3 Zodiac Signs Who Put Themselves First In Love On September 4, 2023

Don't let the retrograde drag you down; let it boost your confidence instead.

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During Jupiter retrograde on September 4, 2023, we will be giving ourselves time to assess our situations. We're not rushing into anything, as that is the nature of all retrograde motions. Sometimes we feel stagnant during this kind of cosmic experience. 

As it will be on this day for three zodiac signs, we will have the distinct feeling that we need to think things through before making any kind of big decision. Today is for separating ourselves from the crowd just so we can get a good idea of where we stand. We may even find that 'the crowd' ends up being just one person: our romantic partner.




This doesn't mean trouble is brewing; it only means that on this day, September 4, 2023, we will be very adamant about putting ourselves first. That doesn't mean we'll be stepping on someone's head or disrespecting anyone; it means that we need the time by ourselves to figure out where we stand in all of this...even in the relationship itself. Jupiter retrograde tends to work on us this way, and for the three most influenced zodiac signs, the way it will look, today, is in the way of us not wanting to be involved with anyone else's opinion.Our influence is a planet, not a person, and definitely not a romantic partner.


We may have come to a place in our relationship where we have started to feel undervalued, or perhaps even taken advantage of. It may not be at the place where we need to call it all off, but we do know that this relationship needs work. And if it needs work, it needs US to stand up for ourselves, because that's the main issue here: we haven't been putting ourselves first. During the Jupiter retrograde on September 4, 2023, we will make that known to our partner. We come first, or it's 'no dice.'

Three zodiac signs who put themselves first in love on September 3, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You feel pretty confident about what you're about to ado on this day, September 4, 2023 during the Jupiter retrograde; you're about to stand up for yourself and let your partner in on something that you've been meaning to share with them for a long time.

And that is that you feel like you've been undervalued and under appreciated in the relationship and that as of today, that has to change. It's taken you a while to get up the nerve to see yourself as valuable enough to make yourself number one, but you see no purpose in going on with this person unless they value you as much as you value you.


You may not know it, but this is all it takes for your partner to get jolted into reality; they may not have realized how they've let you down, but after you speak up today, they will not only get the point; they will act on it.

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2. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You probably thought you were being clear, so long ago, when you explained to your romantic partner that you need a certain amount of space and that they need to accommodate your needs if they are to be with you. This was not at all demanding; it was just your truth, and it still is your truth, although it seems that your partner has pushed your simple desire to the back burner, as if they've forgotten how important it is to you.


During the Jupiter retrograde on September 4, 2023, you will recognize that you've allowed them to 'get their way' for too long, and that you're starting to feel stifled by them; they are clearly not listening to you. You aren't asking for much, but you certainly need to put yourself first in certain situations, and this is one of them. Today is the day you set things back in order, as they need to be.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You've started to notice that the person you are with seems a little more selfish than usual these days, and you're also starting to feel like that's not going to fly. You are OK with them taking liberties, but during Jupiter retrograde on September 4, 2023, you'll see that those liberties are starting to cancel out your priorities, and that's just going to work for you.


It's on this day that you let your partner know that things are starting to get out of hand, and that you are starting to feel as though you don't exist when it comes to the important decision making within the relationship. Not only do you exist, you need to get yourself back up to the place where you are the driving force here; you need to assert yourself as an equal in the relationship. Gone are the days when you take a back seat. Not happening. No way.

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