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Aquarius + All Other Zodiac Signs: Relationship Compatibility For Dating, According To Love Astrology

Aquarius + All Other Zodiac Signs: Relationship Compatibility For Dating, According To Love Astrology

Aquarius zodiac signs are one the most (if not THE most) eccentric, independent zodiac signs.

Whether they are navigating life, love, or something in between, they tend to do things with as much originality as possible.

What does love astrology have to say about relationship compatibility for the Aquarius zodiac sign?

Love with an Aquarius usually means throwing out the rulebook, going against the grain, and shaking things up as much as possible.

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Even when the situation doesn’t call for rebellion and drama, Aquarius is still there with bells on, making noise and causing a ruckus.

Of course, I say this with as much love and respect as possible. I believe that each of the 12 zodiac signs can teach us something about life and love, no matter how simple or small the lesson may be.

When Aquarius dates the other zodiac signs, it can be a roller coaster of emotions and experiences.

Each new relationship that Aquarius has is different from the last. Aquarius is one of those people who come with a warning label and a disclaimer.

Usually, the warning label tells people not to get on their bad side, while the disclaimer tells them that there’s more to Aquarius than what’s on the surface.

While Aquarius is highly individualistic and independent, they do extraordinarily well as team players and in groups.

In the same way, Aquarius loves being in relationships, even if they also like maintaining their independence as much as possible.

In other words, while Aquarius likes being part of a partnership, they never want to feel like they are losing who they are or what they stand for, just because of who they are dating.

While not everyone will understand who Aquarius is and what this zodiac sign stands for, those that do are in for a wild ride.

Usually, Aquarius rules casual and unconnected hook-ups – serious, committed relationships really isn’t this zodiac sign’s thing.

Every so often though, Aquarius will find someone who is more than just a hook-up or a romantic conquest who makes, and it turns into a special connection that Aquarius keeps close for a long time.

Even if the connection that starts as romantic turns into friendship instead of evolving into a long-term romance, every individual that comes into Aquarius’ life in some form is important to them.

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When it comes to dating, Aquarius gets along (or doesn’t get along) with each sign differently. You will never know exactly how the relationship will play out until you are in a relationship with Aquarius for yourself.

Since this zodiac sign tends to be pretty private with their personal life, only the zodiac sign they are dating knows for sure what Aquarius is like in a relationship.

That said, astrology can help you get some insight into what it’s like to date an Aquarius – the good and bad parts.

Keep reading to learn about relationship compatibility when an Aquarius dates any other zodiac sign, based on love astrology.

Aquarius — Aries Zodiac Compatibility

When Aries and Aquarius get together, it’s a “best friends with benefits” kind of situation. Even before you developed deeper feelings for each other, there’s a good chance you had a pretty solid friendship first.

When these two zodiac signs start dating, there’s a lot of playfulness, humor, and adventure. Aquarius’ laidback nature teaches Aries to chill out once in a while, and Aries’ fiery nature encourages Aquarius to live life with more passion.

Where these two clash is in their dominant personalities. Both signs have tempers that can flare when things don’t go their way. Because neither are too keen on compromise, there can be a lot of butting heads as they learn how to speak their mind while still respecting the other person.

As an air sign, Aquarius tends to be cooler and more detached. Aries, the fire sign, is a hothead who does everything with fire and passion.

While there are many opportunities for this pairing to blow up, when cultivated and handled with care, this relationship can last a long time. The best advice an Aries-Aquarius pairing can receive is to never force anything; the best things in this relationship will come naturally.

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Aquarius — Taurus Zodiac Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius couldn’t be more different – which can be a blessing and a curse. Butting heads has never been sexier between these two zodiac signs.

Those outside of the relationship may only see a lot of disagreements and even arguing with these two, but Taurus and Aquarius know that keeping things passionate and actively interesting is what will keep them together.

Of course, while Taurus is the one who keeps things heated, Aquarius knows how to cool it down when the pairing needs a break.

Where this “oil and vinegar” pairing starts to clash is in their elements. As an earth sign, Taurus is all about traditional values and stability. Aquarius, an air sign, tends to go with the flow and make decisions off the cuff, rather than thinking them through.

Taurus may think Aquarius too flaky and unstable, while Aquarius may think Taurus too boring and unchanging.

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Despite everything that makes them different, these opposites attract.

It’s up to both zodiac signs to either put their differences aside for the sake of the relationship or embrace what makes them different and use them to learn more about what makes the other one special.

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Aquarius — Gemini Zodiac Compatibility

What does a match made in zodiac heaven look like? Ask Gemini and Aquarius! These two air signs were practically made for each other, and they know it.

