What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On September 4, As Jupiter Retrogrades In Taurus

A good thing can come your way when the planet of luck begins its retrograde cycle this week.

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Today's manifestation for your zodiac sign begins when Jupiter, the planet of luck begins to retrograde in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Smile with ease as you acknowledge the way the universe always has your back, even in the most challenging moments. And with that comes the realization that by embracing the present moment, you are also able to set your intentions for what comes next, as this divine moment is meant to help you pause and ensure the life you are creating is one that is aligned with how much and far you’ve grown.  


Just as Venus, the planet of love, stationed direct in Leo on September 3, Jupiter in Taurus is now just beginning its retrograde journey. However, this isn’t meant to help teach the hard lessons that you likely have been hoping are soon coming to an end but to give you a chance to figure out how to put it all together.

The purpose of Jupiter retrograde is to provide you with enough time to take your internal growth and healing and create a life that reflects who you are now instead of who you were. 

This is still an unprecedented time, as Jupiter once again makes the seventh celestial body to retrograde, an era that hasn’t occurred for approximately two hundred years and which is meant to be the catalyst for you to leave behind the repeated cycles, or even situations in your life that don’t resonate. It can be hard to leave behind what you’ve already outgrown simply because people, things, and situations are easy to become accustomed to — even if you know they don’t resonate any longer. 




But the way of the universe is that it’s not just growth that manifests abundance and joy, but the creation of space as you honor your internal healing and trust that as you clear away what no longer resonates, new beauty will always bloom. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus is a fertile time for your dreams, passions, and ability to make the changes you already know in your heart you need to.  

Manifesting with Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can be done at any time of the day, depending on your ritual. Still, it would be best to create a weekly or monthly practice until Jupiter is direct on December 30, 2023. This strengthens your ritual and uses the retrograde process of Jupiter to manifest what you desire. And Because it stations direct just hours before the New Year of 2024, allow yourself to start dreaming of what you want the pages of your next chapter to include.  

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Taurus is an earth element represented by the herbs basil, ginger, and rosemary, while it rules the essential oils of ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, and patchouli. By incorporating these warming herbs and essences into your home or self-care routine, you can strengthen your rituals by incorporating more Taurus energy into your life. Also, consider wearing crystals like rose quartz, lapis lazuli, or tourmaline to help you strengthen your heart chakra, which Taurus rules, or to add to your altar for manifesting in greater alignment with Jupiter retrograde. 

Here's what your zodiac sign can manifest today, September 4, 2023, as Jupiter retrograde begins in the zodiac sign of Taurus. 

What Aries can manifest: Alignment 

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus highlights your sector of self-worth and finances as you embrace a life that is aligned with your recent growth. Create an intention sachet using basil for abundance, rosemary for healing, and tourmaline for confidence.

As you gather your herbs and crystals, bind them with an orange ribbon and place them in a north-facing area of your home with an orange candle. Light the candle weekly for eleven minutes as you repeat your affirmation; once Jupiter is direct, return the candle and herbs to the earth.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I am creating a new life that aligns with my self-worth.  

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What Taurus can manifest: Authenticity 

As Jupiter retrograde occurs within your zodiac sign of Taurus, focus your energy on how you can become more authentic with yourself and others during this time. Begin by collecting a small jar of honey and adding to it your affirmation written on a piece of paper, and then fold it toward you as many times as possible, along with a few rosemary sprigs.

Use this intention, honey, as part of your morning ritual by adding a spoonful to a cup of ginger tea and then anointing your heart chakra with patchouli essential oil. As you enjoy your tea, silently repeat your affirmation and visualize how you can show up more authentically.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I embrace every unique facet of my identity as I radiate authenticity. 

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What Gemini can manifest: Acceptance

Lean into greater acceptance as Jupiter retrograde in Taurus will move through your sector of dreams, intuition, and the unconscious. Take this time to create an altar space to use weekly during this astrological phase using a blue candle anointed in ylang ylang essential oil and rolled in crushed rosemary.

Place the candle on an offering plate, surround it with daisies, a symbol of Taurus, and sprinkle lavender around the setting for greater peace. Each time you perform the ritual, light the candle for four minutes and safely burn your written affirmation, allowing the cooled ashes to scatter over the flowers. Return all your materials to the earth at the end of Jupiter retrograde. 


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I allow acceptance to wash over my life as I find greater meaning in everything.  

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What Cancer can manifest: Kindred connections 

Embrace the powerful and divine connections you have in your life as Jupiter retrograde in Taurus lights up your sector of goals and social connections. Begin by lighting vanilla incense and a blue candle in front of a mirror, then write down the qualities of those you want to attract into your life.

Once finished, bind them with the melted wax from the candle while repeating your affirmation, and bury it beneath a rose bush. Repeat this monthly or weekly until Jupiter is direct to help manifest the connections you seek in your life.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I am attracting kindred, spiritual connections into my life to help me manifest my dreams. 

