The Luckiest Day Horoscopes For All Zodiac Signs, March 13 - 19, 2023

It is time to grow into the impossible.

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The luckiest day of the week for all zodiac signs starting March 13 - 19, 2023, is here, and it will be so good. This week, the energy takes on an optimistic aura as Mercury crosses through the heart of the Sun and the Pisces stellium reaches a powerful peak. There is a lot of energy coursing through the cosmos in the next couple of days as the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius begins this week, urging you to let go and release what is holding you back from this next wonderful chapter within your life. You cannot receive what you have always wanted if you still hang onto what is safe. This theme guides you forward as you move through the next week.


It is not as if safety does not matter, but only that it often only means the same and if you are trying to keep things the same – then it does not mean you have the space to receive growth or what you have always wanted to manifest. Venus in Taurus reminds you to focus on joy and pleasure, yet Mercury in Aries demands that you say what you mean — at all costs.


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Yet, luck and abundance often are not found where you were planted but where you found the courage to explore. As Mercury passes through the rays of the Sun in Pisces, a new chapter is beginning that helps to remind you the best things in life will always exist just outside your comfort zone.

Luckiest day horoscopes for all zodiac signs, March 13 - 19, 2023:


(March 21 - April 19)

Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 14th

This week, the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius activates themes around lucky opportunities surrounding you. But something is in the way, whether in your external life or within your internal self, that needs to be released so you can fully embrace it. All the abundance and adventure that you seek are there; you need to make space to receive it.


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(April 20 - May 20)

Luckiest day of the week: Thursday, March 16th

Capricorn energy rules all matters of luck; this week, something big is rumbling within this part of your life as Pluto on this earth sign squares off with Venus in Aries, activating secrets and the unknown. To expand your life in all the ways you are seeking, you may need to discover an unknown factor that has been influencing things for you. Once you then, you are set to take off.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Luckiest day of the week: Thursday, March 16th


Sun and Neptune unite within Pisces this week, specifically at the twenty-fifth degree, which carries principles of being a self-starter and taking the initiative toward your desired outcome. Sun represents action, while Neptune is all about your deepest dreams, which are being grounded by Saturn just having moved into this water sign. It is safe to trust your dreams but even more so to seize opportunities when they come your way.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Luckiest day of the week: Thursday, March 16th

Pisces energy rules all matters of luck and abundance for you. As the Sun and Neptune unite within this sign, it is your chance to open and start saying yes to the universe. This coincides with the Pisces Stellium, which means that a large amount of divine energy is trying to get you to believe in yourself so these opportunities do not go to waste. All your work over the past year must prepare you for this moment.


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(July 23 - August 22)

Luckiest day of the week: Sunday, March 19th

Mercury is the planet of communication and will help govern and direct not just the words you say but your internal thoughts. In Aries, they are going to revolve around new experiences, new opportunities and stepping out of that comfort zone of yours. This week will also bring some positive opportunities for romantic conversations; choose yourself first. That way, you will be chosen by the person who will add value to your life.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Luckiest day of the week: Thursday, March 16th

Venus rules love, finances and real estate matters. As she crosses into Taurus this week, it lights up your ninth house, the part of your chart that governs luck. Venus in Taurus will help you determine what feels good for you and what also fuels your passion so that you can confidently take advantage of some of these exciting opportunities.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Luckiest day of the week: Friday, March 17th

While squares are rarely considered lucky, for you this week, it may be just what you need to do some energetic cord-cutting. In the week ahead, Mars in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces, activating themes of abundance and newness while improving your overall mindset. This is about finally making those overdue changes that involve letting go and releasing. Be mindful of cutting too much away, but especially if those thoughts of unworthiness are still clinging to your heart, it is time for them to go so you can finally grow.


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(October 23 - November 21)

Luckiest day of the week: Friday, March 17th

In the week ahead, an unlikely event helps you to ramp up your communication involving healthy boundaries and routines. Venus in Aries will square off with Pluto in Capricorn as they both move through the fated last degree. As you are in a year about receiving, you need to cut that dead weight out of your life because nothing ruins luck, like not having the space to receive it.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 14th


The Last Quarter Moon in your sign zodiac of Sagittarius helps you to reflect more deeply on what you need to release and let go of what is holding you back from your greatness. You are being gifted a jewel in your sector of healing, home, and family right now – whether it brings the kind of changes you thought would happen or not is still up for debate, but it does not mean it is not precisely what needs to happen. The only thing that can take away the luck you stand to receive is your inability to release what no longer fits.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Luckiest day of the week: Thursday, March 16th


Venus is the planet of love, beauty, finances, and real estate. After having such great planetary action within your fourth house of home, family, and healing, Venus is finally moving into your fifth. Your fifth house rules joy, self-expression, children, and family, so perhaps you can finally sit back and enjoy what you have worked to create instead of thinking that something must be wrong.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Luckiest day of the week: Sunday, March 19th

Aries is the sign that rules your communication sector, as Mercury passes through this part of your chart, your need to discuss important matters will be intensified. Mercury rules all matters of communication, so in the part of your life that houses this theme, you will feel mentally stronger to express yourself honestly and transparently to those around you. As you do, you will also feel empowered to take on a stronger role in creating the life you have envisioned all these years.


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(February 19 - March 20)

Luckiest day of the week: Tuesday, March 14th

Sagittarius energy rules your career and professional life. As the Last Quarter Moon makes its mark here, it is letting you know that it is time to release something from this part of your life. You are not missing or losing out on anything; instead, you need to cut away what is not growing anymore so that you can fully have the space for this next part of your life. With Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Pisces, the universe will be profoundly serious in helping you realize your dreams.

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