How This Week's Astrology Helps Improve Relationships For 4 Specific Zodiac Signs

Starting September 4, we experience incredibly helpful planetary transits that boost our ability to love ourselves and others.

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Love is rarely straightforward. Instead, it often reflects where you are with yourself as you attract the partners and situations you need for more profound growth and healing. Because of this, there is no one right way to fix or improve things; you gain an ability to peer through the lens of possibility and awareness as you strive to understand the deeper meaning of everything.  

There are a few astrological events taking place this week that help to improve relationships for four zodiac signs. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, begins its retrograde in Taurus. Jupiter rules all future matters, including expansion, luck and abundance. Retrograde asks you to hold off doing anything new but instead focus on strengthening what you've already built, which is the perfect energy for improving your romantic relationship.  


Jupiter begins its retrograde journey, making it the sixth planet and seventh celestial body in a state of reflection and review. During the next few months, Jupiter will revisit the past themes of its time in Taurus, helping you to understand, stabilize and make amends for any challenges or difficulties. This important retrograde will also occur during Eclipse Season, which makes its debut next month and will be strengthened by the Taurus Lunar Eclipse at the end of October 2023, the last in this cycle for the next nine years.  



Once Jupiter is direct at the beginning of December 2023, you will be able to see the results of this period, as while things may move slowly, there is significant work in ensuring the foundation of your romantic life is not only stable but also built on what can last a lifetime. Go within, and don't be afraid to address past themes of your relationship, as just because you say something is finished doesn't mean it truly is. There is always gold to be found in the most unsuspecting places, which is what retrograde season is all about.  


Just as Jupiter begins its three-month retrograde journey, the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini peaks, inspiring accountability, conversations and focus on what needs to be released. The Last Quarter Moon helps you to take greater responsibility and focus as you prepare to set a new intention on the Virgo New Moon on September 14. 

Venus, the planet of love will be direct in Leo, too. You may feel more confident in making romantic choices you've been pondering for the last few months. While the future is still yet to be written, as the stars converge, you will finally be able to see what you can do at this moment to ensure you are building a relationship that will withstand the test of time.  

Four zodiac signs whose relationships may improve the most this week: 

1. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

Don't be afraid to go back so you can finally move ahead. With the current retrograde season drawing you inward so profoundly, you are fighting a battle of not wanting to revisit the past when it's the best way to move forward. Resist the voice of the ego that is reluctant to take responsibility or see the truth, and instead, allow yourself to surrender to the divine path currently presenting itself to you. 


The week of September 4, 2023, highlights the energy of the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini and Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. Gemini rules your romantic sector as you reflect on where you need to step up, reflect or release. Jupiter retrograde encourages you to approach matters from a healthier standpoint and how you care for yourself, which includes how you speak to yourself when no one else is around. When you talk to yourself with grace, love and kindness, you naturally care better for your physical and mental health. This is where the improvements you seek in your romantic life will begin, as it's not necessarily about the other person but about yourself.

To make the most of this week, give yourself opportunities to reflect on what you need, whether it's space, quiet or a new routine in your life. You can approach your relationship similarly by ensuring you feel like your best self. There are no mistakes by the universe, which means the greater focus on wellness that Jupiter retrograde will usher into your life is essential for making the most of the clarity the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini delivers. You must be willing to see what works for you in your romantic life. Instead of avoiding change or difficult moments, move from a space of what feels best. By honoring your inner voice and caring for yourself, you'll also ensure that romantic decisions are made from a place of wholeness rather than lack.  

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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 


Many of your lesson themes will arise in the week of September 4, 2023, as you are called to use what you've been through to better advocate for what you need and to set the boundaries to ensure you stay on the right track. As much as boundaries can be complex for any water sign, especially one as empathetic as you, you've realized that they can be a source of love as boundaries can protect what is most sacred to you, even if that is your peace of mind.  

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus activates your communication sector as you are asked to revisit past conversations and encouraged to advocate for yourself more honestly and transparently. It's not just about using your words to create the desired relationship but ensuring that they come from a place of growth where you let yourself announce to the world and your partner what you want to build for the future.

Instead of reverting to your go-with-the-flow mentality, realize that the past has only led to you ending up in places that weren't aligned with your truth. So now, you must remember you can't take anything for granted, including your partner, just know what you need. Your focus on communication is enhanced when the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, ruler of your domestic sector, activates themes of taking accountability for the past and what you may need to release within yourself or your life to feel like you're in the space to move forward.