Lifelong learners, adventurous individuals, and curious lovers, Gemini and Aquarius are always on the quest for answers to life’s greatest mysteries. Having each other to explore all that life and love has to offer only brings these two zodiac signs closer together.

Because both zodiac signs tend to handle matters of the heart intellectually (read: with their heads), it can be hard for either of them to really be honest about their feelings.

In other words, Gemini and Aquarius can often act flaky or unbothered when it comes to being honest about their emotional states, rather than seeing being vulnerable as a strength.

This pairing is endlessly exciting and fun, but it’s up to both zodiac signs to be actively aware when they are acting hot and cold with the other if they want the relationship to last.

It is much easier for both Gemini and Aquarius to dismiss how they’re feeling, so it will be an important practice for them to be honest in the name of love.

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Aquarius — Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

At first, it may feel like this pairing is too awkward for a relationship to form. These two zodiac signs are pretty different, and they may think that their differences outweigh their similarities.

Once they get past that initial awkwardness, these two really know how to bond. Cancer’s nurturing, kind personality clicks well with Aquarius’ eternal youthfulness and makes their relationship one that easily has a long future.

Aquarius’ outgoing nature will help pull Cancer out of their shell, and Cancer’s patience and softness will teach Aquarius to be intentional and honest.

While these two zodiac signs seem like opposites, their differences are what keep them together. Cancer is fascinated by Aquarius’ ability to put themselves out there unapologetically, and Aquarius is intrigued by Cancer’s emotional depths.

While this pairing doesn’t necessarily always understand each other, they are willing to make things work for each other.

Compromise will be key for these zodiac signs, especially because social Aquarius and homebody Cancer tend to resist change in their own way.

Aquarius will need to practice patience and leniency, while Cancer will need to practice being more open and direct with what they want out of the relationship.

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Aquarius — Leo Zodiac Compatibility

A relationship between Leo and Aquarius is a never-ending adventure, complete with dramatic outbursts and butting heads.

These two zodiac signs may clash because of their big personalities and flaring tempers, but there’s also a big potential for a fiery passion between them that can burn everything around them down.

Fire signs and air signs have a lot of similarities, which can be both helpful and hurtful for this relationship. Leo and Aquarius click by both being drawn to new experiences and being enthusiastic about life.

Where do they clash? Leo makes most decisions with their heart, while Aquarius tends to be more cerebral.

This “head versus heart” battle is one that has the potential to define this relationship if both zodiac signs don’t actively work to cultivate the flame between them.

To ensure the flame between these two doesn’t burn everything down, Leo and Aquarius need to lift each other up, instead of using their big egos to tear each other down.

They also need to work to advance the relationship and embrace change, rather than let themselves get set in their ways and let the relationship stagnate.

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Aquarius — Virgo Zodiac Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius are the intellectual power couple everyone else low-key (and high-key) wishes they could be. They may focus on different things, but their main goal is the same: how can they bring change to the world?

Virgo serves the community, Aquarius is the humanitarian. Together, they work to make the world a better place; one that has a positive future for all.

These two zodiac signs work super well together when they act as independent forces. When they try to micromanage each other’s lives, it turns into chaos and butting heads.

Some people may always question why Virgo and Aquarius are together – what with them both being neurotic in their own way – but they do make a good team when they compromise.

This pairing will need to actively work together to make their relationship last. Virgo will bring a sense of reality and stability to the relationship, while Aquarius will keep things exciting and fun.

Finding a balance that works for both zodiac signs will be the challenge, but it’s this hard work that both zodiac signs love to engage in.

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Aquarius — Libra Zodiac Compatibility

This pairing couldn’t get more perfect! Aquarius clicks best with fellow air signs, so coupling up with Libra makes the relationship feel almost too easy. Both Libra and Aquarius are social butterflies who love to meet new people.

One zodiac sign’s friends will automatically become the other’s friends too, and soon it’ll feel like one, big, happy family when you’re all together.

Libra and Aquarius also love adventure and trying new things whenever possible.

The biggest things that will keep this partnership alive are the time they spend planning trips around the world, posting to their joint Instagram account whenever they try a new restaurant in the city and the daily surprises that keep their daily lives interesting.

Where these two clash is their communication skills. Both can be pretty passive-aggressive when it comes to communicating with each other, and it can lead to a lot of petty arguments.

It will be up to Libra and Aquarius to speak up when something is bothering them, rather than sweeping it under the rug until the next disagreement.

Air signs can often be hot and cold, so these two will need to work on cultivating love and communication always to combat that.

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Aquarius — Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility

At first, it seems as though Scorpio and Aquarius could never work in a million years. Scorpio is intense and emotional, and Aquarius is cool-headed and detached — how can these two have anything in common?!