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What Leo can manifest: Abundance 

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus highlights your financial and career sector as it helps you to create long-term abundance and success in these areas of your life. Begin by dressing a green candle with patchouli essential oil and rolling it in crushed basil for abundance.

Once the candle is lit, write your affirmation down on a gold or yellow piece of paper, folding it three times toward you and then binding it with a green ribbon. Take this and hang in a maple tree as your offering to the universe. Repeat this eight times during Jupiter retrograde, a symbol of abundance, and then once the planet is direct, bury them all beneath the tree.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I am abundant within my heart, career, and life.  

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What Virgo can manifest: Expansion 

As Jupiter means growth, and as it retrogrades in Taurus moves through your expansion sector, reflect on how to create more space for what you desire. Begin by writing down your affirmation on paper, folding it three times toward you, and then anointing it with rose essential oil.

Place this inside a gardening pot, and add soil and daisy seeds. Once finished, repeat your affirmation as you sprinkle mint on it for luck. Please return to your intention each week, repeat your affirmation nine times, and sprinkle mint on it again.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I expand as I make room for new experiences, love, and adventures.  

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What Libra can manifest: New beginnings 

Allow yourself to transform into a new version of yourself as Jupiter retrograde in Taurus moves through your sector of intimacy and transformation. Create a more authentic and intimate relationship with yourself by creating a weekly ritual of self-care utilizing a sacred salve.

Begin by collecting a small container, coconut oil, and the essential oils of ylang ylang, rose, and jasmine. Let this set, light a white candle, and massage the salve into your heart chakra, breathing deeply and slowly. Once ready, place your hands into ushas mudra for new beginnings and repeat your affirmation eleven times. Repeat this ritual weekly to help welcome in the new beginning Jupiter retrograde has in store.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I welcome a new beginning to my life as I embrace my greater truth.  

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What Scorpio can manifest: Love 

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus activates your romance and love sector, helping you create a relationship that is in greater alignment with your growth. Embrace this by creating an intention jar using ginger for abundance, rosemary for healing, and red rose petals for passionate love.

Add any other elements you must represent the relationship you seek, such as a key if you want to move in together or souvenirs from nights out or trips. Seal this in with red wax and place it in a north-facing area of your home to call in the element of earth. Place a red candle next to your intention jar, and light it for seven minutes each week while you repeat your affirmation; once Jupiter is direct, return all materials to the earth. 


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I am ready for a soul-aligned, healthy, dynamic relationship.  

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What Sagittarius can manifest: Wellness 

Focus on what you can do to feel like your best self while Jupiter retrograde in Taurus activates themes related to health and wellness. Begin by creating a tea using ginger and rosemary for healing and abundance. As it steeps, write your affirmation on the bottom of a mug and repeat your affirmation as you enjoy your healing elixir. 

Once you’re finished, place your hands in gyan mudra for improved health, and focus on breathing. Consider wearing jewelry made of lapis lazuli to help you feel more confident and grounded. Repeat this ritual daily or weekly throughout Jupiter retrograde.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: My health is my greatest priority, as I care for all aspects of my physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  

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What Capricorn can manifest: Stability 

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus rules over your sector of commitment and joy, helping you find more excellent stability within your life and the most fulfilling aspects. Begin your ritual by collecting three almonds and writing your affirmation on blue paper.


Bind these with a blue ribbon and plant them beneath a cherry tree for greater stability. If you don’t have one available, place three cherries on top of your intention. Repeat this weekly throughout Jupiter retrograde for stronger manifestation power.  

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I am safe and secure within my life as I can create more room for what brings me joy.  

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What Aquarius can manifest: Comfort 

It’s time to slow down and focus on your home as Jupiter retrograde in Taurus shifts your focus toward creating greater peace, comfort, and happiness in this area of your life. Begin by creating an herbal bundle of basil, rosemary, ginger, and rose quartz, binding it with a pink ribbon. Hold this as you repeat your affirmation four times, then hang it above your front door. Repeat this weekly until Jupiter is direct, returning the used herbs to the earth.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: My home is a place of peace, comfort, and happiness.  

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What Pisces can manifest: Truth 

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus activates your communication sector, helping you embrace greater truth in your life and understand its influence over those in your life. Create a sacred herbal intention by laying out a blue square of fabric and placing ginger, rosemary, and lapis lazuli within it.

As you tie up the four corners, repeat your affirmation and put it next to a white candle. Each week or month, create a new herbal intention, keep the candle lit for four minutes, or light at forty-four past the hour to embrace the angel number of truth. Return all herbs to the earth and place the crystal beneath your pillow once Jupiter is direct.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus affirmation: I honor my truth deeply as I allow it to help me create the life I dream of and be of service to others.

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