The Weekly Love Horoscope For November 6 - 12 Brings Changes During Venus Entering Libra

weekly love horoscope

Ease into this new week with an open heart and a willingness to find compromise in your relationships. While challenges are inevitable in love, how you work together to find a resolution makes all the difference. After a rocky eclipse season, Venus shifting into Libra will help to restore peace and balance precisely where it's needed most.  

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, moves into Libra during the week of November 6 and helps to bring ease to your life. Libra is one of the ruling signs of Venus, so this planet is at home here, which means that you will face less resistance in your relationships and more quality time with love and compassion. Venus in Libra helps you find common ground with your partner and enhance your work together.

This energy allows you to focus more on the love shared rather than proving a point or winning an argument, which is often precisely needed to heal any challenges or difficulties in your relationship. The most important thing with Venus in Libra is to lean in toward your partner, especially if it's a relationship you want to continue pursuing and growing within. By allowing yourself to work together more effectively and with compassion, you can create the romantic partnership and life that dreams are made of.  

While Venus moves into Libra, helping to bring more peace to your romantic relationship, Mercury shifts into Sagittarius, inspiring you to look at situations in a new light. Mercury rules communication and your self-talk, which is one of the most important aspects of any communication, as it's not just how you speak to your partner that matters but also how you talk to yourself. Sagittarius is a fire sign known as one of the most philosophical and spiritual in the zodiac, as it is always searching for greater meaning within life.

This also means that you will not only be seeking peace, but you will also be able to understand more of what created any challenges and how to achieve the desired outcome. When you lead with a heart full of love, you will only attract more into your life, and embracing the greater meaning and purpose of your relationship will ensure that any decisions you make come from a place of growth and understanding.  

Key Dates for November 6 - 12 

Wednesday, November 8 

Venus moves into the air, a sign of Libra, bringing warm and loving energy to your relationship. This is when you can focus your energy on how to be life partners rather than living two separate lives. Not only will you be encouraged to create a solid romantic partnership, but you will also be seeking peace as the highest form of love. This will help you heal and recover from any challenges and promote more significant growth in your relationship as you can discuss events with a more diplomatic and compassionate approach.  

Venus in Libra seeks to bring peace and unite, so it's best to focus your energy on coming together with your partner and building a stronger bond. Three energetic entities are present in a relationship: you, your partner and the container for the relationship. When you both can pour into that container, you ensure that you are not only moving from a space of love but also continuing to grow and strengthen your connection.  

Friday, November 10 

Mercury is the planet that governs communication, conversations and your inner dialogue. Yet, depending upon which zodiac sign this planet is in can affect these essential matters within your life and relationship. As Mercury moves into Sagittarius, you will become more dynamic for a more profound truth. This will inspire you to look at situations differently and seek to establish a deeper connection with your partner.

A mental attraction becomes stimulated during this energy as you desire to learn and understand more about how your partner sees life and what they envision for the future that you can share. As long as you focus on how to use your words to promote truth and expand on the greater meaning of your words, then you can use this energy to help deepen your relationship and spiritual connection with one another.  

Weekly Love Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign, November 6 - 12, 2023 


(March 21 - April 19)  

Best Love Day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your romantic relationships 

It's time to lean into love again, open your heart to understanding and reflect on what matters most. Venus in Libra rules over your romantic sector, so this will be a potent time for you, but it can also bring to light those themes that continue no matter how many times you resolve them. In many ways, this will be a make-or-break time for your relationships as those meant to last will become stronger, while those hanging on by a thread will finally end.  

As much as you already know that so much within your life is set to change, try approaching this time with as much truth and love as possible. Please don't waste energy resisting the transformation process, but instead surrender to it as you grow closer, gain greater clarity or set out on an entirely new path. Love is out there to find, but you may have to venture out of your comfort zone to discover it truly.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Best Love Day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your sector of intimacy and transformation 

Transformation can be challenging as an earth sign because you must create stability. Remember that you can't make that feeling of safety you crave by only trying to keep things the same. Even if you feel things shifting in your relationship, it doesn't mean it will be for the worse. As Mercury shifts into Sagittarius, you may find that it helps you become closer to building the relationship you desire. 

