What Your Zodiac Sign Can Actually Manifest On November 3 To Get What You Want

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zodiac sign can manifest on november 3

Your daily manifestation by zodiac sign is here for Friday, November 3, 2023. What might the universe bring to you? Have you ever asked for something with all of your heart, and in a short period of time, it manifested exactly as you requested?

It's so much fun to hear stories about how people wanted something and their wish came true. Sometimes, you can think about a topic, and suddenly, you'll see an ad on Facebook for the item you thought of. You may be thinking of a friend, and then that person calls or sends you a text. Why does that happen?

Some call this manifestation, but it's also considered the Law of Attraction. People have been manifesting good things by thought or ritual. Sometimes, people purposefully avoid thinking or saying negative thoughts. They fear a bad vibe will attract what they don't want.  

It should be no surprise that when you are thinking of something intentionally, it elevates your energy to a certain level. Our minds send signals that change the energy around us. We notice synchronicities. Opportunities and the right people present themselves to us. So, as we desire to attract something in our life and wholeheartedly believe it can come to us, it does. 

Carl Sagan once said, "The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself." Even science supports the idea that the human body contains elements that come from stardust. So when you have an idea or longing in your heart to ask for something, it may be that your life's purpose is calling to you. Wouldn't it be nice if we could look to astrology to help us know what season our life is in to help us manifest what we need? Some people believe that it can.

So, what might your zodiac sign be able to manifest on Friday, November 3, 2023?

The Moon is in the sweet sign of Cancer, which rules matters related to the home and family. The Moon in Cancer is super active this Friday. It will speak with eight out of our ten planets! The Sun is in the depths of Scorpio, building relationships with five planets. So, we have the energy of ego and emotion on our side. We don't need much on this day to tap into the energy that's out there. We need to really know what we want, fixate on that idea, and see how emotion guides the way.

What your zodiac sign can manifest on November 3, 2023:

Aries: a job offer 

Manifesting a job doesn't mean you stop looking for one, but it does mean that you can attract the right company or offer to you by being intentional with your thoughts and mental energy. When a person daydreams, they activate three parts of the brain. That's a lot of energy, plus it is simple to do. You don't need anything else but your imagination and strong emotions. In fact, this is one time when anger can be helpful to you. If you're at a job you really hate due to a toxic work environment, during those moments when your blood pressure hits the roof, imagine the right job, the best workplace you can imagine falling into your lap.

Before you climb out of bed in the morning and before you fall asleep at night, and all day long, get super clear about the type of job you want and believe one will come to you. You will be so surprised when you get an email or a DM from a recruiter on LinkedIn. You could get a phone call from a friend saying that they want you to apply for a job and to use them as a reference. If you want a remote job, look for one today, and the opening you need will be there.

After today, keep the energy going. Feel how good it will be to work in your jammies and sip coffee on your porch while slaying it at the workplace. You can doodle your new job title if doodling helps you get clear on this new role. The goal of daydreaming is to send an obsessive "I want this" energy wave to the universe, letting it know you're ready to make a change. Sense the energy of happiness as if you already received the job you want. 

A job offer is possible now through the next two weeks, and today is a good day to start manifesting it into your life. Your ruling planet, Mars, is in a quintile with Pluto. Quintiles are positive and powerful moments in astrology. During a quintile, you can create energy that attracts what you want into your life. On November 3, Pluto, the planet of transformation and change, speaks to Mars in a strong energy force; a career change can happen.

Just remember, sometimes the universe sends more than one thing your way. You might get offered several opportunities at the same time. To know if an offer is meant for you, give it the 'Every good and perfect gift' test. Is the offer "good"? Does it satisfy your financial, emotional, and lifestyle needs? Is it perfect? Does this job offer meet your scheduling needs or help you to have a work/life/family balance? If it passes the test, then it's from God, and you can rest assured this job is for you.

