Zodiac Love Compatibility For Aquarius Man & Scorpio Woman

Scorpio and Aquarius trust no one but themselves.

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If you have ever heard of love at first sight, then you know, in your heart, that the chances of this happening between an Aquarius man and a Scorpio woman are pretty slim.

Now, that is not to say this coupling cannot eventually come around to some kind of romantic agreement; however, an instant attraction is not going to happen.

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Are Scorpio and Aquarius a good match?

Scorpio and Aquarius can be a good match if the two parties are willing to let go of their own desires and personality traits, which is basically impossible to do. On certain levels, they make for great friends, as long as their friendship is distanced and somewhat impersonal.

What attracts a Scorpio woman to an Aquarius man?

More than likely, nothing. Her natural desire to dominate may size him up as the perfect submissive, but she will learn quickly enough that he is not really into that.

If she sees him as a challenge, she will stay on, but once she recognizes what he is really about, she will grow bored of him in mere minutes.


Can a Scorpio woman and Aquarius man work?

They can work if they talk to each other. It is one of their better shared aspects.

They are both into communication, and though they may not agree on much, at least their breakup will be amicable and reasoned out with words.

Why do Scorpios hate Aquarius?

The reason Scorpios "hate" Aquarius is because Aquarius is too independent for them, and being that they come across as somewhat wimpy (Aquarius), the Scorpio gets a wrong first impression.

They think they will have a play-thing in Aquarius, where all they will really get is a very dull lover.

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Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Their elements: Aquarius is an Air sign, and Scorpio is a Water sign.

Like water, Scorpio is a massive force of energy and movement; it pushes and finds a way in, every time. Aquarius, like the air itself, is both life giving and invisible. Aquarius is an "airhead" — a bit non-committal and somewhat intractable.

These two signs take time to get to know one another, and they both do not usually let their hair down on the first few visits.

While it is not impossible for this match to break tradition and just adore each other, it is not probable. Not according to the stars, that is.

What tends to go wrong in this match is that they both take way too long to come to any kind of understanding that can make the relationship actually last. They are both so into their own thing that they find it hard to make space in their hearts for anyone who is not exactly what they want in a partner.


Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Love and Sexual Chemistry

If they can get past the initial meeting, they might find themselves in an intimate situation, one they can deal with.

Both parties are ready, willing and able to get down and dirty, and if they are able to see past what they immediately find wrong and unforgivable about the other, they might be able to share an interesting and sensuous experience in the bedroom.

What is keeping Aquarius and Scorpio apart, however, is their non-stop judgement of each other. They simply cannot get past certain physical aspects, which can be really insulting, especially when you are naked and vulnerable.

They can have great sex, but consider it a fling and not a relationship.


Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Shared Values

Well, Aquarius and Scorpio both value being alive and having the world revolve around them, so they have that in common.

Their mutual selfishness and ability to flat-out disregard the other is something they value highly; they hold this ability in high esteem, and rarely part with it.

They are both rabidly selfish, so one could say they value being alone more than anything. Scorpio might be willing to compromise, but the Aquarius man will never let her get too close as he has so very much to keep in the closet.

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Emotional Connection

The Aquarius man is independent, which reads to the Scorpio woman as cold and stuck in his ways.


He basically is; he is stubborn and has no interest in changing, especially if it is suggested to him by a woman. He wants no part of change, and she wants all parts of change, as she is progressive and adventurous.

He is ice and she is fire, and, emotionally, you would think they would meet on some exciting level. Yet, no such luck. Emotionally, these two have nothing in common.

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Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Trust

It is kind of hard to find trust in someone who only values themselves in a relationship, and so when both parties get around to stating their demands, wants and needs, the other party is usually not interested and has no desire to fulfill any goal set up by the other.


Each zodiac sign is highly manipulative, and when they are unable to force the other one into a situation, they both shrug and leave it be, figuring it a failure and not worth a second look. They trust no one but themselves, which is not altogether terrible.

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Communication

Oddly enough, both zodiac signs are very good at communicating their feelings to each other and anyone else who wants to listen.

They are both intelligent and present their ideas in a well-thought-out manner. They lay down their personal laws in an understandable way.


What is unfortunate is that those ways rarely have room for anything else, and even though the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman communicate easily, what they say is what counts, and that is usually diametrically opposed to what the other says.

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Overall Love Compatibility

The only way an Aquarius man and a Scorpio woman can live together in peace and loving adoration is if their other houses fall in compatible areas.

If both parties have Cancer in their natal chart, or if there is an earth sign that they share somewhere in their charts, maybe they can find some solid ground to stand on and make a romance out of. But if they are bold Sun signs, their relationship is not meant to be.

Too much talk, too many arguments — this coupling can only make it if they can see past all that they deem awful in the other. and with these two, that is a tall order.


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