What It Means Spiritually If You See A Shooting Star

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campers under the night sky with a shooting star

Stargazing is such a humbling experience, especially when you consider the theory that we’re all made of stardust.

It can be especially rewarding when you see a shooting star.

While the stars you see scattered around the sky are glowing balls of gas, shooting stars, also called falling stars, are special. In fact, they aren’t stars at all, but rather trails of light caused by small rocks and dust called meteoroids entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Science aside, the beauty and rarity of shooting stars have given them special spiritual meaning.

Spiritual Meaning of a Shooting Star

You’ve probably been taught to make a wish on a shooting star. That’s because spiritually a shooting star represents change. Whatever you wish for when you see a shooting star is thought to be more likely to come true and bring about some sort of change to your life.

Shooting stars are also a reminder of your connection to the universe, as stars and humans are made up of the same building blocks of life.

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Shooting Star Symbolism in Greek Mythology

In the 2nd century, the Greek astronomer Ptolemy theorized that shooting stars were a sign that the gods were looking down at the people on earth. He believed that when the gods opened the gap between their universe and ours, shooting stars slipped through.

This is why we still wish on shooting stars today, since the ancient Greeks believed there was no better time to make a wish than when the gods were looking down on you.

That said, a superstition claims that it’s bad luck to point at a shooting star because the Gods will see that you’ve noticed them and become angry.

Shooting Star Symbolism in Christianity

In Christianity, a shooting star was seen as the streak of light that followed fallen angels falling from heaven.

However, another Christian belief claims that shooting stars represent a person’s soul being released from purgatory into heaven.

Native American Shooting Star Symbolism

Each tribe has its own view of shooting stars, but many of them believe shooting stars are bad omens that bring about sickness and death.

Shooting Star Symbolism in Romanian Folklore

According to Romanian folklore, falling stars are deceased souls. As the legend goes, stars represent human souls. When a person dies, his star falls from the sky, creating a shooting star.

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What It Means if You See a Shooting Star

A positive change is coming to your life.

If you have a decision to make or are unsure of your future, seeing a shooting star is a good luck charm. They’re associated with positivity and are believed to be a sign that something good is going to happen for you.

Your wish will come true.

Many people believe that when you wish on a shooting star, that wish will come true.

Someone who’s left the physical world is with you.

It’s thought that shooting stars are signs that a deceased soul is with you spiritually. That person is encouraging you to continue living your life being the best you that you can.

You’ll meet your soulmate.

Shooting stars bring good luck to your love life. You may finally recognize someone who is already in your life as your soulmate or meet someone new very soon.

You’ll have prosperity and success.

Instead of making a wish on a shooting star, some people believe that repeating the word “money” three times before a shooting star disappears will bring you greater financial success. Shooting stars move quickly, so this is no easy feat!

What It Means if You See a Shooting Star While Thinking of Someone

If you see a shooting star while thinking of someone, that person is your soulmate. It may not be in a romantic way, but rather someone who gets you and appreciates you fully as you do them.

The next time you watch a meteor shower, such as the Perseid meteor shower that happens every year, remember these spiritual meanings of a shooting star.

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