What Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Fall (And Stay) In Love, Per Astrology

What do the stars have to say about how your zodiac sign falls in love?

What Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Fall (And Stay) In Love, Per Astrology John Schnobrich via unsplash

Falling in love and being in love for all zodiac signs are two very different feelings, and it’s not always easy for us as humans to know which is which — especially at the moment.

Falling in love is easy, staying in love is the hard part, and your needs are unique to your zodiac sign.

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When you fall in love with someone new, the emotions that come with the feeling of love can include excitement, lust, and nervousness, but also possessiveness, infatuation, and obsession.


Falling in love with someone new no matter how many times you’ve fallen in love previously – always feels like a new experience.

And because it’s so new, it’s up to you to figure out if this new emotion is merely a feeling that will eventually go away (like having a crush) or if it will turn into something more (like having mutual feelings of love for someone).

Falling in love is the exciting part of being with someone new.


This is when your stomach is filled with butterflies, you’re getting to know this person, and every day feels like you’re in a dream. Being in love is slightly different.

It’s more than just a feeling or fleeting emotion. Being in love with someone is what happens after the butterflies in your stomach settle down, and you realize that these feelings you have are more than things you feel for a crush.

You realize that you want to spend your life with this person and that they make up a significant part of your life.

What you need to fall (and stay) in love, based on astrology, is different for everyone. What you feel when you fall in love – and eventually stay in love after the initial feelings subside — vary from zodiac sign to zodiac sign.


What a Pisces feels won’t be the same as what a Virgo feels. Just like what one sign needs to stay in love will be different from what another sign needs, and for good reason.

Everyone has their preferences and needs and depending on what your zodiac sign is, there will be certain things you need for love to stick around.

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For many of us, what we need to fall in love with will vary from what we need to stay in love with. For example, you may need a cat-and-mouse chase from someone you’re into to fall in love, but a stable routine with no surprises to stay in love.

I like maintaining my independence from the time I initially fall in love with later when the relationship settles, and I am confident that I will stay in love with this person.


I like knowing that I am my own person, with a rich personal life beyond my relationship, because it makes me feel like my relationship is enhancing my life, not taking over it.

For me, falling in love is easier than staying in love. I like the emotions I feel when I meet someone new and get to know them, but it can be hard to shake off the anticipation that things will soon fall into a routine when love sticks around.

That’s not to say that staying in love with someone will never happen to people who feel the same way as I do, but it does mean that we need to work harder to not let our first impressions of love get the best of us.

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On the other end of the spectrum is my friend (and people just like her). After meeting her (now) husband on a trip to another state and spending a couple of months getting to know him, she knew that she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.

They went to Las Vegas, got married at one of the little chapels you always hear about in the city of LV and are currently making a long-distance marriage work until he can move to the city where she currently lives.

Just hearing her talk about how she fell in love — and how they make it work to stay in love even when they are thousands of miles away from each other — made me realize that relationships come in all forms, and what works for some may not work for others (and that’s okay!).

Whether you want to reassure yourself that how you feel about your significant other is real, or you just want to know what to expect when you do fall in love, this article will guide you in love.


Here's what your zodiac sign needs to fall (and stay) in love, according to astrology:

Falling in love for Aries zodiac signs

(March 21 - April 19)

As an Aries, you rely on “the chase” to let you know if a relationship is going to go somewhere.

What I mean by that is, if the person you’re pursuing makes everything up until the actual relationship exciting and worthwhile, you’re more likely to consider it an actual relationship rather than just a fling.

You need this thrilling cat-and-mouse game to fall in love.

It’s what comes after that can be tricky. The main thing you need to stay in love is stimulation.

Nothing kills love more than realizing the most exciting part of your relationship was everything that led up to the actual commitment. Just don’t forget that making love last takes effort from both parties.


You have to want to stay in love just as much as your partner to make it work.

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Falling in love for Taurus zodiac signs

(April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, you gradually fall in love – not quickly like some zodiac signs.

The primary way you fall in love is when you’re with someone patient and willing to wait for you. You need time to warm up to someone, feel the situation out to know if you love them.

For you, it’s a process, and you won’t compromise who you are for just anyone.

Staying in love, however, is a bit different. Once you find the person you want to spend your life with, you’re ready to start taking things to the next level.


You need someone dependable and loyal. If you find your lover isn’t in it for the long haul (like you) and is acting flaky, you’re all too happy to find someone who doesn’t make commitment feel like a chore.

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Falling in love for Gemini zodiac signs

(May 21 - June 20)

You need someone who can not only grab your attention, Gemini but hold it too.

People may accuse you of having a short attention span when it comes to love, but it’s only because they aren’t willing to put in the work to make a relationship work with you. One thing you don’t do is prolong a relationship when there’s nothing in it for you.


You need honesty to fall in love, otherwise, it just won’t work.

To stay in love, you need constant communication.

There’s no room in your life for someone who can’t (or won’t) hold a conversation with you, no matter what that conversation may be about.

You need someone who will make communication easy and painless. Sounds pretty straightforward to you but maybe a deal-breaker for others.

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Falling in love for Cancer zodiac signs

(June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, you’re attracted to people who aren’t afraid to talk about the future with you.

