The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Sunday, May 29, 2022

Plan for success.

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Sunday, May 29, 2022 loly galina on Unsplash

Three zodiac signs have the best horoscopes on Sunday, May 29, 2022. 

The Moon shifts into Gemini today alongside astrological events encouraging success in business and financial matters.

Mars and Jupiter in Aries create a lucrative connection that can help support any business ventures or creative startup ideas.

So much of life depends on the satisfaction that you feel within your love life, but what you work on and create for your career is something that you should never neglect.


Venus is the planet known for governing love; however, it also rules finances and real estate.

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During this time, a business opportunity could lead to greater financial success and indicate a long-term payoff.

It is important to be able to manage and put energy into multiple areas of your life at once so that you can stay balanced.

This means while Venus in Taurus is beneficial for heart matters, it is also important for those concerning your bottom line.

But money is not everything.

Before the Moon shifts into Gemini, it briefly touches Mercury in Taurus, allowing you to find success in your business and grow an audience for what you feel is your purpose.


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This is an important theme. Part of the energy of the Scorpio/ Taurus eclipses that you are seeing this year is to find success and stability through exploring your deepest desires of what aligns with you.

It is an overall plan to succeed no matter how wild your dream may be, and today is a crucial step on that path.

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Here are the zodiac signs with the best horoscopes for Sunday, May 29, 2022.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

So much of your energy has gone into personal matters over the past year. From relationships to changing family dynamics, there was a big focus on these parts of your life that are the closest to your heart. But now, things are shifting a bit for you.


Even though this is a longer path forward, energy emerges today, encouraging you to start looking at unusual ways to find success in your career and even with money.

This might include starting that side business you have always thought about or even signing up for online training.

During today’s energy, look for what you want to do and what it feels like you are meant to do. This is where that magic crux is of what your purpose is.

The more you align with your purpose and stay true to it, the more you will find the abundance and success you seek. There is always a risk involved with any dream, but it is why you keep forging ahead that matters most.


Today would be a great day to sit down and start generating some ideas or shop around to see what prices are if you need to enlist the help of others. Nothing ever gets accomplished by just thinking that another perfect time exists, and instead can be one that you create just by taking that first step.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Taurus is the ruler of Venus, which means that this aspect of finances and career is an important part of your life. Still, it is one that you will feel more strongly about today.

The Moon remains in your sign until midday which means you get the best of both worlds. You can begin to see how you can start to formulate a plan forward, and then later in the day, get creative with ideas on how to achieve it once the Moon slides into Gemini.


It does not matter if it is just getting a healthier bottom line in your personal finances or taking your own company to the next level.

This is a precious time for anything business and finances-related.

It is an opportunity that is coming in at precisely the right time. Even though a lot of the changes you have been going through are regarding your personal life, it is also important to recognize that your personal career success is something that matters to you.

It is expected that once you have reached a certain point in your own growth and story, what you do or even how you do it will change as well.

Do not try to keep to the same mold just because you have always done it. This part of your life is about seeing that because you trust yourself. There is not anything that you cannot succeed at, even if the jump to get there seems insurmountable.


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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

While everyone is busy today balancing accounts and thinking of the way to make their next quick buck, you are off in your own little world quietly listening to your soul. Ah, to be a Pisces.


You are still under this umbrella of finances and success. Still, you are going about it completely differently than anyone else, but this is also typical of how you do everything.

No one is quite like a Pisces, which means that your definition of success will also be different.

Today there is a mysterious connection between the Taurus Moon and Neptune in Pisces. This creates a very dreamy empathic aura around you.

Not only will you be radiating peace and attractiveness, but you will be able to sink into your quiet to see what it feels like you are meant to do next on your journey.

It will tie into the arts or spirituality to a degree and will be something that resonates with you and feels like it will make a larger difference in the world. Today you are meant to just trust this process.


You may need to gather the support or help of those that can assist you in bringing it to fruition but just make sure that you are also staying true to who you are.

There is a reason you see the world differently and tend to go about success and career in the same manner. It is your gift, so make sure today you embrace it.

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