How To Calculate Your Personal Year Number For 2024, According To Numerology

Use the numbers of your birth date and the coming year to understand the energetic lessons and triumphs awaiting you.

Last updated on Dec 19, 2023

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In the practice of numerology, our lives cycle through nine phases consistently, represented by the numbers 1-9, with master number 11 popping up every now and then. In any given year, your personal year number tells you what energy cycle you are in.

That doesn't necessarily mean that if you are in personal year number that focuses on your career you won't find love that year. Rather, your personal year number can prepare you for the specific kind of energies you will be facing.


How to calculate your Personal Year Number for 2024

To calculate your personal year number, add together the single digits that make up your birth month, the day of your birth, and the year for which you wish to calculate.

For example: If your birthday is April 4 and the year is 2024

4 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 15

Next, simplify that number by adding the digits together so you end up with a single digit.

1 + 5 = 6

The personal year number for someone born on April 3 for the year 2024 is 6.

Personal year number meanings


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Personal Year Number Meanings

Personal Year 1: New Beginnings

Personal Year 1 has a focused energy on new beginnings, opportunities, and independence. This is the year you will usually end up doing things on your own and in your own way, not really relying on others. It's a year of fresh starts and clean slates. You may move, you may get a new job, or you may meet new people that will impact your life.



Personal Year 2: Relationships

Personal Year 2 is a good year to start a relationship. In this cycle, you end up making friends easily and getting along with the world around you. The energies for this year are focused on development, cooperation, and patience.




Personal Year 3: Creative Work

Personal Year 3 has energy focused on creative successes. That means you may have more of an inclination to create as a way to express yourself while in this personal year number.



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Personal Year 4: Self-Improvement

Personal Year 4 has a lot to do with self-improvement, hard work, and laying foundations. The year is about building yourself into who you want to be and getting yourself to where you desire. Whether it's through your job or hobbies, or where you are in the world, you are the focus of this year's energy. Thus, personal year number 4 is a very active time in your life where you will make big decisions.



Personal Year 5: Changes

Personal Year 5 is basically a break from the past 4 vibrations. This cycle is focused on liberation and change. You may have a feeling of being loose or free. During this year, necessary things you worked on previously will move into their rightful position in your life, both internally and externally.



Personal Year 6: Home and Duties

Personal Year 6 is the year that you are faced with many choices. It mostly has to do with your obligations. You may feel a natural urge to help those around you during this cycle. The energy focuses on family, home, and responsibility this year.




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Personal Year 7: Inner Search

Personal Year 7 can be difficult, but necessary to your personal growth. The year comes with many changes emotionally. These changes may be with friendships, romantic relationships, your workplace, within your home, or even your own soul. This cycle is for you to learn to use your internal resources to face problems rather than leaning on others.



Personal Year 8: Praise and Reward

Personal Year 8 is about being rewarded for your past work in the previous years. The reward will depend on how hard you worked through your changes. Number 8 is about balance and karma, so if you did your best, then high gains are coming your way this year.




Personal Year 9: Conclusion

Personal Year 9 is focused on closing the life cycle and preparing for the next. This year may cause trouble for those who no longer wish for change, but without change our lives become stagnant. This year will get you ready for your next level of personal growth that will come with the next cycle.



Personal Year 11: Spiritual Inspiration

Personal Year 11 only comes up once in a blue moon. This bonus cycle, as some call it, instills within you a higher level of spirituality. This will then give you the energy to inspire others around you. You will also be able to develop your intuitive skills so far as to uncover and detect subtle feelings many cannot. In year 11, you will also be able to recognize opportunities from literally everything you encounter.




It's a pretty big deal of a personal year number to get.

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