The One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Manifest This Week, During Pluto In Capricorn

Your zodiac sign can ask for something it needs this week — and likely get it.

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Here's what your zodiac sign can attract into your life with a powerful manifestation affirmation the weekly July 24 - 30. Allow yourself to transform in all the ways your soul desires. Transformation is the ability to make external changes in your life, but only because you have stepped into a newer version of yourself. It creates the space where because you have faced the fires of transformation within yourself, rising into the challenges of growth and healing, you are then presented with a new reality.




Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld and the bearer of ultimate truth rules all matters of transformation within your life. This planet exposes what is real and helps you to embrace the ultimate task of taking on what is necessary to reach the next level of life. Earlier in the year, Pluto took its first steps through the innovative sign of Aquarius, which marks a turning point in your journey as this planet only shifts signs once every two decades. However, during this transition, as in life, it will trace its steps back into Capricorn during two retrograde periods, one occurring right now.


Pluto in Capricorn is different right now, though, as it's helping you process the changes you've already begun and giving you more clarity about how to move ahead. This isn't new energy right now, but it will help you take the steps necessary to feel like you are genuinely putting an old chapter behind you. In the week ahead of July 24 - 30, 2023, Pluto in Capricorn aligns twice with the North Node now in Aries, bringing in a powerful portal for realizations and manifestations as you are given glimpses for where your soul is going to be directed in the coming years.

This is an offer from the universe to no longer look over what has happened in the past but to recommit to the future and the fantastic life waiting for you. Tap into this auspicious energy this week by focusing on how and in what direction you feel your soul wants to move, ensuring you don't let yourself become limited by any apparent blocks — because when you embrace the transformation within yourself, the universe conspires to make it a reality.

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What your zodiac sign can manifest the week of July 24 - 30:


(March 21 - April 19)


How to manifest: Career aspirations

Write a letter congratulating yourself for achieving the professional life of your dreams. Once finished, fold the letter three times, anoint it with olive oil for prosperity and place it in a jar. Add three bay leaves, basil, cloves, rosemary and lavender. Place your hands on the jar after sealing it and send in your affirmation while repeating it ten times.

Affirmation For This Week: I am allowing myself to dream bigger and propose a career aligned with my soul.

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(April 20 - May 20)

How to manifest: Breaking free of your comfort zone


Begin your ritual by lighting an orange candle that symbolizes all you desire to create. Take a piece of twine and tie one end around the candle and the other around your right ankle. As you repeat the affirmation, cut the cord and untie it from the candle and you. Bury it in the ground for a sense of completion, and sprinkle rosemary for healing.

Affirmation For This Week: I can take risks and step out of my comfort zone.

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(May 21 - June 20)

How to manifest: Stability

write down your affirmation on a slip of paper and roll it up, anointing it with lemongrass essential oil. Then, take this and plant it beneath or next to peppermint as you repeat your affirmation. You can also take a sprig of peppermint and place it in your clothing or make tea out of it for greater strength.


Affirmation For This Week: I fully embrace stability in my personal and professional life.

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(June 21 - July 22)

How to manifest: A new romantic chapter

Create an altar space with a white candle and red rose petals. Spend a moment focusing on the candle as you visualize your affirmation. Then write your affirmation on a slip of paper, anoint it with rose essential oil, and place it under the candle. As you return to your altar, repeat the affirmation as you feel yourself attracting the love you desire.

Affirmation For This Week: I am ready for a brand-new romantic chapter filled with joy and peace.


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(July 23 - August 22)

How to manifest: Commitment to your truth

Take a blue candle and bind a piece of rose quartz to it using white thread for protection. As you light the candle, repeat your affirmation while placing your palms on your knees. Sit with this energy as you envision yourself grounding into the earth from your heart chakra. Spill any melted wax onto the earth for prosperity.

Affirmation For This Week: I am committed to expressing and living from my heart-centered truth.

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(August 23 - September 22)

How to manifest: Long-lasting joy


Begin by anointing your chakra points with grapefruit essential oil, silently repeating the affirmation as you do. Then, take a yellow string to symbolize joy and tie it around your right pointer finger, the part of the body ruled by Jupiter, which represents joy and abundance.

Affirmation For This Week: I deserve a life filled with joy, laughter and happiness.

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(September 23 - October 22)

How to manifest: A change in your home

Write down what changes you are seeking within your home or family setting. When finished, please fold this three times and place it in an offering bowl. Add rosemary for healing, lavender for peace and mustard seed for endurance. Take this outside on your front steps and as you light it, repeat the affirmation, returning the cooled ashes to the ground around your home.


Affirmation For This Week: I am ready to change my home to bring greater alignment.

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(October 23 - November 21)

How to manifest: Empowerment

Create a ritual by massaging eucalyptus essential oil onto your sacral and throat chakra for greater empowerment in speaking and acting as your highest self. Then adorn yourself with carnelian jewelry, or place one in your clothing as you repeat the affirmation, profoundly inhaling and embracing the rise of your energy.

Affirmation For This Week: I am empowered to embrace life with enthusiasm and hope.

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(November 22 - December 21)

How to manifest: Value

Create an intention jar using three coins to represent financial wealth, a key for your home, a ring for love, rosemary, basil and rose petals. As you add everything, repeat the affirmation and place it on a north-facing windowsill to invite knowledge and truth.

Affirmation For This Week: I understand my value and that of those in my life more deeply.

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(December 22 - January 19)


How to manifest: Peace

Create a space of stillness by lighting a white candle and gently massaging your heart chakra with lily essential oil. Repeat the affirmation as you embrace the loving touch. Then allow your breath to settle, focusing on relaxing the nervous system and breathing in the peace and confidence of this moment.

Affirmation For This Week: I am at peace with who I am and the life I am creating.

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(January 20 - February 18)

How to manifest: Acceptance

Write down what you are seeking to gain acceptance of in your life. Fold this vertically three times and bind it with rosemary and lemon balm. Hang this in a west-facing area of your home to dry, then once it has, use it to smudge your energy, profoundly inhaling and feeling the release of past hurt or regret.


Weekly affirmation: I accept everything had to happen in the way it did and am ready for my future to begin.

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(February 19 - March 20)

How to manifest: Alignment

Anoint yourself with neroli essential oil and sit quietly holding a jade in your palms together in anjali mudra. Repeat the affirmation in sync with your breath and visualize yourself attracting everything in your life meant for you with ease and softness.

Affirmation For This Week: I am effortlessly attracting people and situations into my life that align with my life's purpose.

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