Mercury in Sagittarius will fuel meaningful conversations regarding change, intimacy and passion as you are directed to embrace truth with greater intensity. Allow yourself to take each moment as it comes so you can fully make the most of this transformative energy. In many ways, hanging onto a sense of stability can prevent you from being vulnerable or progressing more deeply with a relationship — even if it's everything you've always wanted. Be mindful that to create the life and love you want, things must also change and that's okay.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Best Love Day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your romantic sector 

Sagittarius governs your romantic sector as it helps to inspire you to find more excellent balance within your life. While you can want to experience each opportunity and moment, Sagittarius energy reminds you that only some things are worth putting your energy into. In this chapter of your life, which is centered around creating greater happiness and joy, you must also be selective about what you give your energy to. Embrace greater focus on what type of relationship you crave and who you want to build it with. If you are in the position of pursuing a connection with many people, the best thing to do is step back for a moment and reflect on logic as much as you do the truth of your heart.  

You will be supported in having conversations and by your inner thought processes to create the relationship you desire genuinely, but you need first to ensure you know what you want. By giving yourself the time to honor your truth and reflect on your romantic decisions, you will ensure that by the time the Sagittarius Season starts, you can take the steps necessary to bring every dream you have to fruition.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Best Love Day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your domestic life 

As Venus shifts into Libra, the most important thing you can give yourself is time. It is time to reflect on your healing, changing priorities and what it means to create a home based on your truth. While you are heading toward a respite on your transformation journey, Pluto has recently stations directly in Capricorn. This zodiac sign governs your romantic relationships; it doesn't mean you need to feel pressure to change things overnight.  

Libra energy rules your home, family and healing, which means as Venus moves into this compassionate air sign, this is where you should be directing your energy. There is a theme of peace here as you are guided to consciously choose what will enable you to live your dreams life. Even during change, you don't have to accept chaos as the norm and ensure that every decision you make isn't only coming from a place of healing but one of seeking a peaceful resolution for all involved.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Best Love Day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your commitment and joy sector 

Let yourself bloom into exciting new opportunities as Mercury shifts into Sagittarius. This fire sign rules over happiness and commitment, two crucial aspects of any relationship and those essential to your path. As Mercury shifts into Sagittarius, you can find that conversations arise on deepening your connection or creating more growth opportunities. This will challenge you to discover the greater meaning of your relationship, but also what genuinely brings you happiness in your life. 

A relationship isn't about being happy every moment, yet your partner and connection should bring joy and add something invaluable to your life. When you can commit to knowing you are worthy of having a romantic life that fulfills you in all the ways you've ever desired, then you can make the most of the critical conversations on the table. Remember to have something you've never yet experienced. You must do things differently.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Best Love Day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your home and family 

Open to the new possibilities that are arriving to help grow your relationship as Mercury shifts into Sagittarius. Mercury governs all forms of communication, while Sagittarius seeks to understand the profound meaning of life and venture off into new horizons. Whether moving in together or purchasing a new home, positive energy supports the changes you want to create in your romantic life.  

As much as you can find joy in the expected, allow yourself to embrace all that arises during this astrological phase because it aims to expand your life and relationship. There may be unexpected conversations, surprise opportunities or sudden realizations. Still, they are all surfacing to help you see that the relationship you're in now may be that great love you have always dreamed of. Now, all you need to do is open to receive it fully and the life you can build together.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Best Love Day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your inner self and needs 

Venus is your ruling planet, so you can benefit from this positive and loving energy as it shifts into Libra. While Venus will assist you in matters of the heart and finances, it can also help deliver you a more profound sense of self-love within yourself. Venus, in this placement, ensures that you extend all the love and compassion you give others back to yourself. This helps you communicate and act in ways that align with your best self, which will also benefit your romantic connection.  