Oddly enough, this is where your strength can lie if you play your cards right.

Scorpio can teach Aquarius how to be open to vulnerability and emotional empowerment, and Aquarius can teach Scorpio the importance of letting in new people and new experiences.

The differences between these two obviously offer a lot of opportunities to learn from one another, but these same things can be what tears them apart.

Aquarius may eventually get sick of Scorpio constantly shutting down when faced with new experiences and resort to trying to force Scorpio into letting their guard down.

Scorpio may never fully be able to understand Aquarius’ need to use logic over emotion and eventually give up on them altogether.

There isn’t a perfect formula to make sure this relationship lasts. It’s just one of those things that has to be experienced to really know how it will play out.

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Aquarius — Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility

Get ready for adventure! Sagittarius and Aquarius have endless fun when they are together, whether they are best friends or romantic partners. Aquarius gets along really well with Sagittarius, who is often very cerebral and philosophical.

Sagittarius is majorly attracted to Aquarius’ love and curiosity of all things exciting, new, and fun. These two click because there’s so much in common between them!

Where Sagittarius and Aquarius clash is their stance on the future of their relationship. Sagittarius may want to get the commitment part in writing, while Aquarius wants to stay friends with benefits for as long as possible.

There may always be a disconnect between these two – not because of the zodiac signs themselves, but because relationships sometimes work better when they stay in the fantasy world.

These two understand each other in many ways, and they make it easy for each other to be themselves. Both zodiac signs need to let this relationship take the reins.

If it turns into something committed and long-term, that’s great! If it cools down to a friendship minus the benefits, then so be it. Don’t force anything!

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Aquarius — Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility

This relationship can be summed up in two words: marriage material. Even if marriage isn’t on the table, a long-term partnership certainly is.

Overtly ambitious Capricorn and goal-oriented Aquarius mesh so well together that it’s hard to know if they were ever two separate entities or one mind in two bodies.

Both zodiac signs are striving for greatness in life (and love), and when they’re together it all feels so effortless.

Of course, having two overachievers in one relationship can be a recipe for disaster if not cultivated and taken care of, but you already knew that.

It’s important for both zodiac signs to actively work together, rather than vie for the right to call the shots when dealing with everything from travel planning to arguments. Remember: it’s you two against the world, not you two against each other.

This may seem like an odd couple at first – what with communicative but flaky air sign Aquarius and reliable but stubborn earth sign Capricorn in the relationship — but even polar opposites have a way of working out.

Luckily, both zodiac signs love to learn, so learning how to be together and make it work is a challenge Capricorn and Aquarius are up to trying.

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Aquarius — Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility

What’s better than a relationship with one Aquarius? Two! An Aquarius-Aquarius pairing is one for the books.

When you get two of the same zodiac signs together, you get all of their strengths and positive aspects times two. This relationship specifically is super social, eccentric, and humanitarian.

Of course, when you bring two of the same zodiac sign together, you also get all of the negative aspects and weaknesses. This can make it extra hard for a relationship to grow or last because you have to work even more to beat the odds.

Aquarius by nature is aloof, complex, and emotionally distant. Even if another Aquarius understands what you’re going through, they will act the same way you do when they feel like you’re pushing them away or not communicating how you feel… Yikes!

The beginning of this relationship will be exciting and full of adventure. You will realize right away that you have a lot in common, which will make everything feel a million times easier.

Once things settle down, you may revert to your bad habits – like being flaky, shutting down your emotional side, and running hot and cold with your significant other.

This pairing can work, but you will need to use the foundation you built together as friends before you became romantic partners to push through the hardships to get to a happy ending.

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Aquarius — Pisces Zodiac Compatibility

A Pisces-Aquarius pairing is one that lives in two worlds: reality and a fantasy world. Pisces and Aquarius vibe so deeply on a cerebral plane that it’s almost as if they can read each other’s minds.

Not only that, but they seem to feel the same emotions at the same time. Freaky to outsiders but absolutely common if you’re part of this relationship.

Where these two click is in their eccentricity and spirituality. They’re both a little quirky, but they “get” each other and make it easy for the other to be themselves without judgment.

Where these two clash is in how they nurture the relationship. Aquarius believes cultivating a relationship is empowering and wants to be a part of its success.

Pisces believes that nurturing a relationship requires sacrifice and giving things up to be happy. They may not ever say it out loud, but Pisces may think Aquarius’ methods are selfish while Aquarius may think Pisces’ methods are attention-seeking.

Head and heart will collide in this relationship, so it will be up to both Pisces and Aquarius to embrace difficult conversations and being uncomfortable for the sake of the relationship.

That means speaking your mind when something feels wrong and trying new things when the relationship feels stagnant.

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