Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope Predictions For Love, Relationships & Career For October 2022

Huge changes for your zodiac sign this month.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope Predictions For Love, Relationships & Career For October 2022 Allexxander via Getty Images/Edward Litvinov, Milatoo via Canva Pro

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Hello, Gemini! Lucky you, the month of October is filled with love, romance, and passion. October begins with your ruling planet, Mercury in Virgo, still retrograde and Mars, the planet of passion in your zodiac sign.

Mercury retrograde has left you feeling dizzy since the end of September, and the intensity of this planet will peak on October 2nd when Merc changes directions. Sunday is a day for risk-takers, be careful when signing documents, making commitments, or sending critical messages throughout the day.


The good news is that October marks the last Mercury rx until January 2023. So, from October through December, your flirty charm can regroup and let your personality shine.

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Trouble hits your relationship one more time on October 8th during Pluto direct, once again giving you a reason to rethink relationships matters. At the same time, Mercury will be in the zodiac sign of Virgo— until October 10th— so you will want to tie up loose ends that dragged your positive nature down during Virgo season.


The Full Moon in Aries on October 9th will have you abruptly closing a door to a friendship where you learn a valuable lesson about letting go. 

Until October 10th, your primary focus will be on your home and some conflicts that arose last month with parents or authority figures at your job. If you've been bumping heads with a boss or parent, those same themes will continue, but you will begin to feel empowered to take action and make important changes.

From October 3rd to October 7th, it will be wise to prioritize time management. Organize and decorate when possible and clear away any clutter at home or your workspace.

You may have a few projects returned to you to manage, so any unexpected delays or cutbacks you experienced in hours that affected pay or your work schedule may start to lift. You won't be out of the clear until Jupiter, the planet of luck, returns to Pisces, your career sector, at the end of the month on the 28th.


Neptune is in Pisces, and this planet may have you rethinking your values. Dreams of the future may invade your sleep, and you may decide it's time to pursue passion over money.

So Gemini, if you felt underappreciated by a supervisor or reporting manager and quietly quit last month, you are more open to job offers or to be on the hunt for new opportunities including starting a business of your own. Look for them especially after October 23rd when Venus, the planet of love and beauty enters Scorpio, your sector of other people's money and resources. 

With Saturn, the planet of structure in your education sector, a new career could mean going back to school, although the financial commitment may feel unmanageable right now. As an alternative, you may be open to a job you love with flexibility, even if it comes with a pay cut.

Mid-October, when Mercury enters Libra, you could fall in love with a person or a passion project. A rapid change could manifest around the time of the solar eclipse in Scorpio, on October 25, taking your life in a new direction. 


Venus conjunct the Sun for most of October can bring positive changes into your life but expect romance to be a bit rocky.

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Last month, love left quite a few Geminis empty-handed in the romance department. Instead of a warm hand to hold a pocket full of painful memories were left instead. Ghosting or two by potential matches could be par for the course on the road to true love for single Geminis in October, but all will remain optimistic despite a few dates or relationships gone wrong.


This October, Mars will trine Saturn helping you to see loss and closure as a positive. Mars will square Mercury and Neptune while harmonizing with Saturn to fan the flames of anger and frustration, pushing you to let go of what you no longer need to hold on to in your life.

When Mars retrogrades at the end of the month on October 30th, you will find that a lot has changed, and self-love wins. You get a chance to rethink some of your choices with less frustration attached to outcomes.

This is good news for you, Gemini, because when things do not work out the way you have planned, something better is around the corner.


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