What Each Zodiac Sign Can Easily Manifest This Week As Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury will enter Pisces on February 23.

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Can you believe we are in mid-February and two months into the New Year? We learn how time is such a valuable resource the week Mercury enters Pisces. It's invisible gold. We exchange it for money for actual growth and soul development. We have to manipulate it to obtain the things we actually want from life. Last week, we went over the 1st Law of Attraction, which was the Law of Manifestation.

This week, we look at Law 2: The Law of Magnetism. This law states that our life circumstances are a result of the energy we put into the world. This is by far the most controversial law. People think it sounds very "victim-blaming" because if bad things happen, is it our fault? Not necessarily.


Many events, energies, and timelines intersect to create this great thing we call our reality. What this law basically says is that if you want to claim good things as your own doing, you have to claim not-so-good things, too. Remember, many events that do not feel good at the moment can be leveraged or learned from. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and sometimes bad things happen to prevent worse things.

That being said, your best friend for habit change, which is directly linked to behavior change (because who are we if we are not our habits?), is if/then planning.

If/then planning prepares for contingencies and things going a bit awry, which will be the case in our life journey and goal pursuits.


If/then planning is the ALL-Signs journaling prompt for this week. Create 10 If/Then recipes that can improve your life in some way. An example would be, "If I overeat sugar one day, then I will balance it out by drinking a lot of water."

Or "If I overspend on my budget, then I will cut back on discretionary spending for the next two weeks." See, it keeps you on track when life happens, so you don't give up on a goal when you clearly have progressed a lot.

In what ways of your life can you apply if/then planning?

On February 19 of this week, we get a great headstart in positive planning and implementation of your tasks with the Moon and Jupiter. This would be a great time to explore networking opportunities and execute planned events.


February 21 brings a Leo Moon, which invigorates us with confident and ambitious energy. This would be a great time for brainstorming, mind mapping, or thinking about creative solutions to persistent issues.

The Virgo Moon on February 23 puts us in the editorial seat rather than the writer's seat. We're ready to get our ducks in a row and do some of the more tedious tasks on our to-do lists. Expect a bit of confused energy or lack of clarity on 24 during the Virgo Moon.

The communication aspect could have you leaving conversations feeling unsettled and searching for answers. On February 25, Moon trine Uranus brings the energy full circle with a great deal of focus and solution-oriented problem-solving.

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Have any travel plans? Hop to them and bring your journal with you should any clever ideas come your way.

Aries Manifest: Your New Reality

Take time for rest and reflection as Mercury enters your privacy sector on February 23. With goal attainment comes change. Have you reflected on how that will affect your daily life?

Journal Prompt

What do you expect to be the same in your life next year after achieving this year's goals?

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Taurus Manifest: Better habits

With Mercury in your friendship sector, a lot of fun invites and events are coming your way. While always welcome, make some time for yourself to ensure you work a bit on your goals each day before hanging out.


Journal Prompt

What habits support my dream future? Am I focusing on them now, or have I already formed these habits?

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Gemini Manifest: Connection

New ways of expressing yourself and connecting with others come your way this week. Write down all your ideas and ways of improving others' lives as well as your own.

Journal Prompt

Make a list of all you can do to help others in your personal life and community.

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Cancer Manifest: Adventure

Facing your fears is crucial to chasing your dreams because dreams require change, and that can be scary. One of the best ways to guage your fear is to research and ask people who have achieved what you want already. Think about asking pressing questions that you cannot find online.


Journal Prompt

Add this Daily affirmation to your list of inspiring quotes to review in the mornings.

I am committed to embracing change in all facets of my life.

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Leo Manifest: Boundaries

Define your new boundaries as Mercury enters your intimacy sector this week. Money, resources, relationships, emotions, and processing of these things will come up. And the urge to go back to letting others walk all over you will be strong. Remember, any potential conflict is an opportunity to prove your strength and worth to yourself by having your integrity tested.

Journal Prompt

What types of treatment are now "unacceptable" that you have better boundaries? How can I immediately make peace with my need to protect myself from those attempting to exploit me?


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Virgo Manifest: Stardom

With Mercury in your partnership sector, questions about the stability of your relationship may come up. What you bring to the table will be openly check, and you may feel overly judged by how the other party decides how you measure up to expectations. Remember, you bring one-of-a-kind gifts to the world. Your contribution to relationships is 100% invaluable.

Journal Prompt

How and in which ways am I unique? How can I make space and cultivate all my unique attributes to myself?

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Libra Manifest: Gratitude

The full Moon will help you calculate just how much rest vs. work you need to function optimally. Take some time to reflect on what parts of your life need tending to and which parts have been neglected.


Journal Prompt

What can being overworked and disconnected from yourself teach you about your specific, unique needs?

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Scorpio Manifest: Boundaries

Friends and fun have recently taken a back seat to major responsibilities in your life. That being said, all work and no play makes Scorpio a dull person. It doesn't feel good to have little to no time for yourself. The full Moon on 24 has you thinking about your fun needs as well as your need for relaxation.

Journal Prompt

Think of two life areas that demand a lot from you. These can be social, work-related, or family-related. How can you delegate or pull back on a bit of your responsibilities to reclaim time for yourself?


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Sagittarius Manifest: Imagination

Because your focus has been so externally focused, it is time to retreat inwards, if only for a little while. You are thinking about big goals and a convoluted timeline of wonderful things happening to you. This is amazing as this is the first part of scripting your future. Now, capture exactly the feeling you are chasing so that when you reach your goal, you will recognize the moment and not be swept away by it.

Journal Prompt

What exact aspect of my desired reality do I find most exciting? How can I implement some of that feeling in my everyday life now?


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Capricorn Manifest: New routines

With your goals right before you, the transition to what that new life requires of you can easily sit on the back burner. Use the full Moon energy to think clearly and realistically about the changes coming into your life.

Journal Prompt

Script the daily routine of a person who has achieved all the goals you set out for. What time does this person wake up, and what do they do at each hour (generally)? How can I start doing aspects of this routine now?

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Aquarius Manifest: Love

A lot of people are coming into your life now and very, very fast. Finally, the year is catching up with your level of enthusiasm. Though you are ready for all the new personalities, make sure to tend to your existing relationships as well.


Journal Prompt

Are you putting enough effort into your relationships? How can you show up more for your loved ones?

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Pisces Manifest: Forgiveness

The gift of gab will meet you as the Sun is now in your zodiac sign. So naturally, you are tasked this week with the art of listening! Many voices are trying to get your attention, but one, at the least, is sincere and deserves to be heard.

Journal Prompt

Contemplate Forgiveness to someone who wronged you. Start with thoroughly listening to them and consider forgiveness a gift to yourself, freeing yourself from anger.

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