How The Unique February 2024 New Moon In Aquarius Effects Each Zodiac Sign's Horoscopes All Month

This new moon is fierce!

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New moons in Aquarius invite us to think about our boldest and bravest perspectives and consider how those perspectives could have good use to the world around us.

With the square to Uranus in Taurus, this perspective could need a little more practical magic to make it all happen. 

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, and it doesn’t have an issue thinking of a world not yet built. Usually, Uranus is comfortable with this framework, but being in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, more emphasis needs to be placed on what ideas the longevity needed to work in the world right now.


How can current problems be solved now with bold visions? Fortunately, whatever insights we do receive from this day will be ours to sift through and if things still seem plausible afterward, it probably will have staying power.

With the exciting connection this new moon has to the North Node of Fate in Aries, we are being asked to consider how we, as individuals, can show up for the collective support of others.


Whenever the moon touches Uranus, there is definitely a need to express the energy you have. Whether that’s going for a long walk or heading to karaoke, there’s a need to let off some steam. 

How the New Moon in Aquarius affects each zodiac sign's horoscopes all month:


Thanks to Saturn, after March of 2023, you could have a newfound understanding of what community means to you. From December 2020 to March 2023, there easily could have been challenges of how you fit into the system or perhaps how you stand out.

This Moon is the first New Moon after this phase has ended, and it’s a big opportunity to refine and revise social network groups, large-scale communities, and people you share a vision of the future.

Set intentions of what groups or people help you feel connected. With this new moon being in a tense aspect to Uranus in your area of how you earn a living, there could be friction between the work responsibilities you have and your drive to want to let loose. If something unexpected pops at work, roll with the punches. If drama surfaces, allow yourself to feel those feelings, and then decide how you want to engage. 


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This is your once-a-year new moon to set intentions around your career and vocation. From the end of 2020 to March of 2023, work could have felt stifling or like there was an extra burden to carry, or perhaps you had to take on more responsibility.

Now that that time has flown by, there’s a new call to understand how you can be the forward-thinking — collaborative — get stuff-done person in the workplace. Interestingly, this new moon is making a tense connection with the planet of change, chaos, and upheaval in your sign.

You might not be known for wanting to rush things, but you’ve had to roll with the punches of changing since 2018, and this new moon is allowing you to integrate those changes into new career aspirations or insights. Let yourself try on different aspects of yourself under this new moon, you might just discover something you never knew about yourself. 


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Gemini, you have no problem being curious, but how often are you ready to shout to everyone your perspective and opinions? This new moon is an exciting time to think about what lived experience you have and what useful knowledge you might have that would be worth sharing with the world.

AKA — get on the soapbox! With this new moon in a tense connection with Uranus in your area of the chart, that has to do with you taking time away from life. There could be a tension between needing to show up somewhere to learn or teach and wanting to rest and recoup.

Give yourself extra time to rest your eyes, meditate, or spend time in nature. It will invite you to ground the buzzing thoughts - and you can come show up grounded and ready to share your experience. Additionally, this could be a great opportunity to think about what you might eventually want to publish in the long term future whether that’s starting a substack, writing a book, or podcast. Choose whichever intellectual adventure inspires you, and let it fly! 


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This new moon is happening in the area of your chart that has to do with emotional intimacy and what it means to co-create with another person. The sign of Aquarius is more about an intellectual understanding of those things, than perhaps the lovey-dovey kind of things — and this new moon is inviting you to consider the new partnerships you have at the moment and get clear in language about what intimacy means to you with those people - and how can you create a friendly and open atmosphere to discuss those things.

You might be surprised after journaling, or creating a voice note, that your needs in these relationships look a little different than what you thought - or even the way your upbringing influenced these things. This new moon is a great time to consider what you are making different choices about intimacy than in your past, and how that can be enough.

Interestingly, the new moon may cause some sort of unexpected occurrence with your friend groups. Maybe your friend groups are changing. Or maybe you're inviting your friend groups to change with you. Be open to the shift. This new moon is helping you find stability after a little chaos, and you can grow with each other from there. 


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This time of year brings a more focused effort on partnerships, whether that’s business or personal. You know how to be the life of the party, and this new moon is happening in your opposite sign, allowing you to better understand who you are drawn to in partnerships and why.

You may naturally help others identify their shine in the world just by being you, and this new moon is about understanding where you want to let your uniqueness come out to play with others and letting yourself be part of the group and not take on any responsibility of playing a role for others.

