How To Stop Overthinking & Move Forward

Trust your gut.

How To Stop Overthinking & Move Forward getty

Do you overthink to a point that it is keeping you stuck in life and making you anxious? Are you ready to get free from that pattern and learn how to stop overthinking, so you can get on with your life?

Overthinking stems from worry and fear. Due to past issues, we think we made the wrong choice and don't want to repeat it. We use this protection to avoid getting into a negative situation again.

The problem is that overthinking causes more negative situations of its own and can keep you stuck. When we focus too much on what could go wrong in the future, we only set ourselves up for failure.


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Instead, change your focus to what you do want to create in your life. You have the full power to create what you want in your life, so focus on what you do want, not scenarios of what could go wrong over and over.

Trust your gut. 

Our first thoughts on a situation are usually the right ones, so trust your gut. If you keep overthinking, you just talk yourself out of what was right to begin with.

So many end up in a trap of overthinking or overstudying to get it perfect. That becomes neverending because no matter what, you will never feel it's perfect.


Work on letting go of the need to be perfect.

Even if you did everything perfect, you still wouldn't think it was perfect. The cure is to just start doing and stop thinking or researching. You learn more by actually doing.

Even if you make the "wrong" choice, you still learn valuable information from it. But if you keep overthinking and not making any choice at all, you learn nothing and can't move forward at all.

We're here on Earth to experience ourselves. By overthinking and not moving forward, you can't do that.

Catch yourself when you overthink.

The first step to stop this pattern is to start catching yourself when you're overthinking. As you consciously notice it more and see how much you're doing it, it will help you correct it.


So first, just start paying attention to when you do it and keep a log describing the situation.

Just having more of a conscious idea of how much and when you do it is so helpful to stop it. So at first, just really be aware of when and why you do it. Look back at the log and just really let yourself be aware of it.

Trust yourself and your choices. 

After you're really aware of it, it's important to work on trusting yourself and your choices. Deep down, overthinking just means you don't trust yourself to make the right choice.

Think about why you don't trust yourself. Did you make a wrong choice in the past that you're still punishing yourself for?


Instead of punishing yourself and affecting your whole future because of it, focus on what you learned from making that choice.

You gained much more than you realize.

Really look deeper into the benefits and let yourself off the hook for the negative consequences.

Are you going to let that choice stop you from creating your future completely? If you do that, you're letting that choice not only give you the original negative consequences, but also a lifetime of consequences.

Don't let doubt and fear stop you from fully living your experience here on Earth.

If you're overthinking a lot, it means that, deep down, you don't trust your decisions and aren't fully stepping into your true self. Get to the root of that and why you don't trust yourself.


Focus on yourself and the positive parts of yourself.

Work on trusting yourself and knowing you're capable of choosing.

You're the only one that can make a choice for you, so trust yourself. Let yourself know that you can't make a wrong choice because even one you think is wrong will help you in the long run.

We aren't here to always make the right choice, we're here to express ourselves and learn who we are.

If we never make a choice wrong or right we can't do what we are here for.

Wrong choices can help us even more than the right ones because we can learn what we don't want to do for the future.

The only wrong choice is not making one at all and staying stuck.


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So work on re-framing, in your mind, what a wrong choice is. Let go of the "wrong" and know that a choice is a choice and you will learn from either.

Know that you can trust yourself to make a good choice for you without analyzing it forever.

Some of the best choices we need to make in our lives need to happen immediately. Don't let yourself miss out on a great opportunity because you needed to overthink.

Trust your first instincts and go for it. Think about what is the worst that could happen if you do make the wrong choice?

Really think about how wrong choices can actually lead to much better for you in the long run.


Start making choices with confidence. 

After you're fully aware of your pattern and have re-framed your thinking about so-called wrong choices, now it's time to start making choices quickly and confidently.

As you start making choices without overthinking, you'll start trusting yourself and your intuition more and more but you have to start actually doing and making those choices.


That's the only way to get out of it.

From the human perspective here on Earth, everything seems so hard sometimes. But the bigger picture is earth is just a fraction of our existence. It's like going away to college.

Enjoy it and learn about yourself.

Try not to take everything so seriously. Don't let one choice make or break you. There is always another choice to make and an opportunity to change your mind if needed.

Let your choices teach you and make you better each time. Don't let the fear of choices stop you from creating the life you want!

Starting today, leave that pattern that is making things harder for you behind!

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