The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve The Week Of October 31 - November 6, 2022

Let the dust settle.

Zodiac signs relationships improve week oct 31 nov 6 2022 Getty

As you travel further within the intense eclipse portal this week you will understand more deeply why sometimes the best thing you can do in love is simply give everything time to settle.

October saw so many changes; from multiple planets turning direct, to the once-in-a-lifetime Venus Star Point in Libra.

It was a time of complete change and because of that, it felt like things were moving faster than you could keep up with.


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Right now, as much as it feels like you are gaining clarity, it ultimately will not arrive until more of the dust settles from the eclipses as November progresses.

Yet, that being said, it does not mean that this week does not provide some turning points for romantic relationships and even how you view love.

As the dust settles more so this week, there will be themes of originality and commitment arising for what is in true alignment with your heart.


Conversations are as favored as figuring out your own unique path, even if it differs from that of anyone else.

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While love is important to everyone, it does not mean that it has to look the same in order for it to be real.

These are the four zodiac signs whose relationships improve from October 31 - November 6, 2022:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

This week brings some surprising news that ends up providing that turnaround in your relationship that you have been needing. Last month with Saturn in Aquarius still squaring off with Uranus in Taurus, tensions arose around some previous patterns that you have been trying to overcome. This made things seem more complicated than they really are.


This week with the First Quarter Moon occurring in Aquarius and Saturn now direct in Aquarius, things will start looking up. The themes that you have felt recently came up within how to structure your relationship versus your own life and self. Love is an incredible gift, but it does not mean that there is any set formula that you need to feel like you have to follow.

This Aquarius Moon arriving will help you be able to set your own rules for your relationship instead of thinking that in order to have your relationship validated it has to look like everyone else's. Let yourself break the rules for love and you will likely find the relationship you have been searching for.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


You are deep within the eclipse portal right now between the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio last week and your own Full Moon Lunar Eclipse next week. As one of the signs that this portal is affecting you the most deeply, you are already primed to take major advantage of it to improve your relationship.

This week though, Venus in Scorpio, the zodiac sign that rules your romantic sector will shadow Uranus in Taurus. This places Venus and Uranus opposite one another which can help you understand the feelings you have been having recently and why you may have been dragging your feet over committing more deeply or even finding the gusto to start your love journey all over again.

Scorpio and Taurus are the signs representing death and rebirth which means this week as Venus and Uranus have their own shocking romantic interlude, you will experience the same. Reflect on what within yourself or your life needs to die so that you can birth that new beginning in love you have been wanting and needing.

It does not mean one relationship has to end, but it may mean certain qualities or ways of doing things need to be released. The best loves are the ones that continually grow with you.


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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You are a prime space to take advantage of the incredible astrological energies right now. The first eclipse, within your own sign, occurred last week and this deep space portal that you are within now is the lead-up to the Taurus eclipse which will be your own time of rebirth. Your sign represents the Phoenix.

The mythical creature that is reborn from the ashes of a previous life, and this is your theme right now. For you, it is likely that you are going through a complete transformation in your romantic life. One that is bigger than just improving things with a current partner but has far-reaching implications for multiple aspects of your life.


This centers around your own thoughts and beliefs when it comes to love and relationships. Take time this week to reflect on how this has changed for you, especially over the past year. Whatever you believe is true will ultimately be proven so by the universe.

Make sure this week that the thoughts you are allowing yourself to have been those that you genuinely want to make into reality. This week is not just about improving the relationship between you and a lover, but the one you have with yourself and most importantly, the one you ultimately have with love. You cannot keep waging war against the very thing you are trying to create.

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4. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


It is finally safe to take a few breaths and look around you at what life now looks like. You had a very intense zodiac season last month during your birthday and solar return. So many planets turning direct and changing zodiac signs meant that the energy was shifting so rapidly it may have felt hard to keep up.

The Venus Star Point at the end of the month was a definite bright point that is still rippling through your life. This week all that Scorpio energy now takes up residence within the part of your life that governs what and who you value.

As a Libra, qualities like fairness, balance, and reciprocity are known important themes, however, value is something that is always an undercurrent of these feelings. This week, as multiple planets are making a deep dive into this intense water sign you have the opportunity to reflect more deeply on what it is you genuinely value.

What you value within love, a relationship, yourself, and even your partner. When you can focus on the value of it all, you tend to change what balance means to you. This will allow greater understanding and a space for you and your partner to meet in the middle, to find that sweet place of compromise, so that you can get back to what you do best, loving.


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