You know what you’re looking for in a relationship (for the most part), so it’s nice to know that who you’re dating is on the same page as you. To fall in love, you need a mate who is stable and mature.


What you need to stay in love with isn’t much different from what you need to fall in love with.

Really, it’s just consistency. You want someone you can nurture, love, and care for — and for them to do the same for you.

When you’re with someone who values their future with you, you’re more likely to stay in love for longer.

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Falling in love for Leo zodiac signs

(July 23 - August 22)

You like attention, Leo (and who doesn’t?!). You’re most likely to fall in love with someone who adores you and makes you feel like you’re the center of their world.

It may take you a while to find someone good enough for you because you value yourself and your happiness so highly, but when you do find someone you truly enjoy being around, falling in love comes easy.


You will stay in love with someone if they make you feel celebrated and worthy of love every single day.

When you’re in love with someone, you are incredibly generous and affectionate. You need someone who can reciprocate everything you give.

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Falling in love for Virgo zodiac signs

(August 23 - September 22)

Falling in love isn’t something that “just happens” for you, Virgo. You need to be certain — heck, more than certain — before you can even make the first move.

By the time you’re ready to fall in love with someone, you already have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for in a mate – an equal in love and life.


To stay in love, you need your significant other to be interested in taking things to the next level.

They don’t need to have everything for their future with you totally mapped out (don’t worry, you’ve got that covered), but they should at least be enthusiastic about spending their future with you.

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Falling in love for Libra zodiac signs

(September 23 - October 22)

You love being in relationships, Libra, because you have a lot of love in your heart that you want to share with others. You tend to fall in love quickly but have difficulty keeping the relationship afloat.

There are things you know you want — and things you want but can’t articulate — from a relationship that when you realize you’re with the wrong person, you look for love elsewhere. You’re not afraid to keep giving love a try until you find The One.


You fall in love with someone who wants to fall in love with you, and you stay in love with someone who is your equal.

You’re all about finding a perfectly balanced partnership, and once you do it’s like finding perfect love.

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Falling in love for Scorpio zodiac signs

(October 23 - November 21)

Falling in love is a slow process for you, Scorpio. You need to feel safe, loved, and emotionally connected before you can really open up and explore feelings of love. When you do fall in love, it’s intentional.

You know that the person you’re with is going to treat you with respect and adoration, but you fall in love cautiously to protect your heart.


You will stay in love with someone who matches your intensity and passion. Love for you needs to be an all-or-nothing kind of thing, otherwise, it just won’t work.

If you aren’t with someone who makes serious love feel easy and worthwhile, you’ll find someone else who does.

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Falling in love for Sagittarius zodiac signs

(November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, you are most attracted to someone who challenges you and allows you to express who you are, no matter what that means.

For you, falling in love is a learning experience, one you take with you to each of your new relationships. You are most likely to fall in love with someone who introduces you to new ideas and experiences.


Because you aren’t the kind of person who usually goes for traditional relationships that culminate in marriage and children, love must be playful and exciting for you to stick around.

For you to stay in love, you need your independence. You won’t last long in a relationship that makes you choose between your freedom and love. Your mate should know exactly who you and what you stand for.

If you feel like you’re being held down or part of who you are is being taken away, you will run away from the relationship faster than your partner can explain themselves.


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Falling in love for Capricorn zodiac signs

(December 22 - January 19)

You want a lover who will make thinking about the future easy, Capricorn. Life is too short not to find The One, and you will do everything in your power to make a relationship work if you think they are the one you’re meant to spend your life with.

Falling in love might feel a bit more business-like for you than other zodiac signs, but it’s only because you want to know as much upfront as possible so that you can make an informed decision.

Staying in love is as easy (or not) as being honest with your mate about what you want out of life and love.


You don’t need to be with someone who has the same goals as you as long as they have some kind of goals they want to work toward.

You will fall out of love if your significant other doesn’t seem to be working toward anything significant.

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Falling in love for Aquarius zodiac signs

(January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, you are pretty secure in who you are, so looking for love isn’t about “completing” yourself but rather finding someone who can be more than just a best friend (in more ways than one).

In fact, you may think of someone as your best friend for a long time before you admit or realize that you’re in love – that’s just the way it is sometimes!


Staying in love is a little harder for you. You know that for a relationship to last, it needs honest communication and being vulnerable.

While it’s certainly easier to just keep things casual so you never have to deal with letting your guard down, you know that when you do commit to a relationship that it’s worth it.

You need a significant other who will be patient with you to truly stay in love.

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Falling in love for Pisces zodiac signs

(February 19 - March 20)

Sometimes, Pisces, you fall in love with the idea of love rather than the actual person. This is usually because you’re attracted to the relationship you’ve concocted in your fantasy more than reality.


It’s up to you to differentiate from what you wish your relationship could be like and what it can be like if you put in the effort. Truly falling in love is possible if you’re honest with yourself.

Staying in love is important too, obviously. You need an emotionally stable partner to allow you to fall and stay in love.

You need to feel supported by your partner for the love to not only stay but to grow, as well. Without unconditional support and love, your relationship is not likely to last.

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