This new moon does, however, bring up some insights and revelations about your career or how you want to show up in the world. This could be an encouraging time for you to utilize who you commit yourself to help you reshape your career into something generative and long-term. You like stability in terms of career - but since 2018 - you may have to go through many changes to find exactly what you’re looking for - and this new moon is a part of that journey. 


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You love structure - and this new moon is here to help you think outside the box of structures for your daily responsibilities. Perhaps you can start a group chat with your neighbors or friends - and you can come up with collective solutions to mundane problems - whatever it is — this new moon invites you to think about a group approach to help ease your workload — or build firmer boundaries around where you are overexerting yourself in trying to get everything done.

You may also notice at this time, there is an emphasis on what your body needs, and it’s a great time to schedule a sap or do a group workout class. This new moon is however causing some shake ups in how work responsibilities may feel like a drag on your long-term plans, or even challenging you to reconsider some of your belief systems. Let yourself adapt and find a dynamic solution that incorporates both your daily work life, and the life you want to build for yourself.

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This new moon has you all up in your thoughts about how to approach romance and relationship intimacy differently. Not is a perfect time to game out what you want from love, even if it doesn’t look like what others want or what you were told you want.

The more you can remove yourself from previous narratives about values around relationships, the more you can let your freak flag fly. With this new moon, the more you can approach connection, romance, and creativity with an approach that is possibly the opposite of the way you did things before, the more you get to experiment with what you really like.

Think of it as an experiment. Let yourself flirt and revel in the magic and magnetism that you draw towards yourself. Get lost in the pleasures of your life. Come this summer, you may land yourself in a connection that has staying power. And you get to decide which one is best. If there’s anything to say about this new moon, you get to receive love. 


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It’s time to get your chosen family, friends, neighborhoods, and people you barely met together for a party in the home. You like your home life to feel like a place where all your close friends can be themselves.

This new moon sparks inspiration in how you want to incorporate a friends always atmosphere with the folks you live with. Interestingly, there may be others around you that are being drawn to you that aren’t the usual crowd you hang out with, and this is a good time to consider how you can let other people’s uniqueness bring more color to your life. You are finding new ways to connect with folks, and that change can be good for you, even if it’s scary. 

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How connected do you feel to your local neighborhood? Do you like to stroll along and pop into different shops and get to know who you interact with every day? This new moon is a time to consider what type of local community helps you feel connected to the world around you.

If your surroundings feel a little stale, use this time when moving might bring new ideas and perspectives. If you love the place you live, consider becoming a leader of some kind.

With it being the sign of Aquarius, perhaps organizing your neighbors for a cause, or spreading the word in the community online channel about something that will benefit everyone. This could also be a time when new connections are possible, perhaps when you’re doing your daily chores or responsibilities. Take today to be open to meeting new people during the more mundane parts of life. 

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To quote Abba, this new moon is all about “money, money, money. must be funny. In a rich man’s world.” Chances are money and how you make a living are on the mind. You might have recently become more aware of the impacts money is having on your life, and you’re trying to think through what to do about it.

This new moon is about trusting your visionary perspective when it comes to how you want to take in cash, and a trust that you know you can accomplish it. This is the perfect time to start your game plan of what shifts need to take place so that you can feel more relaxed to enjoy yourself.

Don't be afraid to be an advocate of some kind in your workplace, just make sure that you come with the cold hard facts, instead of opinions. You might be so focused on work right now that pleasure and romance may have been ignored. Take time to treat yourself. You deserve it. 


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Even though this new moon is all about you and new inspirations of who you want to be, it is very much connected to the possible shakeups you have been feeling at home, or perhaps moving for unexpected reasons. In the last month, you may have noticed a shift happening where you have come face to face with something powerful beyond your control, and it directly impacted you, and it’s changing the way you see the world.

This new moon is an invitation for you to let yourself feel powerful. With that power, what do you want to do with it? Perhaps a recent change of home is landing you somewhere where you didn’t expect to be, but it’s also allowing you to be free of old ways of showing up. Be Free. 

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This new moon feels like a balance for you between alone time and hanging with your people in your immediate surroundings. This new moon brings to the surface things you might not have been aware of before, and you are requiring more alone time to process, but there could be a lot of activity going on with your friends and neighbors.

This new moon feels like a great time to schedule some time where we can feel fully restored and also connect with close friends in which you can share what feels right. Perhaps organize with your friends to have a spa day or a hot tub soak, which allows for chill vibes and connection when you want.

Or perhaps a visit to a big body of water or a hike in the woods with friends helps your mind process a bit more and prevents the brain from overstimulation. This new moon is also a great time to set intentions for whatever supports your mental health.

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