3 Zodiac Signs Have Difficult Horoscopes During The First Quarter Moon In Gemini On February 27, 2023

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rough horoscopes february 27 2023 quarter moon in gemini

If we feel we can't make up our minds today, that is because we have a double dose of confusion brought to us by the First Quarter Moon in Gemini. This transit is so tricky because it presents us with a choice.

Will we see things in a positive light or a negative one? Since First Quarter Moon transits always give us the idea of 'one way or another' when that First Quarter Moon is in Gemini, it's as if the confusion and inability to make a decision are ten times as strong.

What makes this day rough is that we believe we should act fast and with determination, and we cannot do that. We are the ones in our way today, and what's worse is that we know it.

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We know that we are the problem, and yet, due to the insecurity of transit like the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, we become even more frustrated with ourselves. We know we're the problem, yet we don't know what to do about it.

During the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, we see the potential; we see that we could make things work and that there is no evidence to show that we're going to fail...and yet, our self-doubt kicks in so harshly that we put ourselves in a stalemate position.

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With the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, we are all influenced. Still, only three signs will take it to heart, so much so that they will have difficulty dealing with the day.

These three zodiac signs will have difficult horoscopes during the First Quarter Moon in Gemini on February 27, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

The last thing you needed today was to be even more on the fence than you already are about a pending decision that needs your attention. Still, unfortunately, during this Moon stage, you'll feel even more hesitant about making this decision.

You cannot make up your mind, and the more you hesitate, the more pressure you feel to act. You tend to shirk your responsibilities under pressure simply because you don't feel you can stand another second of it. On February 27, 2023, you may throw your hands up and walk away, leaving whatever you need to do on hold.

This doesn't make it any easier for you; it only puts what needs to be done off for another time. You will have to deal with this, Gemini, and what makes this day feel so rough is that you know it all too well.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You'd like to know that this day isn't going to come to a complete halt, especially considering that you've done so much work to create momentum and success...the only thing that stands in the way of seeing your vision through is that you can't seem to escape the clutches of insecurity provided to you by the First Quarter Moon in Gemini.

Oh, you are well aware that what you are working on right now, be it your love life or your career, has the potential of reaching greatness, and yet, you hesitate; something is preventing you from believing that you're heading toward success.

It's as if the First Quarter Moon in Gemini has reopened some old wound or something like that, and you are working on an old program that promises failure. You know, intellectually, that you are the only one in your way, which spells one thing: "Get over it."

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3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You are so stoked for success today that your ambition practically blinds you. Sometimes this can work for a person, but on February 27, 2023, during the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, it will have the opposite effect on you.

This is because you don't want any obstacles to get in the way between you and your success, and yet, that First Quarter Moon energy will have you stopping in your tracks so that you can go over what you need, only to find out that you are unprepared to move forward. You'd like to see yourself as completely successful, yet this tangible feeling of self-doubt haunts you today.

This is the last thing you want to entertain, and yet, the First Quarter Moon in Gemini has the power to hold you back, and in a way, you will resent the universe for stalling you in this way.

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