what your heart is telling you, you'll think of words like regret, shame, guilt, need, promise, recognition and revelation.


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Tarot Card: The High Priestess, reversed

Every now and then, you get on a bit of a high horse, and why wouldn't you? You are very successful at almost everything you do, but you might find that you are 'less excellent' at one particular thing and that in not being as good as you expected you'd be, you feel humbled and put in your place.

This is a good thing and being humbled is an act that works for everyone. This week, you have come to understand that you are a blessed person in so many departments but that, like everyone else here, you can't have it all. Oh sure, you can have a lot, and this week will put you in touch with gratitude for what you do have while not beating yourself up over what you don't have.


Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: This week has you learning a very unique lesson in humility, as this card shows you that you don't always get it right. Keywords that stir you up are rethinking, magic, confidence, lack of confidence, mistake-making, re-planning and reorganization.

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Tarot Card: Page of Cups


This week brings you a new set of situations, and so much of it has something to do with love...now, that might not necessarily mean romantic love, however. What this card means in your life at this point is that you are about to embark on something brand new. And it will have you 'falling in love' with whatever it is.

This could imply a hobby or a creative project...and it could also mean new love and romance. This will be up to the universe, but there's one thing this week promises: that you will be both open to the idea of newness and change and playfully in acceptance of whatever strange new world you're about to enter. This could potentially be a very 'fun' week for you, Capricorn.

Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: New love and a new outlook on life have you in a state of wonder and hope, and you'll see that the words accompanying this journey are hope, innocence, greed, need, playfulness, generosity and glamor. 

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Tarot Card: Nine of Pentacles

There's something very special about this week, and you know it. Perhaps it's because you're only now starting to understand that you're on your own and that you're very capable of creating the kind of life that you want. You worked very hard to get where you are, and you are surrounded by people who are incredibly supportive of you.

This week shows you that it's 'good to be the King' as it's said, but in the case of the Nine of Pentacles, it's basically just good to be YOU, Aquarius. What's really nice is that you get to wear some awesome outfits this week, whether you're planning on going anywhere or not. There are materialistic pleasures that amuse you greatly, and you'll be indulging in them during the week.

Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: You are in a very good position at this point in your life, and you feel very strongly about being 'who you are'. Words that describe you and your week of experience are fulfillment, gaudiness, riches, wealth, perfection, idealism, solitude and resplendence. 


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Tarot Card: Ten of Wands

Putting your back into it is the easy part, which shows that while the work is never done, it's still worth doing. This week is all about labor, be it physical or personal, as in working on one's self. You may find that this week is as good as any for a little deep dive into your character; you feel that change is inevitable, and you want to participate in your transformation.

During this time, you'll see that not only are you capable, but you're so much stronger than you ever give yourself credit for. While you don't see a rest period coming up any time too soon, you are aware to not push yourself too far. While you may be a hard worker, you are also someone who respects themselves and their bodies, and you will do the right thing by yourself.


Keywords and ideas to keep in mind: Between all you've previously accomplished and all you believe you have in front of you, you'll buckle down and get to the work at hand. Words that crop up during this week for you, Pisces, are steadfastness, determination, drive, backache, strength, conviction and dedication to a cause.

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