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Taurus: a confession of love

To manifest a confession of love, you'll want to have a photo of the person you're in love with to use as a focus point. If you have a photo of the two of you, that's even better. Set it as a screensaver or lock screen on your cell phone. Every time you look at their image, you will say in your head or aloud, "Tell me that you love me." If you're talking to them over the phone or if you are texting with this person throughout the day, send a brainwave to them that they want to tell you that they love you.

If the relationship is new, and you have just started to get to know one another, getting a love confession now may be a bit premature; however, you may see their interest growing faster than you might expect with the intention of love sent their way. So, this intention can set the foundation for a future love confession, especially as it becomes more natural for you to think about during the day.

One thing that you have going for you today is the Moon sextile Venus. A sextile transit is a smooth flow of energy from one planet to the other. The Moon sends an extra sweet, sentimental beam of light to Venus, prompting a person you care for to admit they feel the same way. But this may go beyond what you had anticipated. 

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Gemini: protection from an enemy

You can find out who is gossiping about you behind your back today thanks to a relationship between your ruling planet Mercury, and Uranus. Uranus is transmitting a signal to Mercury, bringing enlightened energy to your sector of hidden enemies. You might already know who is gossiping about you behind your back at work or in the family.

A rumor may be spreading that you need to know about. You may be doing nice things for others and wondering why you're getting the short end of the stick. You're all too familiar with backstabbers in the world, and today, you might discover a person isn't playing nice with you. But you can put an end to it, once and for all.

A simple manifestation of protection trick that is easy to do is to take this person's full name and write it on a sheet of brown paper, like the type you tear from a paper lunch bag. If you don't have brown paper, any type of used paper will do. 



You simply want to tear a piece off and write their name on it. Then, fold it away from you three times so that their name is inside the paper. Once you've done that, put it in a ziplock bag and fill the bag full of water. Stick it in the freezer all the way toward the back. Then, forget about it. Never think of it again. 

This works every time! It's a silencer for those who gossip. I know one person who did this with a person who was trying to get them fired, and in two weeks, that individual quit! You can use this for situations where an enemy is stronger than you, and you need to win a court case, or if your ex is in a relationship and their new partner is creating problems for you, you can 'freeze' their enemy tactics and get peace back into your life almost immediately. 

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Cancer: someone else picking up the meal tab or the entire date tab

Today, there's a relationship forming between the Moon in your sign and Venus in Virgo, which means you have a good chance of being invited out to dinner with some friends. You may be asked to go run errands with your partner, and since you're in a relationship where things are 50/50, a part of you may feel like you need to decline due to the expense.

The cost of going out to eat or doing anything with people that involves money is daunting right now. Money problems may be putting a damper on your social life. You might not be able to afford rent, your Uber AND the meal to go out and meet friends. It's even more expensive when friends want to go out for drinks. You really want to enjoy time with them, but you also don't want to be the Debbie downer of the group who is pinching pennies trying to order the cheapest meal on the menu or asking for a separate check when everyone else splits the bill down the middle, no matter what is ordered. 

A way to attract money to you for what you need is to take some cinnamon. At your front door step, sprinkle some on your right palm, then blow it out the door. Some people like to take a coin and put the cinnamon and a coin in their hands. Rub them together, then wash and use the cinnamon water to pour on a plant outside. The coin is put into a wallet and kept (never to be spent).

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Leo: a breakup

Ending a relationship is really hard, and when you have tried to break up with a person who feels like they are so in love with you that they would do anything to keep you there, the guilt is enough to make you stay. You may have been thinking about breaking up with a person, but you don't want to be the one to break everyone's hearts. Your families may love each other.

You might have already purchased a property or a pet, and a breakup on bad terms would make your life a living hell. So, in your mind, if you're hoping that they break up with you so it's less painful for them, there is a way to start manifesting it into your life. If you have already set the seeds if a breakup in your heart for a while, this could work instantly for you.

