3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Thursday, March 2, 2023

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zodiac signs best horoscopes march 2 2023

Today takes on an emotional depth as Mercury shifts into Pisces, causing you to speak from your heart.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and thoughts. It helps you think about things but also has conversations and makes plans; however, depending upon which sign it is in, it can affect all these themes.

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Mercury honestly does not like Pisces all that much. It prefers a logical, fast-paced sign that can hone in on details and not worry about emotionality.

But just because Mercury may not operate at its highest here does not mean there is no benefit.

In Pisces, Mercury slows down, forgoes logic for feeling, and you are asked to speak from your heart more than your mind.

During Mercury in Pisces, focusing on how something makes you feel rather than intellectually what your thoughts tell you is important.

In Pisces, Mercury gives you the gift of expressing your emotions and planning more of what adds warmth and love to your life.

This energy will be intensified today as Jupiter and Venus tango in Aries. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and luck; it cannot help but expand whatever it touches; in this case, it is love.



Venus is the planet of love and the ruler of relationships; in Aries, this planet is becoming incredibly passionate and determined to fulfill its desires and create new beginnings. Both planets sweetly tango today, creating the perfect atmosphere for love.

While it favors all relationships and marriages, it is also about leaning into the feel-good energy of love, peace, and passion that this transit will bring.

For relationships, Jupiter and Venus will fuel you with a greater desire to connect and even to be able to progress your relationship.

You will feel more grateful and more excited about your relationship. If unattached, this is a wonderful time to focus on self-love. You will be more excited about dating yourself and enjoying the relationship you create with your inner self.

As this energy moves through the day with Mercury in Pisces, it is the realization that whether it is love for your spouse or yourself – the more you have, the better you feel.

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When you leave yourself open to love in any form and way it arises, you create more satisfaction and happiness, which is its purpose.

Mercury in Pisces may initially feel uncomfortable, especially if you do not often drop into your heart chakra. Still, once you learn to work with that energy and find the benefit in expressing it, you will see a different power lingering there to embrace.

This is the gift of energy as you start a new month and are asked to focus on what you love more than what you do not. After all, that is how you are guaranteed to have more of it.

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes for Thursday, March 2, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

The stellium in Aries is still strong, and today offers you the gift of Venus and Jupiter dancing in the sky. Having the stellium in your zodiac sign is not the easiest because it requires you to change how you look at things and the choices that you make in your life. However, the energy of today should offer you a reminder of why it is worth it.

Making big life changes is never easy, and it is natural if you feel overwhelmed.

Today though is your chance to focus solely on what you love. Whether it is ways that you can honor your self-love, pursue a passion, or even just set aside time with your romantic partner — it is time to focus on what brings you joy.

You deserve it, Aries, and keep that in mind, as the choices you make from this point out should all be about increasing your authentic joy.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Aries is your sister sign, and because of that, it represents your romantic relationship and love life. When there is a great activity, as there is now, in this zodiac sign, you can see and feel it within your own life.

The current Aries stellium carries some powerful transformation potential for your romantic life.

Growth and healing are all wonderful, but at a certain point, the real test is allowing yourself to be in a relationship with someone again.

Let yourself go and let those walls down, and receive love from the person in your life. It can feel challenging but of the delicious kind. This is exactly what today’s energy will bring you and will help you get to where you can trust just how different things are now.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Aries energy can feel overwhelming for many – but not for you. As a fellow fire sign, you respect the drive and hustle of Aries.

Because you are always searching for something better in life and within yourself, you love the new beginnings this zodiac sign encourages you to create. Aries energy rules the part of your life that governs self-expression, joy, marriage and even children.

If you are not looking to expand your family around this time, stay aware and take precautions. However, if you are, perhaps this is the time you have been waiting.

Today though, the energy takes on a very romantic note suggesting a deep commitment or even proposal coming in as Jupiter and Venus tango in this fire sign. Do not fear things not happening on your timeline; the universe is always much better.

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