The Best And Worst Years Of Your Life, According To Astrology

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Astrologically, we are going to have some years that are better than others as the planets shift and change moving through the cosmos.

The outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) transits can all be difficult because when we experience a hard aspect from any of them it can last from one- to two-and-a-half years.

Uranus deals with unexpected events, Neptune is usually involved in depressing and foggy or unrealistic situations, Pluto brings absolute change (ready or not), and harsh Saturn transits usually coincide with some of our worst times in life.

Saturn is called the ‘taskmaster,’ by astrologers. Other names include “The Lord of Hell,’ ‘The God of Karma and Justice,’ “Father Time,” or “The Lord of Time.”

Saturn represents structure in our lives as well as work and accomplishments and it shows us our limitations as it moves through the chart.

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Transiting Saturn can tell us a great deal about how our year is going to be as it moves from house to house in the birth chart. Each Saturn transit lasts about two and a half years in each sign.

In many respects, you can anticipate any yearly outcome depending on what transiting Saturn is doing that particular year. Harsh Saturn transits always coincide with hard times in some way, and easy Saturn transits typically signify stability and growth.

While a harsh transit is nothing any of us look forward to sometimes it also becomes a needed reality check if we are going in the wrong direction. It can also end relationships, coincide with health problems, and indicate problems concerning love, money, or any other number of life issues.

While it may be difficult, we still learn many lessons during these times and are forced to deal with reality on some level we might prefer not to but will ultimately lead to growth.

The most difficult Saturn years in astrology

Some years are more difficult than others as Saturn winds its way through your chart, and at certain ages, we all experience a harsh Saturn transit. 



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Age 14: Saturn opposite natal Saturn

At age 14, transiting Saturn makes its first opposition to your natal Saturn. Oppositions bring struggles with others and squares bring problems.

At 14 the teenage years begin along with a desire for separation from family usually because of friends and social activities. You may begin to struggle to find your own friends, make your own choices, and your own decisions.

As you struggle to gain your own identity a polarity may begin to occur between you and family members, teachers, and others.

Age 21: Saturn square natal Saturn

At 21 you are of legal age and begin learning how to live in the world as an adult. Whether in school or working, many responsibilities may come your way as you learn how to live on your own.

You may have a hard time adjusting to a heavy study schedule if in school or take on many responsibilities if not. There can be a weight of responsibilities that can seem depressing.

Age 28: The first Saturn return

Most people have heard of their “Saturn return,” which occurs at around ages 28-29. This is when transiting Saturn returns to its placement in your birth chart. In other words, transiting Saturn is conjunct Saturn.

At this point, most people are searching for security and their own place in the world which may seem elusive during this period.

Have you ever noticed the difference between people under 30 compared to people over 30? People begin to really ‘grow up’ at this point and it is often through obstacles and hardships this occurs. 

Some people get married at this time, which begins a new cycle of responsibility. Many things occur during this two-year cycle, but exactly what happens depends on the house and sign Saturn occupies in your chart.

This is always a time of testing and perseverance. Saturn tends to give back what we give to life. It is especially harsh when immaturity or selfishness are involved or we have gone down the wrong path.

Somehow we get the message during these years it’s time to grow up and move to a new level in life. By the time you reach your Saturn return you should have figured many things out and the question becomes, ‘what am I going to do for the next 30 years?’ It’s time to balance dreams with reality and it’s not always easy.

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The best year of your life astrologically

Age 34: Saturn sextile natal Saturn

By the time we are 34, Saturn forms a 60-degree angle or a sextile. Sextiles are "easy" Saturn transits that can bring growth, forward movement, security, and success.

At this point, we can begin to see the fruits of our labors and watch our goals unfold in a much easier manner without the stress of previous Saturn transits. We typically approach our goals in a methodic and practical way with a concern about what we can actually achieve in concrete terms.

Our dealings with others usually flow without an enormous amount of effort. While this aspect still deals with reality, we can begin to see our own presence in the world and clearly define where we are going. We may feel that we have hit our stride.

Other years that are typically smooth concerning the transits of Saturn include ages 39, 48, 53, 58, and 63.

Saturn takes 30 years to transit through every house in our chart.

At a certain point in life, after Saturn has gone through all of the houses and starts to go through the chart again, we can have a pretty good idea of what our obstacles that year will be based on past Saturn transits.

This is where the beauty of understanding Saturn can be truly seen because we can look back at past mistakes and not repeat them again.

Typically, after we have gone through some harsh Saturn transit there is a reward at the end usually in the form of some type of knowledge, understanding, or release from a negative situation.

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