3 Zodiac Signs Who Avoid Love At All Costs During Mercury Conjunct Saturn Starting March 3, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Avoid Love At All Costs During Mercury Conjunct Saturn Starting March 3, 2022

Can you just imagine what it would be like to love someone you can't have? Well, of course, you can, because it's one of the most common love-related problems there is.

And not only is it common, but it's also a trap we tend to stay in as if staying will change things.

In fact, sometimes we KNOW we'll never get that person, and still, we hang around, trying.

Ah, the human spirit — we're just Energizer bunnies in disguise, waiting for our inaccessible love to suddenly notice that we're alive.

Mercury conjunction Saturn in Aquarius is a transit that delivers insight, and so much of that insight will consist of coming to terms with what we can have versus what we can't have.

And that includes people. We crush hard on people that have no interest in us, and most of the time, we don't even notice — or we set ourselves up in a happy denial, where we don't have to face the truth.

Mercury conjunction Saturn lets us know our limits, though we may ignore the signs of emotional unavailability. We are an insistent bunch, are we not?

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There is something rather romantic about this state of mind, in its failed way. We show ourselves that we can continue on, that we have the strength to fight for what we want, despite the fact that it will never happen.

And maybe that's just downright foolish, or maybe there's more to it than what meets the eye...what if we WANT to love someone we can't have — intentionally? Whoa.

Love is a dangerous place and we all know it. What an interesting twist it would be if we actually chose to love someone who is emotionally unavailable, simply because we know we can't have them. Having them would mean things get real, and for some — reality is just not an option.

Starting March 3, 2022, during Mercury conjunct Saturn, here's why these 3 zodiac signs avoid love at all costs, even if it means being in love with an emotionally unavailable person.

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Saturn in Aquarius is like a deadweight to your romance sector, and this is the perfect storm for avoiding love. Saturn strips away the fun in life, and for a romantic zodiac sign like yourself, not having an opportunity to be with the one you love can happen.

You are right on board with the idea of loving an emotionally unavailable person, and if Mercury conjunction Saturn makes you feel like a fool for being the way you are, then you will just — ignore it. You don't really care what people OR transits think of you or make you feel.

You are your own person and if love has scared you away to the point where you'd rather have it on your own terms, meaning that you CHOOSE to love someone who will never return that love, then so be it.

Playing according to the rules has never been your thing, and if loving someone whom you can never have is what you want to do, well, it's your life and you live it your way.

That's the beauty of being a Libra. You don't care how your life is interpreted. You're the one living it, not others. You actively pursue the one you can't have, and that works for you. Let it be.

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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You have chosen the perfect mate who has everything going for them on the outside, but internally, they are emotionally unavailable, and with Saturn depleting your desire to push the dial forward in your personal property sector, you also don't mind that you can't connect on any level. Lack of intimacy — a decision made by someone else — is how you avoid love at all costs.

There's a reason you love someone you can't have, and that's because they don't exist. Not as a person you can contact, that's for sure. You need this, it's your escape from the formalities of the real world. You may even be in a committed relationship.

You may even love being in this committed relationship, but that's not going to stop you from holding on to the love you have for a person that you really don't care if they're in your life, or not.

In fact, if push comes to shove, you don't want a physical relationship with this person. It's all about fantasy.

They don't have to know you, and they don't have to love you back, which is convenient considering you'll probably never meet them. This is your fun, Capricorn. You choose how you live your life. When the goodness in life is scarce, you take what you can get — even if it will never be made 'real.'

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Saturn is in your zodiac sign, and this is a heavyweight to bear. It's lonely and barren, and when it comes to love of any kind, it makes it easy to avoid love at all costs because you never feel like you get what you need or want from another person.

Not only do you love someone you cannot have, but it's also your preferred way of loving someone.

Knowing they'll never love you back gives you a certain kind of freedom — the pressure of meeting them is off, and so, if you're the fantasist that we all know you are, you'll be more than happy to stay inside your mind where all the best dreams come true.

Who needs to form a relationship when we all know that relationships are faulty. Your mind, however, is not — certainly not when your obsession takes over and insists on giving you pleasure. That's the thing with the Aquarius mind; you guys are fantastically gifted when it comes to fantasy, and so you can basically love anyone in the world without having to fear them coming in to make things real. Reality — ugh!

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