4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The New Moon In Aquarius On February 9, 2024

Those with rising, sun or moon placements in these zodiac signs will experience palpable effects from this new moon — here's why.

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The new moon in Aquarius on February 9th, 2024 is a game-changing transit because it amplifies the impact of Pluto’s entry in the sign of Aquarius. After the full moon in Leo, this new moon in Aquarius transit can feel as intense because Pluto is also in the same sign.



4 zodiac signs most affected by the new moon in Aquarius on February 9, 2024

Fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus) will feel the energy the strongest because it will transform and shape their path and journeys.


This is a time when these signs can achieve and experience feeling more confident in who they are. This confidence can help these signs to break boundaries and get closer to their dreams. See how the transit will impact those with rising, sun, and moon placements in the following signs.

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1. Aquarius

Powerful transformations are occurring, along with the tendency to feel overwhelmed. But this transit can be similar to Saturn’s transit in your sign. Memories from a few years ago begin to echo and it can be a time where you look back before leaping forward. Pluto has already begun the transformation that Saturn in Aquarius initiated in 2020. You might learn a lot about yourself since the transit pushes you to evolve, to let go of what has held you back, and to learn to trust yourself.


Being more kind to yourself and showing yourself more patience and love are essential because Pluto can be challenging. However, the transit for the next six months will teach you how to develop a better relationship with who you are and this will echo in your relationships as well.

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2. Leo

Feeling supported can be a manifestation of this transit. The energy asks you to be honest with your expectations from friends and loved ones as Pluto has now entered your relationship house a second time before it takes up residence later this year. You are going to understand what you truly desire in friendships, romantic partnerships, and even business connections.

This is a time when your communication will continue to metamorphose and this new moon will show you how to get your point across with more efficiency as well as not shying away as much from emotional vulnerability. The transit reflects on your failures and triumphs, where you develop new lessons to continue on your path.


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3. Scorpio

Fixed signs are glowing up, and Pluto along with this new moon will continue to show you how to do it. You are all repeating themes from the Saturn in Aquarius transit from 2020-2023. The new moon is pushing you to get more connected to your roots as well as past relationships. You will appreciate how your previous relationships have shown you how to love and care.

Family will also be important during this time, especially if you desire to build stronger bonds. Pluto is transforming the lowest part of your chart, allowing you to discover and learn more about your family and roots. The story that began during Saturn’s transit a few years ago will continue to unravel. For now, you are in the writing phase, working on the draft until you find the version that works best.


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4. Taurus

The energy is concentrated at the highest point in your chart, awakening parts of you that are going to push you to keep elevating for the next several decades. For the next six months, this can be a time when you are not afraid to look ahead. Instead, you are prepared to build the connections necessary that help you get to where you want — a time of learning, searching, and continuous growth. The new moon wants you to connect with the career or the dreams you may have and to work on thriving.

Continue pushing yourself and do not lose the spark of your ambitions because, for the next several decades, you can get yourself to where you want to with a lot of passion, persistence, and focus.


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