Horoscope For Today, Sunday, September 20, 2020


For today's horoscope by zodiac sign, resident astrologer, and YourTango's Senior Editor, Aria Gmitter shares how current astrological events affect you on September 20.

Sunday, the Sun is in Virgo and the Moon will spend one more day in the zodiac sign, Scorpio.

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The Moon in Scorpio is about rebirth, taboo topics, other people's money, and resources that are meant to be shared.

On Sunday, Jupiter expands feelings about these matters, and life, relationships and your desires can feel intense.

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Here's what all zodiac signs can expect from astrology and horoscopes on Sunday, September 20, 2020.


Horoscope for Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries, it's a power day for you, as the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of shared resources.

You could struggle to be obsessively focused on a financial matter today due to Scorpio's intense energy impacting your zodiac sign.

As the eighth sign in astrology, this can bring you some sense of power, but with power comes extra responsibility.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon making you more aware of who has what and holds all the cards.

You might not like having something outside of your control being able to impact you without your knowledge.

For today, you'll need to self manage and control your eagerness and want to grab hold of the reins and pull things back into order.

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Horoscope for Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, focus on love while the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of relationships. Love can be on your mind, but this is also a great day for forming new partnerships and bringing things closer.

It's a great time to really get to know others. Instead of chatting about superficial matters ask questions that are thoughtful and open up more talk.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon and you may be more open to ideas about love, especially when seeing someone new.

This combination can create a vulnerability to arise where you would naturally be more guarded and reserved.

Although it's great to feel the intensity of love and it's always nice to yearn for passion, you may want to make judgments about how far things will really go in a few days.

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Horoscope for Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, aim for good health habits as the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of wellness. You might go a bit overboard if you're not careful during this time.

If you're jumping back into fitness, returning to the gym or trying out a new diet, you'll not want to go hard until your body is ready. Ease into a routine is best.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon, and this can increase your idea of what you can and cannot do, and again it's better to avoid extreme thinking. Pace yourself instead.

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Horoscope for Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, passion is an essential ingredient for your life today, as the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of romance and play.

You can get caught up easily into the exchange of love today. There's a deeply sentimental energy about you and when with the right person, you may decide it's time to explore it.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon so your heart is wide open for magical experiences, but this can also mean being slightly assertive about what you think that you need.

Try not to presume that someone you've just met feels the same way. Or if you're with a friend and they aren't in a similar mood to talk about relationships and other mushy subjects, don't let it get to you.

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Horoscope for Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo, spend time with loved ones while the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of home and family. Right now, things may be a bit crazier than usual and having people that you know and love being there to show you support is an important part of your life at this time.

Of course, there can be moments of tension when spending more time with siblings, parents and distant relatives, but when you take into consideration the fact that no matter what happens the foundation is love it puts things into perspective.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon, and this allows your bonds to grow with a deeper appreciation and value in one another's lives.

You may be able to see the negatives about others but you'll also understand the variety of positives that comes within your family dynamics.

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Horoscope for Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo, you may need a good friend who loves to chat while the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of communication.

You may be longing for an intimate and transparent conversation with someone who can see beyond your words and into your heart.

Talk can be a way for you to vent frustrations related to work or even home matters, but there will come a point where you have to stop and ask if what you say is worth sharing.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon, so there can be some over-the-top disclosures if you allow yourself to speak but not think about your message first.

Be sure that what you say is something you'd not mind others having heard and that what you speak isn't cloudy by high emotions that got the best of you.

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Horoscope for Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra, pick something up for yourself, as the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of personal possessions can bring out the impulse buyer in you.

If you love to shop and like to buy early before the upcoming holidays, then strolling the mall and going through different stores and their offerings might be a great Sunday pastime for you.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon, so be sure to put a limit on what you are buying. You may be optimistic about your finances right now, but don't assume that you will have all you need if you rack up a credit card this weekend. Be frugal when you shop.

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Horoscope for Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio, focus on your personal goals and development during the Moon in Scorpio, your solar house of self and identity.

You can see yourself as you are and not be clouded by judgment, your ego or other energies that hold you back from self-improvement or change.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon and you have a particular depth of perception at this time. Pay attention to all feedback received, from friends, family, and those closest to you.

Even if their words aren't the kindest in delivery, you'll find their honesty helpful for your future plans, particularly those related to healing when Libra season starts.

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Horoscope for Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, let the past teach you something of value while the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of karma.

Taking lessons from the past, you can learn about certain patterns that have impacted you most in your life.

You might have thought that situations were not related but things can start to reveal how you have more control over matters than you had originally thought.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon so insight can expand for you. You might be prone to shifting blame, however, more on yourself than ought to be. You could assume you have more power and control over others than is realistic.

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Horoscope for Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, spend time with a good friend since the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of friendships.

There's a special bond that forms between friends who know each other particularly well, and you may find that one relationship grows closer than others.

You might not want to open up your time and share it with a large group of friends. One-on-one relationships may be a better fit for your emotional needs at this time.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon, so there's a lot that you can learn from others today. You may find that you're able to glean something from every experience you have today.

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Horoscope for Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, you may be thinking more about work today, since the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of career and your public image. The weekend can be a great time for you to catch up or to plan ahead.

You can start to work on an important project that you'd like to do for yourself. If you have no other plans, even looking into other job opportunities can be suitable for your time on Sunday.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon so your options can feel wide open, and you may be inclined to bite off more than you can chew. Try not to assume that you can do it all because you have the energy. Be realistic with your time management.

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Horoscope for Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces, read a book or study the stars, as the Moon spends the day in Scorpio, your solar house of personal philosophy. If small bookstores or thrift shops have opened up in your community, today can be a great time to pick up books that you'd love to have in your personal library.

If you don't really enjoy reading or studying, you can binge-watch documentaries or catch up on reality shows you heard were good to see.

Jupiter harmonizes with the Scorpio Moon, so even crime shows, investigative programs, and things that entice your curiosity are great to explore today. You might even enjoy some sci-fi or classic films such as Star Wars or Star Trek.

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Aria Gmitter, M.S, M.F.A., is YourTango's Senior Editor of Horoscopes and Spirituality. She studies with the Midwestern School of Astrology and is a member of the South Florida Astrological Association.