How To Perform 15 Simple Everyday Magic Rituals To Improve Your Mind & Body

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Believe it or not, but there are simple bits of everyday magic that are sure to be a huge help in improving your wellbeing.

These easy techniques will allow you to clear your energy and bounce out of a funk to enjoy what's good right now.

But first, let's define what exactly I mean by "magic"?

According to Google, "Magic is the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces."

To me, it's much simpler than that. Magic is my connection to all that is divine, and that assists me in remembering that I am divine and a part of everything.

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These everyday magic rituals center you.

They provide a way for you to remember who you are — a spirit, soul, and divine being connected to all there is.

Once you really get that, you automatically feel happier because it raises your energetic vibration.

Why do we forget our divinity so easily? That’s just part of being human. Also, most of us are not schooled in this way of thinking or how to apply it to daily living (in the Western world anyway).

I sure didn’t learn this when I was young. That would have been nice, right?

However, I learned about my connection to everything on my spiritual journey of more than 20 years and I’m going to share it with you now.

Here are 15 options for creating everyday magic.

1. Infuse your morning cuppa.

Place your hands on both sides of your cup and focus on feeling happy, satisfied, fulfilled, or whatever you want.

Imagine sending those vibes into your morning beverage. Then, when you drink your tea or coffee, you ingest and absorb those positive frequencies.

2. Start with an affirmation.

Nothing like starting your morning with a powerful affirmation. Set your intention for a great day with this affirmation or one of your own.

"I am open to the magic all around me."

Being open to the magic helps you recognize the synchronicities that can guide you along the highest path.

3. Get inspired.

Take a few minutes to read, listen to, or watch something inspirational. Focus on stories that lift your spirit which is a strong part of everyday magic.

From TEDx talks to spiritual blogs or publications, there is something available for everyone.

4. Expand your aura.

It's a scientific fact that we are surrounded by an energy field, also called your aura. Close your eyes and imagine your field growing larger and spreading out.

An expanded aura makes room for more happiness and manifesting your dreams.

You can let it grow beyond your body, the room you are in, the building, neighborhood, state, or hemisphere!

Bigger is better, so go for it. When you're feeling done, simply imagine coming back into your body.

5. Ground yourself.

Close your eyes and sit quietly while taking several slow, deep breaths. Let yourself settle in. Then, start visualizing sending roots down from the bottom of your spine deep into the earth.

Allow the roots to travel all the way into the earth’s crust.

Next, allow earth energy to gently come up into your body, filling you with a warm, nourishing, and caring vibration. Being grounded helps you feel calmer and more at ease, so you have the energy to live your best day.

6. Get into your body.

Doing even a few yoga poses will help you get into your body instead of being in your head. The deep breathing that goes along with your practice also works to ground you.

Getting out of your head and all that overwhelming mental energy can be a huge relief that drags down your mood.

7. Dress consciously.

Working with color is a powerful kind of everyday magic. That's one reason why it’s important to choose your clothing consciously rather than just throw on anything at all.

Color has a vibration with emotional aspects as well. If you need more joy, wear cheery yellow.

Looking to feel more love? Put on something pink. Or, if you want to feel more powerful, choose red (even if it’s your underwear!).

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8. Craft an evening ritual.

Ending your day with a little everyday magic helps you acknowledge what's going right in your life. This is also a wonderful way to feel positive about your day and set yourself up to sleep well.

8. Journal about gratitude.

Expressing gratitude is pure magic and the lift to your spirit is guaranteed. When feeling unhappy about something you don't have and don't know how to get, you often forget all that's going well in life.

Recognizing how much is currently going your way is the key. That's some powerful everyday magic.

9. Connect with the oneness.

Once you rest your head on the pillow, take a moment to imagine connecting with the oneness of all there is.

This divine energy will allow you to feel a sense of peace and will help you drift off to sleep and into sweet dreams.

10. Create a happy list.

What makes you smile? Is it animal videos, sunshine, listening to music, or doing something creative?

Make a list of several quick things you can do that are sure to lighten you up and make you feel happier. Then when you feel down, pull out your list and pick one.

11. Walk in nature.

Moving your body helps clear your head and eliminate the thought loops that are bringing you down. Walking in nature is truly fabulous everyday magic.

Fresh air and beautiful landscapes easily buoy your spirit.

12. Get up and dance.

Dancing gets you up and moving.

Combined with the uplifting nature and energy of music, this combination can transform your outlook and shift your emotions in a flash.

13. Create a happy playlist.

Music elevates your mood almost instantly.

Want to feel happier? Make a playlist of old and new favorites to boost your mood and energy.

14. Say "yes" or "no" to something.

Some people have trouble saying "no" and get overwhelmed by over-giving. If that describes you, then promise yourself you'll say "no" to the next request if it’s not right for you.

On the flip side, others have difficulty saying "yes" to something new. If that's the case, stretch yourself to say "yes" and give something new a try. Branching out expands your world and creates new opportunities.

15. Breathe from your heart.

One last piece of everyday magic is breathing from the heart. Again, this is an easy and quick technique, resulting in feeling calm and connected.

Here's how it works. Close your eyes and settle your consciousness into your heart. Begin by inhaling through the front of your heart and exhaling through the back of your heart.

Continue for three to five minutes and allow your heart to clear and expand. This is so powerful.

In the end, you're at the center of any form of everyday magic. 

Magic really is all around you and these suggestions will help you recognize that more frequently. The more you play with this kind of thought and mood-shifting magic, the more you realize how much you really are in charge.

Try one or all 15 tips to increase the everyday magic in your life. Lift your spirits, feel more joy, and benefit from the uncanny synchronicities that will guide your life's path.

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Ronnie Ann Ryan is a Love & Cosmic Coach who has shared her mystical insights and practical advice about love and life with thousands of successful women. Her free book, How the Akashic Records Can Help Heal Your Love Life, details how past lives affect the current state of our love lives.