4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve During Mercury In Pisces, Starting March 2, 2023

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zodiac signs whose relationships improve mercury in pisces

As the year unfolds into a brand-new month, the energy shifts into expansiveness and openness as the universe reminds you that some lessons are finished.

February was an interesting month. As much as it is known for Valentine’s Day, this year, it proved to be more of a pinnacle for many ongoing themes from the past year.

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In some respects, it was even considered brutal, as whatever you were doing previously was subjected to the divine timing of the universe. 

During that month, new reflections came into play about the truth of your romantic connection, the direction of your journey, and even what love means. 

You were asked to create space to finalize endings, even if they only regarded your mindset or coping mechanisms. You were invited to create space for what is to come.



Yet you were asked to do this without knowing what that would mean. In the month ahead, you will gain all the clarity you seek.

This week is simply about letting the light in. Mercury shifts into Pisces, casting an understanding and loving glow over your romantic conversations if you do not try to avoid difficult things.  

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And Mercury enters Pisces days after the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, reminding you that it is a time to act because while love is patient, it does not mean you should postpone joy any longer.  

Starting March 2, 2023, these four zodiac signs see big improvements in their relationships when Mercury enters Pisces:

1. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21) 

You are entering a different phase of your life and relationship. This energy is softer, more stable, and certain, and it feels as if you have finally begun planting your roots where you will be able to grow most abundantly. The energy that began filtering into your life this month will stick with you and continue to inspire you for the entire first half of the year.

As the Aries stellium continues to focus on your commitment, family and sense of Joy, this week, the First Quarter Moon occurs in Gemini, your opposite sign. In astrology, you are opposing, or sister sign represents your positive traits and your romantic relationship because of that.

A First Quarter Moon represents putting the past behind you and taking action to achieve the next step of your goal. In Gemini, this has to do with your romantic relationship, which, given the other astrology like going through its transformation.

Part of being in this new phase of your life is simply about creating the time and space to receive it. As much as this feels gentler, it does not mean it is less committed. This will be evident once Saturn moves into Pisces; it becomes ruler of your home and family life next week. Thankfully, sometimes life does go the way you least expected.  

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2. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

This week, Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into your zodiac sign, allowing you to find your words more easily and making it easier for your partner to speak the same love language. It does not always work this way, but Mercury in Pisces will make all relationship matters go more smoothly.

Mercury has a harder time in this emotional water sign because it prefers the fast-paced logical thoughts that deal with details and plans. But in Pisces, that is not the goal. Instead, it is to slow down, reflect on your feelings and have more emotionally deep conversations. It does not mean that plans will not occur but that you will be asked to spend ample time discussing your and your partner’s feelings.

This is also an interesting time for you as the Aries stellium has been helping you focus more on the value of your relationship in preparation for Saturn moving into your zodiac sign next week.

This week is about communication and recognizing that what you are feeling the push to focus on now will be in effect for the next two years. Sometimes, the scariest thing can be when the universe suddenly conspires to give you what you have always needed – but it is also the most wonderful.  

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3. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

An improvement does not necessarily mean things will go how you think they will or that you are getting what you want. An improvement within a relationship means that things become more settled, stable, and clear.

This week, an improvement has arrived, but there is no guarantee of what that will mean. Looking at the positive side of things week and staying optimistic is incredibly important, especially since, regardless of the outcome, what you are moving through is truly being orchestrated in divine timing with the universe.

Pluto has been in your zodiac sign for the past fifteen years, truly an incredible era of growth and change, but it is also winding down as it prepares to transition into Aquarius later in March.

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, the keeper of secrets and the alchemist within your life. Pluto, for you, has been all about dealing with what has been buried within or not in alignment with your life so that you can get to a healthier, more abundant life.

As it spends time together in the fated last degree of Capricorn and aligns this week with Saturn, an important moment is occurring in the fated last degree of Aquarius. This week allows you to finalize incomplete work. It allows you to speak your truth and feelings and have any necessary conversations, and it initiates a period of quieting the conflict or uncertainty in your relationship.  

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4. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

You only need to focus on allowing yourself to receive all the love, affection, commitment, and amazingness from life that you have always deserved. Saturn has been moving through your zodiac sign of Aquarius since 2020, causing you to embrace your authentic inner spirit and commit yourself fully to living your life in alignment with your soul.

Saturn is the taskmaster, the Lord of Time of Karma. The lessons associated with Saturn are not always fun. Still, this planet does have a way of creating exactly what you need and has always wanted.

As Saturn moves through the last fated degree of Aquarius, this is a chance for you to reflect on all you are leaving behind — and, of course, all that you are moving into.

As much as it can be bittersweet when a planet is leaving your zodiac sign, this time, it is all about the joy you have incorporated into your life. The boundaries you have put in place, how you speak up, advocate for yourself and even receive the goodness and love of your partner have transformed your life.

You are ready for this. In the week ahead, Saturn will karmically speak with Pluto in its last degree of Capricorn in the last fated degree of your zodiac sign. This is the moment you say goodbye to your old life, your old way of seeing things, so you can fully walk into this beautiful new beginning that there is no question you deserve.  

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