Although, with the retrograde season upon you, forward momentum may seem like only a dream. It won't last forever, and right now, you are being guided to do what is necessary so you can be in the place to seize new opportunities once they present themselves. With each day that passes, you can learn more about the choices you've made, what you need from a partner and what you desire for the future.


By embracing this knowledge and communicating with your partner, you can mend old wounds, bring greater alignment into the relationship and start being able to cultivate the romantic joy you seek in your connection. It's never too late to go back, and right now, it is a necessary part of improving this area of your life, as you need to reaffirm to the universe you have moved through specific lessons for the last time so that all that's left is the love you've always dreamed of.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

There is always more to learn, even if, at this point, you're feeling like you'd rather not. Sometimes, things aren't as simple as they appear to be, and this is never truer than when it comes to love. You have made great strides in your romantic life during this almost completed eclipse cycle, which involved Taurus and Scorpio, rulers of your sectors of romance and self. You've got to the space where you know having passion and stability is possible, and you're done with the days of chasing after romantic junk food as you are now ready to welcome in a soul-nourishing love.  


Jupiter retrograde in Taurus slows down matters of the heart as it rules over your romantic relationships. However, it's only doing that so you can embody some of the more profound lessons of your choices, specifically those since May 15, 2023, when the planet of abundance first entered this sensual earth sign. Reflect on that time and the events that have taken place up until now, as that is where your treasure of reflection lies.

During this week, bring your awareness to what you've learned, where you've practiced boundary setting and how you have implemented the lessons that you've learned into new and changed behaviors and choices. As much as you dream of a new beginning in love, you also need to make sure there isn't anything else you can do to proclaim to the universe that you are finally ready for it.  

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini highlights themes around transformation and intimacy as you understand how the two are woven together within romantic relationships. The closeness you feel with your partner is often only the product of the growth you experience. If one or both of you grow in a different direction or not at all, that will affect the intimacy and your overall romantic connection.

You've recently realized you are not responsible for your partner's growth or choices. This helps you take the reflection period of Jupiter retrograde and allows you to see where you need to let go more profoundly to create space for your partner to show up in a more intimate way or for a different relationship altogether to manifest. This isn't the end of your story, but only the beginning of an entirely new one. Don't let yourself get sucked under by the tides of retrograde season, as you need to continually validate how far you have come to make the most of this time.


Before you start reflecting on things you can do to improve the relationship, make sure you're not trying to handle the bulk of the relationship responsibilities and find balance with what is yours to carry with creating the space for your partner. Ultimately, you will feel confident that you both are building a relationship based on healing and not wounding.  

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4. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

The more you can find gratitude for what you've created and how far you've come, the more you will be in the space to continually attract more. It can be accessible at times to solely see what needs adjustments or changes in your romance as you are constantly striving for greatness in every area of your life. Still, relationships are continually flowing, so realizing you need to view love through a different lens can be what allows you to see all there is to be grateful for.  


You have been on a massive journey of healing and clearing out what is no longer necessary in your life. Still, at a certain point, you must make sure you aren't also removing what is bringing you joy simply because you may be going a challenging time. Try to give your partner more grace this week as Jupiter retrograde in Taurus highlights your domestic sector, prompting you to slow down on your reactions so you can ensure you are making the decisions that aren't about peace at this moment but also your long-term happiness.  

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus will help you focus more on the foundation you have built with your partner and how that influences the plans for the future you both have. If you try to clear the decks when things get challenging, you'll miss out on some crucial opportunities for growth and deep love. In your heart, you will always know the truth, yet that doesn't mean it will always be easy to accept.

Sometimes, relationships have challenging phases, yet going them together builds that solid foundation. As an air sign, taking space is always your ideal coping mechanism as you prefer to distance yourself from what you can't figure out or solve immediately. Yet, by holding space for your partner as you care for yourself, instead of running away or creating walls, you can embody essential lessons and express gratitude for all the relationship represents.  

As the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini rises in your sector of joy and commitment, pledge yourself not to throw away something unique simply because it might be challenging at this moment. You are holding all the cards right now, and while it might seem that the best way to improve things is to distance yourself from it, that will come to work against your dreams for your future.


Lean in where you once would have leaned away and let your partner's challenges remain theirs while you focus on the joy that can still be found within your connection and let yourself be uncomfortable. By learning to sit with the uncomfortableness in the transition phase of a relationship, you learn how to build a solid foundation and ensure your romantic future will continue to blossom abundantly.  

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