Love Grows Stronger For 4 Zodiac Signs The Week Of May 8 - 14, 2023

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zodiac signs whose relationships improve may 8 - 14, 2023

May 8- 14, 2023 four zodiac signs relationships improve and their love grows stronger. Open yourself to the possibility of love. Let your guard down and release the fears that the past will turn out anything like the future. You've been through everything you have so that you can learn what you can do differently, and that is precisely what you have done and what has led to this moment. As Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Cancer, and you continue to survey the landscape in the post-eclipse cycle world, it's time to let yourself open to love.



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Clear away the doubts so you can see just how brilliantly love is showing up for you. Acknowledge your growth and know you've done everything possible to prepare for this moment. Now, all you have to do is open to receive it fully.

Love grows stronger for 4 zodiac signs the week of May 8 - 14, 2023:

1. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

When you let those walls down, you can see that the love you desire is the one being offered. Relationships will inevitably always ask differently of you than any other aspect of life. It cannot be approached logically or even rationally at times but emotionally. At the same time, this can often be more challenging for you; this week, that becomes easier as Venus, the planet of love, enters the sign of Cancer. This will allow you to open your eyes and your heart to find more gratitude for how your partner shows up for you.

This should also be when those challenges or disagreements you saw in the past few months could be smoothed out and compromises found. Remember that love matters most. You can overcome those inner challenges by being vulnerable or as expressive as your partner. Remember that they don't need you to be like them. They just need to be able to see your heart occasionally.

You are in the relationship that you are in because there is complementary energy within it. This makes for the strongest connections, but sometimes you feel inadequate or that nothing you do matters because you think they want you to be like them. That's right for you when you understand that you can show up more emotionally vulnerable and sensitively; that's when healing occurs. However, to get there, you must let those walls down to let your partner in. Beginning this week, a beautiful transformation is coming into your romantic life, which means the love will be easier to see and enjoy.

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2. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You have everything within you to create the relationship and life you dream of, even if you've kept those dreams close to your heart. Whether you're looking to begin a new relationship or finally bring healing to an existing one, everything starts to turn around this week. A big part of that has been based on the inner work you've been doing yourself. You can't choose better until you believe that you're worthy of receiving it, and no matter how someone might love you, they can't make that happen for you as it's only something you can do within yourself.

Venus, the planet of love enters Cancer. Not only is this shifting the focus from just being in your head, but it's going to help you open up to what you need to do to improve things in your life and your relationship positively. Last week, the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse rippled across your life, helping you understand your ability to change and transform.

Just because you always feel driven towards a particular outcome or goal doesn't mean that you don't get to change your mind. This is precisely what doing that work on yourself will do. Instead of thinking there is no way to start a new relationship or even improve a long-term one, realize that even if you tried, you can't keep things boxed up nice and neat.

You can't avoid change, but it is up to you to direct it toward whether it will improve things or not. Spend time with yourself this week and focus on what you want for a relationship, including those dreams for life. Recognize any limitations or blockages you feel come up with and discover where they are rooted within yourself. While conversations are important in relationships, it also comes down to taking action. All the words in the world don't matter if you don't have the actions to back them up. The power and choice are yours, but nothing stands between you and joyfulness in love this week if you take advantage of it.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Love isn't just what you feel; it's who you are. You are at your best when you feel relaxed in your relationship and life. Of course, all of this must begin with your relationship with yourself, but your partner and connection are also responsible for creating this safe open space within your relationship. While things haven't necessarily been bad recently, much confusion or questions have come up. You have been uncertain whether this was a relationship you would be in forever or if you are being guided to release it instead.

Sometimes you tend to see only the best within romantic relationships, and in the past, this has got your heart hurt, so there may have been more concern about this happening again than there being a reason to feel this way. Saturn, the most serious planet and the one to help bring commitment into your life, is currently in your zodiac sign, which means that even if you don't want to see the truth — you can't help but to.

You are more open to seeing what is in your highest good rather than remaining in that romantic bubble, especially if it's only an illusion. This week offers a significant turning point in you opening yourself up to see how fears of the past repeating themselves have been hurting you and how much you are loved.

Venus, the planet of love, joins Mars, ruler of intimacy and passion, in Cancer, and this helps bring about the big turnaround you've felt on the verge of. With the celestial lovers in Cancer and Juno just having shifted into Gemini, this begins a time of greater commitment, happiness and love within your relationship, which will ripple out to every other facet of your life.

Not only is marriage or moving possibly in the cards, but because Cancer rules aspects of family and children, it could also bring a pregnancy or an expansion within this area. Cancer is all about joy, happiness, creativity, marriage, and family for you. Hence, you only need to allow yourself to feel as loved as you truly are without being afraid of repeating anything from the past.

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4. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You often seek change, yet you fear what it means simultaneously, especially regarding love and relationships. However, if you view change as simply being able to progress to the next level after mastering the one you're on, you can find the confidence to show up fully able to receive every moment.

You aren't just going to be improving your relationship in the week ahead but will be able also to use this energy to commit to your love and the life you want to build more deeply. Juno, the goddess of marriage, is within Gemini, drawing you towards focusing on commitment and helping you overcome any fears or blocks about going all in on a relationship. At the same time, Jupiter in Aries brings expansion energy to this relationship, including children or family themes, as it guarantees greater happiness and fulfillment.

This week, though, Venus in Cancer will align with Saturn in Pisces, creating an opportune moment to move through the changes you've been seeking without getting caught up in all the unknown details. Nothing can be predicted, and no matter how you prepare, there will still be moments that catch you off guard and must be dealt with. Instead of getting caught up in your head this week, you can start taking decisive action steps within your romantic life. Not only is a greater commitment a likelihood but so is a change to your domestic life, whether moving in together or expanding your family.

There is so much joy on hand for you, Sagittarius. You must not get caught up in fear of what to do when everything you've been dreaming of and trying to manifest suddenly feels like it starts to come true. Remember how long you've worked for this, how much you've healed to receive it, and then allow yourself to go all in the direction of your heart.

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