The positive energy of Venus also makes things go more smoothly in your relationship, as your partner will be more able to love you in the ways that you need. Let yourself be open to your partner, give yourself the love you desire and see how when you operate from a place of inner worth, you also make the choices necessary to improve your romantic relationship.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Best Love Day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your self-worth 

You might be tired of all the lessons now, but you must stay longer because the positive changes you seek are on the horizon. After a tremendous eclipse cycle in Scorpio and Taurus, you have been seeking the meaning of the events that have occurred over the last two years since November 2021. Yet the purpose of all of that has been to have you return home to yourself and finally honor what you bring to the table.  

Mercury rules matters of communication, including how you speak to yourself. In Sagittarius, the themes are directed at what you believe your value is, what you are worthy of and how you deserve to be treated by those you love and with whom you share a relationship. There is a saying, know your value, then add tax and that is precisely what you are being directed to do as you fully claim what it is you are worth and promise never to settle for less again.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Best Love Day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your sector of wishes 

Everything isn't as straightforward as it seems now. Still, it would be best to fully embrace your ability to discover the greater meaning within life in order to understand where you are being directed. Just as Mercury shifts into your zodiac sign of Sagittarius, inspiring you to speak your truth, Venus moves into Libra, enhancing your ability to focus on what you wish or dream of for your life. This area also influences those you surround yourself with as you start seeing the connection between your social and romantic choices.  

When you can honor what you wish for your romantic life, you can also harness the more profound truth over your purpose in this lifetime. Don't sell yourself short by simply accepting what is being offered. Instead, allow yourself to dream big and truly honor your heart's wishes. There is no one right way to love, but knowing that if you keep your inner truth, it can never be wrong. To have the romantic life you dream of, you must also ensure that you never accept less because if it's taking up space in your life, then it means it's still taking up space in your heart.

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(December 22 - January 19) 

Best Love Day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your dreams and intuition 

Sagittarius energy rules over your dreams and intuition, but it also helps to bring acceptance and healing to any recent challenges or heartbreak. This is an essential part of your life where you must honor what your soul tells you and extend the healing energy necessary to ensure you're not making any decisions from wounds or fears. There is a lot of love surrounding you right now, but you need to release any fears about things turning out as they have in the past to embrace all the possibilities.  

Mercury governs communication, and in Sagittarius, you are guided to focus on your emotional processing and honor the truth of your intuition. Yet, once you have, you must share your knowledge and discoveries with your romantic partner to continue practicing vulnerability as you create a new and profound chapter in your relationship. You are being offered everything you've always desired, but it's up to you to consciously choose to receive it.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Best Love Day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your sector of the community 

You are still progressing through blending the lessons of Venus retrograde in Leo into your romantic relationship. Leo is the sign that rules your romantic relationship, and now, in Libra, it is calling you to venture in new directions; you are opening yourself to life more profoundly. Whether this is stepping out into public together in a more confirmed union or simply expanding your life together in other ways, you are being guided to love out loud.  

Sagittarius energy rules over your sector of wishes and community. As Mercury shifts into this fire sign, it signals a time when you will be out more with your partner as you evolve to a new level within your relationship. There also may be a friend or family member who benefits your relationship by introducing a new perspective or opportunity for expansion with your partner. Look to all those you love to add more to your relationship. You are on the right track; it's about wholly owning the truth of your heart and embracing all your relationship is meant to be.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Best Love Day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your sector of passion and intimacy 

Venus is just wrapping up its journey in Virgo, ruler of your romantic sector, and now is transitioning into Libra. Libra energy can be romantic. However, it's more centered on the passion and the intimate connection you build with your partner. If you found new love during the previous Venus phase, then this will center around creating a more profound, stable connection. Yet for many, Venus's recent stint in Virgo provided more knowledge and awareness over what you want than any genuine new opportunities for love. In this case, Venus in Libra is set to bring you a love that will set your heart on fire.  

The most significant relationships are those with passion for one another and a shared one for life as Venus shifts into Libra, open to receive the power of transformation within your life fully. Now that you are more attuned to what you want and deserve from a relationship, you can create it. Lean in and let yourself become vulnerable as you express your feelings and desires, and trust that if you do, you will make the most of every moment the universe provides.  

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