The 2 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have Big Challenges With Relationships This Weekend

The final straw.

These 2 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Weekend Horoscopes, April 3-4, 2021

Two of us will not be having the greatest weekend horoscope starting Saturday, April 3rd. In fact, these zodiac signs will be glad when Monday rolls around because Sunday will be the most negative of all.

Having a bad weekend can be all in how you define your experience, but when you're a zodiac sign hit hard by the Moon in Capricorn during Aries season, life and love may get particularly challenging.


Two zodiac signs have the worst weekend horoscope.

While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially when so many people are looking forward to enjoying an egg hunt, some chocolate bunnies, and a flavored jelly bean or two, sometimes a heads-up is better than no news at all.

The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn lasts all weekend and Capricorn is where the Moon 'falls' — a clear indicator of a rough weekend.

And this Last Quarter Moon aka 'final' quarter or Half Moon is like an alarm going off in the ear saying to get going already. It's the last hurrah before the upcoming New Moon.

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The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn screams to get something done. It's a crisis point and it reminds us that time is of the essence to make a change that's needed.

The Moon is ruled by Cancer, a water sign. This weekend it finds itself in Capricorn, a dry earth sign, which is why it's called the sign of detriment.

Detriment it may be for people born with their Sun, Moon, or rising sign in the zodiac of Cancer. Aquarius will feel it too because Capricorn is enemy ground for this air sign.

What you need to get out of your life will come up this weekend. Not only is this problem an inconvenience, but now it's downright harmful.

The Full Moon in Libra cursed explicatively to all of us last weekend.


Cardinal zodiac signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn may feel pressured to take action.

Fixed zodiac signs may avoid doing anything new altogether.

Mutual zodiac signs will feel tested but not beyond their limits.

But for Cancers and Aquarians, specifically, this weekend will really sound the alarm.

Last weekend much of what takes place now is where the drama started.

The Full Moon in Libra set the record straight about relationships and their purpose, but matters of the heart can be sticky, and it's not easy to let go of something (or someone) negative.

Only now, during the crisis point that comes with the Quarter Moon in Capricorn, freedom will feel worth all the pain.


Cancer zodiac signs you will finally reach your limit when it comes to love.

Cancer, you are all about the sweetness of love. Ruled by the Moon, you are moody, and this is what makes you tolerant of others bull when they start to dish it out. You understand that people have bad days, and sometimes if you're patient, those moments will pass and life returns back to normal.

So, for you to reach your limit, this means you've been dealing with a lot of stuff that most people would have found intolerable.

Perhaps, last weekend, you came to realize that your home and your family really needed to become a priority.

Your focus wasn't on things that you know matter most to you, but there were too many obligations, complications or responsibilities already in the works. You could not cut the tie then, but you need to now.


During the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn, the tension is going to come up the most in your relationship with an intimate partner or someone you work really closely with at work.

It could be a text message from your insensitive boss asking you to do something work-related (like check an email that can wait or talk with a client) on Easter Sunday, a holiday you might not even celebrate but that you were looking forward to enjoying with your kids, your friends or your family, and now, you're the one thinking about business at dinner. The distraction will be the last straw.

Your spouse, significant other or partners will roll their eyes, and you might get the back at bedtime instead of the much-needed hug you hoped to receive at the end of a stressful day.

This will ruin the weekend for you but come Monday, your resolve will be set. This horrible weekend will change everything for you. 


Despite your ability to be patient and understanding, this might be when you turn in your notice, start looking for another job, or at the very least explain that when you're off the clock, your time is your own, and you'll set a firm boundary once and for all.

Aquarius your weekend will be the pits too. 

Your love life may be the blame.

You don't mind that life gets ugly. You detach and analyze things so easily that sometimes you don't even notice when people are acting out or being negative because you are so focused on living your own best life.

But the Full Moon in Libra brought something to your mind about your romantic life. Perhaps it's dull and lackluster. Maybe you love someone but you're no longer *in* love with that person, and you've been thinking and hoping that things would improve, but nope, not yet, and it's becoming obvious that they have emotionally check out permanently from you too.


This may cause you to stress during the weekend where you feel like you're with someone but alone. You might feel annoyed that you're spending the weekend with someone you can't talk to about your feelings.

You might find it upsetting that you can't just go out with friends or with meet someone new on a dating app and have a spontaneous date. It might become so unbearable to you to give one more moment to a person that has no regard for your feelings or respect for themselves to have the decency to break up and let you go.

It's time to breakup, and it should have happened last weekend. This may even cause you to view the relationship as a sort of enemy that is sucking your life dry, and now you've got to find a way to get out.


This might mean looking for a new place in a city where rent is enormously high and you have no idea what you can afford. But, you know in your heart you cannot afford to waste any more time with this person and live a lie.

This realization can ruin the entire weekend for you (perhaps the rest of the month), but because it sets the truth in stone for you, you're finally ready to take action.

Yes, this weekend might royally suck worse than getting the popcorn jelly bean when you were really hoping to try the pina colada flavor. But, the good news is that what is realized Saturday through Sunday can be the springboard to greater things in time for the New Moon in Aries which will happen on April 11-12th, 2021.

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