Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day The Week Of October 9 - 15, 2023

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As a new week fills you with hope, try to forget what you think you know so you can embrace the divine hand of the universe as it helps to deliver you to precisely where you are meant to be. This is a moment of true fate, as you are allowed not to continue things as they are but instead to shape them into what you dream they can be — and all you need to do is embrace the winds of change as the New Moon Solar Eclipse begins to move through your life.  

Although Eclipse Season usually begins and ends with the New Moon that precedes the first eclipse, there is a portal of time between the two eclipses, generally lasting about two weeks, known as a time out of time. This represents the fast-paced and unexpected nature that life often takes during the Eclipse Portal. In many ways, it's a separate timeline from everything else, as the universe holds more power to shift things in your favor during that period.  

The Eclipse Portal begins on October 14 with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra and will last most of the month, as it ends with Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, the last in the previous cycle of eclipses. While eclipses are always powerful and auspicious times of change, this one is heightened as it begins with the new and ends with the old, genuinely ushering you into a new way of perceiving life and embracing everything meant for you.  



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Pluto stationing directly in Capricorn, alongside Mars shifting into Scorpio, adds to this week's intensity as you can recognize and move from your truth. This is the best way to ensure that the universe destines each move you make. To make the most of this time, try surrendering to things going differently than expected. Release control, or even the expectation that what you want to bring to fruition, will take an extended period. Let go of anything about how you think life, or even October, will go, and trust in the path forward as you are shown how much of a difference one moment can make.  

Each zodiac sign's luckiest day of the week of October 9 - 15, 2023:

Aries: Tuesday, October 10 

Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your career sector 

Whatever you've been contemplating or thinking about regarding your career, you will be guided to act as Pluto stations direct in Capricorn. Use this energy to focus on new career opportunities, promotions and ways to live the life you love while also bringing in the financial abundance you desire.  

You should never have to feel like you are selling your soul for a paycheck. Even if financial wealth was crucial in the past, you're feeling more of a shift to make sure you feel connected to what you do. Honor this and let yourself start looking at new opportunities where you can have both fulfillment and abundance.  

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Taurus: Tuesday, October 10 

Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your house of luck 

Life has felt a little challenging lately as if you couldn't quite figure out how to move from where you are in this moment into the life you think is meant for you. All that will change as Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, opening new lucky opportunities for wealth, joy and exciting experiences.  

While Pluto was retrograde, you were asked to reflect on how honoring your inner truth is what allows you to create the life you desire to live, so now that the lord of the underworld stations direct, you should be able to truly see just how much power you hold over your destiny.

Look for where things in life start opening, becoming more possible, as new offers and opportunities filter in. As they do, make sure that you are approaching things differently than you have in the past, and trust that everything you've ever wanted is making its way to you.  

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Gemini: Tuesday, October 10 

Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your house of transformation 

There is so much possibility surrounding you right now, but to make the most of it, you can't be afraid of the power of transformation. As an air sign, you are open-minded, creative and able to handle change better than others. However, something you've been stuck on recently has made you afraid to lose what you currently have.  

It's understandable that no matter how open and flexible you are, events in life will create fear but this is your sign to trust because, at this moment, it's not about what may change in a negative but the vast number of blessings in store for you. Let yourself live as if you've never been disappointed, as if every moment results from the universe conspiring to bring you to your fate. Because the more that you believe it, the more quickly you'll finally receive it.  

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Cancer: Thursday, October 12 

Leading Energy: Mars in Scorpio, ruler of your sector of joy and pleasure 

You must return to remembering how important it is to enjoy your life and seize the moments that bring you happiness. While you have been moving through a massive transformation in your life that has rippled through every facet, you are being shown through this process what matters most. This has been and will always be. You have a big heart and cap to give to others, but you have been guided to return to yoht now. Own your dreams, seize opportunities for growth and continue saying yes to life.  

This is your moment to understand what everything has been for, as you can feel like you are in the divine flow of life once again and feel the universe in all you do. Recognizing that the joy you've always sought is arriving helps you continue the path of transformation. Sometimes, everyone needs a little confirmation that they're on the right path, and this will serve to be yours.  

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Leo: Saturday, October 14 

Leading Energy: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, ruler of your communication sector 

You are always a powerful force, as you have a unique presence. But, with time and everything else that the journey of life brings up, it can be easy to forget who you naturally are. Lucky for you, no matter how far you might drift off your path, the universe always has a magical way of drawing you back in. As the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra peaks, you will once again feel as if you are walking in alignment with your soul. This will help you build up how you speak to yourself, the lens through which you filter information and how you communicate with others.  

Being able to create the life you desire begins with the words you speak. As you remember that the universe has always been on your side, you can also trust that you are precisely where you are meant to be — which means it's up to you to take full advantage of it.  

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Virgo: Saturday, October 14 

Leading Energy: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, ruler of your second house of finances 

A substantial financial blessing in store for you is the product of all your recent efforts and is the start of a new chapter in your life. Libra energy rules over finances, self-worth and what means the most to you. As the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs, you will find a place for new beginnings and the divine in which the universe can change things for the bin within a moment. Because this lunation is a part of the new cycle of eclipses, you can expect continued growth in this area of your life through 2025 as it brings blessings.  