Right now, the Sun in Scorpio emphasizes matters related to your family and home. With both Mercury and Mars so close to the Sun's rays, this is a good time to think about what you want and what you don't want in your life. Tapping into the energy of the Sun, you can surround yourself with the energy of a breakup that leaves you feeling empowered. 



Play breakup songs. Talk about the people in your life who have broken up, and imagine the feelings of a breakup even to the point where you even cry as if it happened. When you feel prepared to let this person go, write in your journal or in a note on your phone how you feel about this breakup. How sad you are that your significant other broke up with you.

That they have gone their own way and have a boyfriend or got married to someone else. That you're on your own now, and how life is for you as a single person who is no longer a part of your ex's life. If you write this as a paper note in a journal, you can fold the note in half, so it's a done deal. Then, wait. It's really amazing how the vibe of a breakup can come into your relationship when you decide it's over.

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Virgo: a day off

While you may not get a full-paid day off from work, you might get sent home early, which is almost the same thing! If you work in sales, education, or any service-related industry, today is the perfect day for manifesting some much-needed rest and relaxation with the full permission and blessing of your boss. You might wake up thinking, 'Oh gosh, I have to go to work today. I can't believe I have to work today." But stop.

There's a beautiful relationship forming between Mercury, your planetary ruler and Uranus, the planet of sudden events. And you can manifest a day off by thinking that you want this day off. You want to be let go early. You want someone else to offer to pick up the shift or to be told that you don't need to be there because work is slow. Think about it, and open your heart to receive it. Then, wait intentionally for the moment to have the day off. It's coming.

One thing you should know is that Uranus can be unpredictable and a bit chaotic. So, a day off may come from the internet not working or something going wrong with a car, like a check engine light turning or an accident (not one you're in) that stops people from being able to get to work on time. In some situations, thinking about you getting a day off could be a future event. You might want it that way. Starting today, imagine what you want and receive it.

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Libra: a lost item

How to manifest: prayer

It's amazing how people associate prayer with religion, but anything you do with your mind intentionally, especially when asking for something you want, is a form of prayer. For you, Libra, there's a lot of energy being given to Venus in Virgo. Venus rules your sign, and right now, you can ask for pretty much anything you need to find. If you lost a check in a pile of papers or if you hid cash in your home 'in a safe spot' only to forget where you put it later. You can locate your item with a prayer. 

What you do is simply ask the universe to reveal the item's location to you. Release worry when doing this, and walk in faith that you will find the thing that you've asked for. Worry is an obstacle to faith, and faith is the ability to see the unseen. It allows you to feel with your heart on a spiritual and metaphysical level. So, today, as you intentionally ask in prayer, feel as though you've already had it in your possession. Think that it's yours, and it's rightfully belonging to you. You'll find the item today, and if you don't, someone will, and they will bring it to you.

Scorpio: a family member relocating

It's hard to kick someone out of your house, but after the pandemic, so many families moved in together, and some people got too comfortable where they are — your home. You may be the owner of an apartment or a home and wish your cousin, friend or friend's ex would move out instead of staying around. There's a way to send someone packing without doing much at all. You take a little bit of salt and black pepper and put it in the palm of your left hand.

You simply turn it counterclockwise while standing at the open front door of your house and say, "So-n-so will move out. So-n-so will be far from me." And then you blow the salt/pepper mixture to the wind. You will notice a change in this person pretty immediately. They will start to diligently look for a place of their own. You don't need to send negative energy, but mostly, it's an act of faith that allows them to find where they belong and bring peace back to your home.



Sagittarius: a raise

You might be thinking to yourself, "Fat chance I'll get a raise!" But you might be super surprised at how many ways a raise can come to you. While you may not get a raise in your hourly salary, something else can come to you from your boss that allows you to make more money in the end. Your company may issue a bonus or give an employee benefit free of charge. You may have your responsibilities reduced but get to keep the same amount of money.

