Which Day Will Be The Luckiest For Each Zodiac Sign This Week

Create a plan for the success you seek so you can attract the luck destined.

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Luck isn't just something you fall into but a way of life that you hold the power to create. To attract the most luck, you also must work with the universe. This comes down to taking steps to manifest your desired life while holding the ultimate faith that everything meant for you is already being brought to fruition.  

On Wednesday, October 4, Mercury, the ruler of communication, shifts into Libra, leaving behind the lessons of its retrograde journey and preparing you for success. Mercury in Libra is a potent time as this air sign helps negotiate, compromise and adopt a more balanced approach in dealing with others. Your words always hold great power, but in Libra, you can also help them to work to your advantage.  


As Mercury shifts into Libra, creating harmony in your conversations and interactions with others, the Last Quarter Moon rises in Cancer on Friday, October 6, as you are guided to release anything that no longer resonates with your new goals. The Moon is at home in Cancer, and in this release, its purpose is to help you let go of anything that takes you away from your true self. Reflect on any goals or elements of your life that may feel like a distraction or drain on your energy, and allow yourself to purge this energy from your life once and for all.  



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Creating space for newness will be especially important as Venus, the planet that rules love, finances and real estate matters, shifts into Virgo on Sunday, October 8. While a planet changing signs always brings a significant new energy phase, this one is even more important because Venus is also leaving its retro shade stage and a zodiac sign it has been moving through since June. This is the new upgrade you have longed for, but to embrace its power in your life, you must also plan for your success.  

Everything feels completely different this week, and likely, you will feel like a lightness has returned to your life. While rest and caring for yourself are essential, especially after the intense retrograde season, which is just starting to lift, you must also embrace the opportunities for change. Take time to focus on the details of what you want to create, and please remember that for anything to flourish, it first needs space to grow.  

Here's what day will be the luckiest for each zodiac sign the week of October 2 - 8, 2023:

Aries luckiest day: Sunday, October 8 

Please step back from creating something outside yourself and ensure you honor your needs. Luck can't be made from an empty well, and after Venus has brought up so many themes surrounding what you need to feel genuinely happy in your life, you now need the time to focus on your well-being.

You won't be missing out on any opportunities, and in fact, the time you take for yourself now to make sure that you are feeling genuinely like your best self will pay off overall. You can't choose what is divinely meant for you unless you are in the place emotionally, mentally, and physically.  


Venus shifts from Leo into Virgo on Sunday, October 8, changing the focus from your commitment to happiness to ensuring you care for yourself in all the necessary ways. This is the time to step back from taking action and ensure you're rested, energized and balanced for the upcoming journey. As you care for yourself, you will also see new lucky opportunities surrounding you because you can finally seize them.  

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Taurus luckiest day: Sunday, October 8 

When you can prioritize yourself and your feelings, you tend to attract the most incredible luck. Instead of thinking that the more you stick to the path at hand or honor your responsibilities, when you break free from the rut, you create space for magic to find you. Honor your desire for a joyful and satisfying life, whether in love, finances or a career, because knowing you are worthy of happiness is the basis for manifesting it.  

Venus shifts into Virgo on Sunday, October 5, changing how you honor your inner needs. Instead of focusing on keeping the peace or having situations remain the same, you will embrace your inner zest for life. This brings about a dramatic shift for you where it's not just about attracting lucky opportunities into your life but also honoring what will bring you the greatest joy and fulfillment. Whatever you dream, you will be able to create if you remember happiness is never overrated.  


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Gemini luckiest day: Wednesday, October 4 

After learning about the power of expressing yourself, it's time to use your words to create the life you dream of. You have so much inside of you that can help direct you toward greatness in this life, but if you aren't focused on what you genuinely want, you can often disregard those moments of luck as only coincidence. Embrace your desire to live a life that genuinely feels good to your soul and brings you the happiness and soul fulfillment you seek. The more you honor what you want, the more you will attract opportunities to create it. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Libra, highlighting your commitment to creating a life of joy. Joy isn't about happiness but peace, fulfillment, success and alignment with all you do daily. In Libra, Mercury can be more docile as it strives to create understanding and compromise, which may be just the thing you need to see your dreams take off in a new direction.  

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Cancer luckiest day: Friday, October 6 

It would be best if you decided what is most important to you. As much as life will continue to be busy, you will ensure that your priorities align with your truth by honoring what you want and need from life. As you begin a new energetic phase of your life, reflect on what it feels like is only taking up space instead of adding to the overall value of a well-lived life. While boundaries are still something you're learning, by only focusing on what adds to your life, you inherently will create space to attract more.  

The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer rises on Friday, October 6, as you are urged to deeply reflect on your inner self about whether your previous goals or dreams still resonate with your truth. The Last Quarter Moon helps you remember what is part of your past versus what you desire to be in your future. Although comfort can come from things remaining the same, don't be afraid to embrace change, as it will help you tap into your divine knowledge of how to create the life of your dreams.  

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Leo luckiest day: Wednesday, October 4 

Luckily, the universe is stepping in when you need it the most. You are just wrapping up an extended period of Venus being in your zodiac sign of Leo, which brought a great reflection and many changes while it moved through its retrograde phase. As much as some of this felt disruptive, it was also the energy shift you needed to take things to the next level of your life. Now that Venus is shifting into Virgo, leaving behind the past lessons, you must figure out where to go from here, precisely where Mercury in Libra becomes essential. 


Mercury is the planet of communication, and in Libra, it strengthens and empowers the conversations you have with others as there is a lucky divinity wrapped up in your words. Whether you must make amends, honor boundaries, or sell your new dream to others, embrace the power of your comments and your ability to shape your reality.  

