The Weekly Tarot Horoscope For September 4 -10, 2023

Ruby Miranda tells it all that you need to know for this week's tarot card reading.

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September is in full swing, and we're now in the flow of things, just beginning to feel what this month means. We have a good idea of what Autumn will be like because our schedules are starting to take shape. For many of us, this gives us the idea that we're in control ... at least to a certain degree.

We may not have had a wild and crazy summer, but at least we know that the latter months of the year have a sort of structure to them. Even if we did have a noteworthy and memorably WILD summer, we can look forward to weeks like this one, September 4 -10, 2023.




The tarot cards seem to show us a 'business as usual' perspective, but what is 'business' in this case? Are we just starting a new job, getting into a new relationship and learning to play the game? Are we just starting a new semester in education, or are we figuring out what to do with ourselves now that we're beginning our retirement? No matter who we are, this week, September 4 -10, 2023, shows us that, one way or another, a new beginning is presently taking place. We are there for it ... and we like it.


We are looking at how we deal with the present. We're not crying over the past or regretting what's happened. We're not fearful of the future, nor are we dwelling on it, as it hasn't become our reality as of yet. Here are the readings for each zodiac sign the week of September 4 - 10.

Weekly tarot horoscope for all zodiac signs September 4 - 10, 2023:

Aries: The Fool, reversed



Keywords for the week: willful ignorance, neglect, carefree

Here, we have a tarot card that shows you that you aren't quite ready to take things as seriously as you thought you might want to during the week of September 4 -10, 2023. You like to give advice and talk a mean streak about what you believe is right and wrong, but this week, this tarot reading shows that you're not interested in backing up your 'big talk.' You would rather relax and not take anything too seriously, and really, who could blame you, Aries?


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Taurus: Six of Pentacles



Keywords for the week: benefactor, charity, donation

Being in such a good mood puts you in the position of being the gregarious and generous friend who helps everyone else. You don't feel as though there's anything that can deplete your happiness, and so you share generously with the people you love. You will give your time, money and love to those you feel need it most during the week of September 4 -10, 2023.


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Gemini: The World, reversed



Keywords for the week: assertiveness, vision, rebellion

During the week of September 4 -10, 2023, you may want to rebel as you don't feel things are working according to your plan. Other people are taking things in a different direction, and you will be the one who steps in and sets things right. You feel very good about your decisions this week and don't have a problem telling others they must settle back and wait their turn.


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Cancer: King of Cups



Keywords for the week: authority, kindness, foundation

You are both the loving partner and the trusted family member this week, September 4 -10, 2023, and you'll find that you adore being in this position. You feel as if you finally have control over matters that got out of hand, and you do a very good job being someone who gets to be in the position of authority. You are smart, loving and your wisdom helps others, especially family members.


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Leo: Two of Pentacles



Keywords for the week: windfall, wisdom, choice

Having the money is one thing, but having the time and the money to do something you've wanted to do is, believe it or not, something that confuses you. You'll be making a 'fun' decision this week, September 4 -10, 2023, and while all of it is super positive, you still won't be able to decide how to spend some newly acquired money. Saving it is not an option.


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Virgo: Four of Cups, reversed



Keywords for the week: chance, risk, reluctance

This week puts you in the position of being someone who needs to grab an opportunity or forever let it go. You are being handed something special, but it confuses you. You may fear it so much that you allow it to pass you. This could have to do with love or friendship, and while it's a very positive and beneficial thing, you may end up letting it go during the week of September 4 -10, 2023.


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Libra: Two of Swords, reversed



Keywords for the week: dread, ending, impulse

Now that it's the beginning of a new season, you want to feel secure about where you're going and ... where your next paycheck comes from. This is the week you decide you might not be as happy with your present job as you thought. There's an expression, "Don't become so good at a job you don't like." This week's card embodies the wisdom in that message.


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Scorpio: Eight of Cups



Keywords for the week: progress, movement, momentum

You had a great summer and got a lot out of it. You are no longer in the mood to think about partying or pleasure. You are all business and full speed ahead. You've done a great job and are ready to move on to your next masterpiece. During the week of September 4 -10, 2023, you will be open to changes and welcoming new ideas.


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Sagittarius: The Lovers, reversed



Keywords for the week: adversity, passion, romance

As your weekly tarot card implies, your romantic life may be upturned, but that may also be something you want to spice things up a bit. You'll find that during the week of September 4 -10, 2023, you and your romantic partner may have a couple of 'curated' fights, meaning you intentionally upset each other just to get a rise out of the other. It's all about making up. Breakup, to make up ... it's a game, but you seem to enjoy it.


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Capricorn: Wheel of Fortune



Keywords for the week: study, focus, vision

You get what you want this week. What you want is up to you, Capricorn. This is one of those unusually amazing tarot cards that let the recipient know that it's all on them, so if you want glory, then glory is what you'll receive. If you choose to fill this week with misery and negativity, you will experience what you perceive. Fortunately, you will choose the path of happiness. A good choice, indeed.


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Aquarius: Death, reversed



Keywords for the week: adjustment, newness, stability

It's always a great tarot card, though it's always misunderstood. You'll work through some major changes this week, September 4 -10, 2023. You've probably recently changed something that you're just getting used to. It's a process, and while you might not adore your new situation, you're kind of getting to like it, slowly but surely. A huge change happened recently, and it's also changed your life ... but it's nothing you can't handle.


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Pisces: Ten of Pentacles, reversed



Keywords for the week: freedom, worry, false fear

Here, we have a tarot card that helps you believe you are financially secure. You are. What's troubling here is that you aren't used to being this 'set up,' and your natural state of worry kicks in. You are used to poverty consciousness, and there is no poverty to speak of, so try and adjust to your new flush state, as things look fine in your financial world this week, September 4 -10, 2023.


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Ruby Miranda interprets I Ching, Tarot, Runes, and Astrology. She gives private readings and has worked as an intuitive reader for over 20 years.