Recognizing the importance and power behind this specific lunation as you lay the groundwork for continued financial abundance is essential. In this part of your life, you are being guided to utterly understand that the financial success you attract is rooted in what you know you are worth and deserve from this life. The more you empower yourself, the luckier you will become in creating your desired wealth.  

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Libra: Saturday, October 14 

Leading Energy: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, ruler of your house of self 

This is just the beginning for you in many ways, especially as you are only at the first eclipse in your zodiac sign of Libra. This new eclipse cycle will highlight your sense of self and how you approach relationships with others as it dramatically transforms your life between now and 2025. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in your zodiac sign means that this lunation will powerfully affect your sense of self, beliefs and how you decide to move within the world. This is the building upon a healing journey you've been on for a couple of years that has taught you to advocate for yourself more, release toxic presences in your life and know that being you is the greatest asset for a well-lived life. 

Focus on embracing greater truth and authenticity with this New Moon and Solar Eclipse as you are guided to take on changes in your life that can help transform challenges into your greatest blessing. But no matter how unique this lunar event is this week, trust that it's just the beginning of a new phase that will transform your life in the best ways possible. 

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Scorpio: Tuesday, October 10 

Leading Energy: Pluto direct in Capricorn, ruler of your communication sector 

Pluto is the lord of the underworld and is your ruling planet, as there is a commonality of truth, transformation and alchemy. Alchemy is the process by which something is transformed into a completely different form, which you are adept at moving through. As you prepare for the final eclipse at the end of October in Taurus, ruler of your relationships, you look at the world through new eyes.

So much has changed over the past few years for you, making an enormous difference in how you approach life. Embrace just how deep your growth goes and how you have become the person you always knew you were destined to be because this is what will continue to lead to more incredible blessings.  

As Pluto stations direct, it helps you find the words to bring closure to past events, advocate for what you deserve from life and assemble the life of your dreams. Now that the eclipse cycle is wrapping up on the axis of Scorpio and Taurus, you are feeling fully prepared to move forward in exciting ways, and now that Pluto is direct, you're going to find the words necessary to do just that precisely that.  

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Sagittarius: Thursday, October 12 

Leading Energy: Mars in Scorpio, ruler of your intuition 

To bring those amazing dreams to fruition, you need to spend some time with your soul before you move into your solar return next month with the start of Sagittarius Season. While you might be a few months away from an official new year, astrologically, things are winding down for you as you begin your new year with the return of the Sun to your zodiac sign soon. Before this happens, you must reconnect with your intuition and validate your inner knowing. While you are always up for new, far-away adventures, you must also ensure you are exploring the depths of your mind with as much ferocity.  

You are one of the most spiritual zodiac signs, and because of that, you have an innate way of connecting with the divine, so you can profoundly move in ways that are destined by the universe. You must also act on your intuition to seize those gifts and opportunities. As Mars shifts into Scorpio, this finally becomes possible as you see that you always knew the way forward; you just need to stop thinking and start feeling.  

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Capricorn: Saturday, October 14 

Leading Energy: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, ruler of your tenth house of career 

A great deal of career success is currently surrounding, as Libra energy rules over your professional sector. The Sun and Mercury are here, yet when the New Moon Solar Eclipse rises in this part of your chart, you will see an incredible moment of luck and fate collide. You tend to be one of the most career-driven and successful zodiac signs because of the way you can map your path toward reaching your highest potential. But in that, you often work so hard you forget that you are a divine being that is also being guided by the universe to act in ways not just to create success but for the highest good of your soul.  

As an eclipse occurs in this part of your life, be mindful of sudden opportunities. Even if they seem too good to be true, trust that they aren't. Sometimes, one essential breakthrough moment takes twenty years of hard work. No one sees the years going into this moment of success and luck but you, yet it's still important to recognize that nothing happens without the dedication to make it a reality. Now is the time you finally see why it's all been worthwhile and how it's just the beginning of everything you ever wanted.  

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Aquarius: Saturday, October 14 

Leading Energy: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, ruler of your house of luck 

Libra rules your sector of luck, governing abundance, new experiences, travel, education and your spiritual connection. Currently, the Sun and Mercury are in this sign together with Mars, helping you honestly act on your dreams and create a life you love. As the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs, an opportunity will take you further from your comfort zone and into greater abundance. This can be a chance to travel for your job, learn something new or deepen your spiritual practice.  

Pay attention to what feels connected to your soul as you are guided to embrace all that is possible. The eclipse cycle in Libra and Aries is just beginning; this area of your life will continue to develop and expand through 2025. All you must do is continue to receive it with an open heart and not hesitate to take a chance on your dreams.

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Pisces: Thursday, October 12 

Leading Energy: Mars in Scorpio, ruler of your ninth house of luck and abundance 

The more passionate you are about something, the more successful you will become. This has less to do with brute force for you and, instead, that auspicious soul-tingling feeling that you are precisely where you are meant to be in this life. As Pluto stations direct in Capricorn, you will feel greater hope and belief that you can bring all your dreams to fruition, which coincides with Mars shifting into Scorpio, helping you have the energy and motivation to believe in yourself.  

You are being guided to take a chance on yourself through whatever means necessary, involving an aspect of blind faith. You won't be able to see how it will turn out, and you won't have any guarantees but you will be able to trust in your soul, which will end up meaning everything. Look for what might seem scary, and then smile, as you know it's time to seize everything you've ever dreamed of, even if it means taking a risk on yourself.  

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