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Virgo luckiest day: Sunday, October 8 

Let yourself catch your breath so you don't miss the opportunity to genuinely realize how much the universe divinely guides each step of your life. Venus is shifting from Leo into Virgo, which will take much of what you've been thinking about internally into a new action phase. In Virgo, Venus favors plans heavily, something you respect and enjoy, but you must ensure that the basis for any changes is to build more of a life you love. 

Instead of getting caught up in things looking a particular way, focus on how everything makes you feel. If you are only checking items off a to-do list, you may find that things don't feel like you thought they would. By honoring your feelings first, you will be guaranteed to create a life that you are fully aligned with. Because the more you love your life, the more lucky opportunities and ideas you can attract.  


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Libra luckiest day: Friday, October 6 

Shift your focus from your relationships to your professional life. Whether this is a career shift or something more prominent, you must reflect on this area of your life and whether it aligns with your truth. The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer highlights your career by inviting you to figure out what you need to release to create more fulfillment as you honor your truth.

Your job is never just a place to collect a paycheck, but somewhere that truly feels like it nurtures the dreams you have for your life. As you honor this truth inside, you can let go of what is holding you back more quickly — even if it's your doubts or fears.  

You have grown so confident and strong over the last year that you may not even recognize yourself. That happens during periods of immense growth. For you, it's now pushing you to make some significant decisions in your professional life as you are encouraged to align yourself with more of what you deserve. Invest within yourself and honor your dreams first; anything else meant for you in this life will never ask you to sacrifice your success. And in this new life cycle, you are lucky you have been seeking.  


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Scorpio luckiest day: Friday, October 6 

It's time to spread those wings and soar as the Last Quarter Moon highlights themes of abundance and expansion. There is no room here for doubts or clinging onto anything from the past, as everything in the universe is trying to show you just how fantastic life can be if only you take a chance on yourself. Reflect on whether you're holding onto an old belief or physical aspects of your previous life, as these ties to the past may be blocking you from truly feeling that empowering sensation of luck the universe is ushering you into.  

Releasing what no longer resonates is freeing, but it doesn't mean it's always easy, and that's okay, as easy is seldom what leads to greatness. It would be best to recognize a difference in something hard because it's only repeating the past versus a challenge that will lead you somewhere new and exhilarating. Embrace the luck this week as you realize the power of letting go and how beautiful it is to create space for what you genuinely desire from life.  

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Sagittarius luckiest day: Sunday, October 8 

When you focus on your career, you must look at it with a sense of grounding and pragmatism. Although you're a fire sign, you can tend to get swept up in the next big thing or the easy path to success, but neither of those options ever lead to where you dream; they will. Instead, it's time to focus on what is real and the power to shape your destiny.  

Your career sector receives a boost as Venus in Virgo brings in a sense of fulfillment and productivity as you start to put your energy into what you can build for yourself. It doesn't mean you won't need others or that the universe won't be with you every step of the way, but it's time for you to write your success story. When you see that you have always created the life of your dreams, you'll see it was only a matter of finally believing in yourself.  

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Capricorn luckiest day: Sunday, October 8 

Prepare yourself for newness as you receive an influx of possibilities and opportunities from the universe. You have been moving through a phase of life where you've been building a more stable sense of balance based on what truly adds value to your life. Now that you have, you are primed to be able to move yourself into the next phase of success as Venus shifts into Virgo, lighting up your life with abundance and expansion.  


Virgo rules the luck you attract and create in your life, and while you may have to take a leap of faith, you also are being guided to see how much you have done has gone into creating this moment. To receive the life you desire, you must do the groundwork to build it, which is what you've done. Now, you just must let yourself receive the newness coming into your life and trust yourself enough to know that it's safe to take a risk — especially if it's for everything you've ever wanted.  

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Aquarius luckiest day: Wednesday, October 4 

To build the life of luck you dream of. You must be able to express your desire. Whether with your partner or in your career, you must become specific about achieving all your dreams. This goes back to believing in yourself and your growth to knowing that your goals only reflect all you deserve. As Mercury shifts into Libra, activating your sector of luck and abundance, it's time to step into co-creating with the universe so you don't miss out on a lucky moment that can change everything. 


Get in the habit of saying yes to life, taking new risks and seeing that to achieve the life you desire, you will have to step out of your comfort zone. You will be rewarded as you do, but the universe wants you to act from a place of self-worth to attract the luck that will help you reach your dreams. You won't need to work endlessly in this new chapter, but you must ensure you are moving with a dedication to honoring yourself and the ability to trust. No matter what happens, you will always come out on top.  

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Pisces luckiest day: Friday, October 6 

As you embark on a new chapter of your life, you must give yourself time to trust in the new feelings that you're having. So much of the past few years has been about learning lessons, honoring your self-worth and practicing boundaries. This new phase is just beginning; it's more about receiving the blessings you've worked hard to create.

The rewards for all your efforts are coming in, but you must continue to trust yourself and your growth. You won't be repeating the lessons of your past any longer, but only once you can feel confident as this new life emerges.  


The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer rises on Friday, October 6, as you are reminded that with each decision and choice you make, you are teaching the universe what you believe you deserve. Don't be afraid to clear space for more, to decide finally that your happiness matters most and that you deserve to be treated as the amazing human you are.

The more you can choose what feels right for you, the more the past will be brought to peace as the future comes to fruition. You deserve everything you have ever dreamed of; now, it's just a matter of choosing what was always meant for you.  

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