What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest From The Universe On June 14

manifest what your zodiac sign needs on june 14

The greatest manifestations are those you intentionally achieve when you make a conscious choice to start living the life you want before it has truly become a reality. This demonstrates not just a commitment to your intention but also the seriousness of your actions to the universe which will help you draw in greater abundance and success.  

Saturn is the lord of time and karma and while most well-known for incorporating greater lessons into your life, it also helps propel you forward through any obstacles so you can live a life you truly desire. 

But like any other aspect of astrology or manifestation rituals, you must become serious about asking. No matter how big or small your intention is, focus on the small ways you can begin acting as though you already have what you need at this moment.  

Most of manifesting is aligning your mind to believe you have what you desire. Today, when you take small action steps to live the life you desire at this moment, you are one step closer to living what you’ve always dreamed.  

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What your zodiac sign can manifest on June 14:


(March 21 - April 19)  

Manifest: Intuitive dreams 

Create a tea from mugwort before bed, and while enjoying, repeat the affirmation eight times. Place an amethyst under your pillow for a greater understanding of your dreams.  

Affirmation for today: I am opening myself to receive intuitive guidance from my dreams.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Manifest: Companionship 

Anoint your temples and heart chakra with vanilla essential oil while repeating the affirmation six times. Place the Topaz in your pocket or wear it as jewelry for greater attraction.  

Affirmation for today: I am attracting soft, easy, nourishing connections in my life.

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Manifest: Increased imagination 

Create a tincture or salve from Damiana to help promote greater depth to your imagination. As you massage it onto your third eye, repeat the affirmation three times.  

Affirmation for today: I am embracing my higher self as I allow myself to imagine my life in a new way.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Manifest: Courage 

Place an orange candle and carnelian in a south-facing window to invite in more courage. As you light the candle, repeat the affirmation.  

Affirmation for today: I am bold and courageous as I seize all opportunities for newness in my life.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Manifest: Creative solutions 

Create a tea of lavender and rosemary. As you sit quietly enjoying the fragrant blend, silently repeat the affirmation seven times and try to clear your mind for the solutions to arise.  

Affirmation for today: I am ready to see and understand creative solutions to past obstacles.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Manifest: Balance 

Gather raspberry and spearmint leaves and place them under your pillow while you sleep. Before drifting off, repeat the affirmation eight times as it represents balance.  

Affirmation for today: I am embracing balance within myself so my life can reflect it.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Manifest: Grace  

Collect geranium and lavender essential oils to create your personal room and body spray. Mix with pure witch hazel or water, as you spray over your body and bed, and repeat the affirmation five times as it symbolizes grace.  

Affirmation for today: I am extending myself the same grace and love I give to others.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Manifest: Calmness 

Create a tea from lavender, chamomile, and lemon balm. As you sip your tea in a quiet sacred space, try to become aware of your nervous system by breathing in deeply while repeating this affirmation four times.  

Affirmation for today: I am honoring my inner calm as I work to reflect before I act.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Manifest: Prioritizing your happiness 

Anoint yourself with rose essential oil and steep some petals in a tea as it helps you to focus on your desires and needs. Repeat the affirmation 19 times as it carries the power of manifesting greater happiness.  

Affirmation for today: I am worthy of being happy and at peace in my life.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

Manifest: Self-expression 

Create a space with an orange and a violet candle. Place peppermint leaves around the candles to help open your throat chakra. As you sit in front of your altar, repeat the affirmation three times.  

Affirmation For Today: I am safe to express myself fully and authentically.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Manifest: Material, spiritual and emotional wealth 

Create an altar with a white, gold, and violet candle. Sprinkle with cinnamon and anoint yourself with lemon essential oil to draw in greater prosperity to you. Repeat the affirmation six times.  

Affirmation For Today: I am wealthy in all ways.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Manifest: Self-respect 

Create a salve using coconut oil, calendula, and rosemary to promote greater self-respect. Massage onto your chakra points and place the carnelian in your pocket for greater strength.  

Affirmation For Today: I am raising the bar on what I will accept by respecting myself more.  

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