The 4 Zodiac Signs Likely To Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships During September 2023

We are strong enough to end our relationships this month.

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If there's one thing we know, September has its own 'flavor' and so much of what this month is about is change and renewal. While we like to think of Spring as the time for renewal, we have to give it to Autumn as well, as it is during this time that we mentally and emotionally 'hunker' down for the colder months ahead.

This is a mind trip, for sure, but we've all been experiencing it since our early days in school. Summertime's over, and it's time to get those new clothes ready for school; that's how we used to feel. Now, as adults we have a similar agenda in place and that is the one that lets us know that it's time to figure out where we stand with our loves, our lives, our work and our health.


There will be a few zodiac signs here who will know that now is the time to complete what was started prior to September, and this revolves around romance, or rather, romance that's gone sour. During September, we will take steps to end what we know can no longer go on. It's not as though we didn't give it a chance; we did. What that chance showed us is that we must move away from the relationships that stifle us. This is survival, not just a flippant moment in our romantic history. We need to let go of certain people, and it's going to happen for four zodiac signs, during the month of September, 2023.


While breaking up is never an easy thing to do, we feel that we cannot take this through yet another month. We've given too much time to this already, and the four zodiac signs who have already fallen out of love with their mates know that this cannot go on indefinitely. September is for fresh new starts but in order to get to the starting point, we have to create solid endings.

This is a time for honesty and acceptance, and these signs know what they have to do. 

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The four zodiac signs who are likely to fall out of love and end relationships during the month of September 2023: 

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)


Mercury in Jupiter gives you all the strength you need right at the top of the month, and you will use this to confront your present romantic partner with the idea of breaking up. You don't know what to expect, or how they will react to such news, but you have also crossed the point of no return; you need this to end, because it's gone from happy and hopeful to anxious and desperate and the sadness you feel just by continuing on with this relationship is starting to affect other areas of your life ... and that simply won't do. You can't haul around heartache any longer because it's begun to affect your creative life, and that's where the pain really gets to you. You will break up and end the relationship because you need to spare yourself the pain of pretending that this could work. It cannot; you know it, and after you voice your feelings, they will know it, too.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

The New Moon in Virgo jumpstarts the motion for you and leads you into a place where you know you cannot look back. You and your romantic partner have come a long ways together, but things have faded so hard that you feel as though you no longer have anything in common.


Generally, this wouldn't be that terrible a thing, but what's going on in September of 2023, for you, is that you have found something new to occupy your time and your mind, and it means more to you to go after this dream than to stay and water the 'dead plant' that is your present relationship. You don't feel you can revive this, and you no longer wish to try. Venus square Jupiter lets you know that you can do better with your life, and now, you are willing to go for it.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

What you feel is that the relationship that you've been in has come to an impasse, and while you were OK with trying to make it work, you've come to the conclusion that you have been kidding yourself. You fell out of love with your partner a while back, and you sense that they have the same lack of feeling for you, too.


There is no insult here, only the boldfaced truth that stares you in the face and tells you that there is no longer a point in staying together. You aren't someone who suffers loneliness so being alone isn't what's stopped you from doing this sooner. Getting the nerve to be the one to end is is what's kept you unhappy, and during the month of September, you will see that you have no choice but to end it. If you wish to be happy and get back to being your old self again, then this move is inevitable.

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4. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

There's a lot of wild and untamed energy going on during the month of September, 2023, and with Sun trine Uranus and Venus square Uranus, and Mercury trine Uranus all happening at the same time, you will come to know a very bitter but necessary truth; you need to end your romantic relationship. Truths like this are definitely hard to take and you absolutely do not want to hurt your partner as they are, indeed, a delicate soul.


However, their 'delicateness' has been something that's been held over your head and you can no longer use it as an excuse to stay stagnant. You have been stuck for too long, and you've used their weakness as an excuse to stick with them, even though the relationship died a long time ago. If you want to regain your confidence and autonomy, then it's time to carpe diem, Aquarius. Let September bring the change you want to see in your world. 

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