The truth is the economy currently is hard on everyone, and you are feeling the pinch in your pocketbook. If you want a raise and you need a raise, the first step in manifesting one is to stop telling yourself you can't have one. Today, what you want to do is write down on a sheet of paper how much money you need to make and then set your mind on that dollar amount. Change your passwords on all your devices that you log in on a daily basis. Your work computer or your work email would be great. If you want a raise to make your final income around 50K dollars, then change the password 'givemearaisenameofyourcompany'. 

Capricorn: a date cancellation

So it's not cool to cancel on someone you promised you to go out with, but there are times when you change your mind at the last moment and realize you do not want to spend time with a certain person. That's when you need to use the 'date cancellation manifestation.' This one is really simple to follow. You don't act avoidantly toward the other person. In fact, if they call, you answer the phone. If they text to confirm, you don't ask shady. You intend to go out. Meaning you do all the things that you would do as if you were going to follow through on the date.

However, there's one caveat: in your heart, you are true to yourself. You don't tell yourself it will be fine. You say to yourself, I am getting ready, but I really don't want to go. I want this person to cancel on me because we aren't aligned with our intentions toward each other.

Imagine the phone call or text message for the cancellation. You envision the person having something more important than going out with you coming up. You can wish them a wonderful blessing that they cannot miss coming to them. Sending lots and lots of blessings to them and wishing abundance for their lives is super useful in getting a person to cancel on you.

So, on the one hand, you're sending them lots of blessings that do not include you and that disrupt your time together. It's almost as if you're helping the universe to accelerate good ju-ju to their lives. And, then, on the other hand, you're also sending a signal to the universe that you're not that person, that you're in the way of their plans. The universe is always working in our favor, so this is like a double-whammo to the powers that be. Viola! Date canceled! Whew!

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Aquarius: the perfect cat

How to manifest: Cat distribution system

This is so simple; all you have to do is think that you want a cat. Say to yourself over and over again, "I want a cat. I need a cat. I love all the cats." Bam, the cat distribution system will come into work, and the universe will hand you a bunch of them, all for you to love to your heart's contentment.

Cats have a direct link to the universe. So, if you want one, it's yours ... you might even have one on your porch right now! Kidding! It's so nice to have a furry friend to come home to, and you may be ready to invite one into your home through fostering or adopting from a local shelter. If you've been thinking about helping your community by fostering a cat, you can sign up as a volunteer today. Be specific with what you want.

If you prefer a cat that is declawed, they may have one that just arrived and waiting for a home that will keep it as a strictly indoor cat. If you've been hoping to get a Russian blue or a Red flaming tip cat or a Sphynx that is super rare to find, a phone call to a shelter or a check of their website may lead you to your four-legged soulmate on this day.

Uranus is in Taurus, and Taurus rules things that involve the earth. Uranus is about sudden events, some borderline miraculous and unpredictable. There's a lovely trine forming between Uranus and Venus in Virgo. Virgo rules small pets. So, today, even a brief visit to a local shelter or a walk through a pet store that displays animals for adoption or foster can lead you to the pet you want to love.

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Pisces: a friend

How to manifest: put yourself out there in the world

The best types of friends are the people who share your interests and like the things that you do. It's actually pretty easy to make a friend when you find common ground. Today, Mercury is in a beautiful, harmonious trine with Neptune, the planet that rules your sign. If you are into sci-fi and spiritual things, this is a great time for meeting like-minded people. You can manifest a friendship by participating in an activity you enjoy. If you like to play Dungeons and Dragons, join a D&D group.

If you're into character acting or like to sew, find Meetup groups in your area. If you're a bit reluctant to show up to something today, look at groups on Facebook or LinkedIn and subscribe. You can spend time lurking on the page to see who interacts the most and who you think you would get along with best. You can chime in a supportive like or heart emoji to their post and start planting the seeds of friendship.

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