What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On September 9, 2023

When retrograde Jupiter and the Moon align, love is easier to recognize in yourself and others.

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On Saturday, September 9, 2023, your zodiac sign benefits from the Moon's relationship with Jupiter today. This Friday, the Cancer Moon creates a harmonious and divine alignment with retrograde Jupiter in Taurus, helping you to bring more optimism, honesty, and good fortune into your life.

In astrology, Cancer is the zodiac sign that rules the Moon and the home, so a Cancer Moon represents relationships in your life that unconditionally accept and nurture you. Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus is helping you to manifest changes in your life that will help you align more deeply with your inner growth.  


Today, focus on your relationships with others to discover how your perception or ability to receive from the universe influences the connection. Every relationship may not genuinely foster your authenticity, but it's good to open yourself to see the best intentions the people closest to you have. You have those in your life who solely want what is positive for you, as they uplift and support you in all you dream of. Lean into those relationships, laugh, and cultivate a sense of blooming gratitude within your heart as you open to receive all you desire. 


Being open can help create a feeling of closeness and gratitude — both are necessary to manifest more of what you want into your life.

Your rituals can be done at any time today. Since Jupiter rules manifesting, you can strengthen your intentions by incorporating cinnamon, licorice, and mint, as well as rhodonite, jade, and tiger’s eye, all of which symbolize the energy of Jupiter in Taurus. Consider anointing yourself with the essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon, and patchouli throughout the day and during your rituals to help ground your energy and receive all the goodness and love surrounding you while strengthening your new intentions.  

What your zodiac sign can manifest on September 9, 2023:

Aries: Authenticity 

What to say: I embrace my authentic self in my relationships and know I deserve to live my truth.  

As the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus activate your sector of worthiness and authenticity, focus on how the way you feel about yourself transforms the connections in your life. Place an orange candle before a mirror and surround it with mint. As you gaze at yourself in the mirror, repeat the affirmation, sprinkle cinnamon over the candle after eleven minutes, and extinguish the flame. Scatter the materials beneath your bedroom window once you're finished.  


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Taurus: Acceptance

What to say: I accept myself wholly and deeply and focus on the relationships that honor my identity.

The Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you to embrace a more profound sense of self-acceptance as you align yourself with those in your life who help build you up. Begin by wrapping a white ribbon around a pink candle, then place it on the earth. Surround it with a willow branch to protect you from negativity, and as it’s lit, repeat your affirmation until the candle burns down to the ribbon. Extinguish the candle and wrap the ribbon around your right wrist for the day.  

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Gemini: Greater meaning 

What to say: I open my heart to seeing a more significant meaning within my relationships with others.  

Embrace the greater meaning of the connections within your life as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus activate this area. Write out your affirmation on a violet piece of paper, and then fold it three times toward you, anointing it with patchouli essential oil. Take a long white ribbon and bind it to the base of an elm tree, known for representing intuition and wisdom. Repeat your affirmation as you tie it around the tree and leave it there overnight.  

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Cancer: Support 

What to say: I embrace the support and connection of those surrounding me.  


The Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus highlight your desire for supportive and close-knit connections. To help embrace gratitude for what you have and set the intention more deeply for what you want to receive, create an intention jar using cinnamon, mint, and rhodonite. You can seal the top with blue wax as you repeat your affirmation, then place it at the base of a rosebush.  

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Leo: Comradery 

What to say: I feel a deep bond with those important relationships in my life and am open to receiving the benefits they provide.  

Allow the pleasant and good nature of the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus to help you feel a deep and joyful bond with those surrounding you. Begin by laying out an orange square of fabric and place licorice, cinnamon, and tiger’s eye inside it. As you tie up the four corners with a yellow ribbon, repeat your affirmation and place this in your purse or clothing throughout the day.  


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Virgo: Adventure 

What to say: I am open to relationships, inspiring adventure, and new experiences.  

As the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help to inspire you to take your relationships to new heights, focus on setting an intention for adventure. Begin by collecting an offering dish and place cinnamon and bayberry inside. As you enter the sunlight, light your offering and repeat your affirmation. Once the ashes are cooled, scatter them around your front steps.  

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Libra: Closeness 

What to say: I honor my desire for closeness in my relationships as I practice greater truth and vulnerability.  


The Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus highlight your intimacy sector, inspiring you to create closeness in your relationships. Begin by lighting a pink candle, and take two cinnamon sticks, wrapping a red ribbon around them as you repeat your affirmation. Sprinkle salt over them for protection, and then place them in an east-facing area of your home to represent the energy of Taurus.  

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Scorpio: Partnership 

What to say: I deserve a romantic partnership that aligns with my authentic soul. 

Focus on attracting or improving your romantic partnership as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus highlight this area of your life. Create an intention jar using pomegranate seeds, mint, cinnamon, and rhodonite. As you seal the jar with red wax, repeat your affirmation and bury it beneath a cherry tree representing love.   


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Sagittarius: Healthy connections 

What to say: I choose to invest time within the connections in my life that are the healthiest.  

As the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you focus on what defines a healthy connection, focus your ritual on investing in those who are best for you. Begin by lighting a blue candle and writing your affirmation on a bay leaf. Wrap the bay leaf in a white ribbon and sprinkle salt over it as you repeat your affirmation. Once you’re ready, hold this above the candle, send the energy into it, and place it on your altar.  

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Capricorn: Joy 

What to say: I bring joy to the lives of those around me as they do the same in mine.  

Let yourself rediscover the significance and importance of joy as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus activate this area of your life. Create a sacred sun tea using a mason jar of water with lemons, mint, and tiger’s eye. Let this sit out in the sun during the day, and then enjoy it yourself or with loved ones as you silently repeat your affirmation.  

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Aquarius: A content home 

What to say: My home is a place of happiness, love, and peace.  

Honor your personal space and the love you feel there as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you focus on gratitude for your home. Begin by laying out mint, licorice, and cinnamon sticks, and then wrap the stems in a blue ribbon while you repeat your affirmation. Hang above your front door, and sprinkle cinnamon on your front steps for abundance.  

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Pisces: Inspiring conversations 

What to say: I hold space for inspiring and introspective conversations as they foster my inner growth and perspective.  


Focus on holding space for inspiring and energizing conversations with those around you as the Cancer Moon and retrograde Jupiter in Taurus help you to foster deeper emotional connections. Begin by lighting a yellow candle and slicing an apple in half. Place a tiger's eye in the apple's center, then close it back up, wrapping a blue ribbon around it while repeating your affirmation. Once you’re finished, place this on your altar with a circle of salt around it.  

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