Did LeBron James Cheat On His Wife With Sofia Jamora? Inside Allegations Made By Girlfriend Of Denver Broncos Player Nick Vannett

Scandalous, if true!

Did LeBron James Cheat On His Wife With Sofia Jamora? Inside Allegations Made By GIrlfriend Of Denver Broncos Player Nick Vannett Getty

LeBron James is one of the most popular and powerful players in the NBA today, and he's made a career out of building a family-friendly image. He's been married to his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, for the longest time, to the point that their relationship is looked at by many in the league"as #couplegoals.

Unfortunately, though, recent allegations made by the girlfriend of a Denver Broncos star threatens to blow the lid off of this entire facade. 


So, the question needs to be explored:

Did LeBron James cheat on his wife with Sofia Jamora?

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Let's look at what we know about these allegations.

Erza Haliti made the accusation on Instagram. 

In a post that was subsequently deleted — but captured by another account, which you can see below — Haliti, who is the girlfriend of Denver Broncos star Nick Vannett, said that she wasn't a fan of James because she's "not a fan of men who cheat on their wives." She then went on to name the woman that James is allegedly cheating on his wife with: a model by the name of Sofia Jamora.



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Who is Sofia Jamora?

Little is known about Jamora outside of what she promotes on Instagram to her more than 2 million followers. She has appeared in a few modeling shoots, however, most notably for the independent company Frankie's Bikinis.


She's been pictured courtside at Lakers' games.

This is neither here nor there but there have been a few photos of Jamora sitting courtside at a few Lakers' games. And while she just attributes it to her being a "big fan" of the sport, some — especially Haliti — seem to believe that this is proof-positive that James and Jamora are having an affair ... unless Haliti has more evidence she hasn't revealed to the public yet.



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This isn't the first time James has been accused of cheating on his wife. 


Jamora isn't the first person to allegedly cheat with James. Back in 2016, Rachel Bush was reported to be James' "side chick," as well. However, she ultimately went on record to clarify the rumors. James allegedly "slid into Bush's DMs" and invited Bush to hang out with him courtside at a game. When Bush appeared courtside, it led to speculation that the two were having an affair. But as it turns out, Bush wasn't hanging around courtside to see LeBron James. She was dating Cleveland Browns star Jordan Poyer and James just "slid into her DMs" to say hello and their hangout was completely platonic. In 2018, Bush and Poyer got married in Jamaica.

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Jamora seemed to respond to the cheating rumors on her Twitter account. 

On May 3, 2020, Jamora took to her Twitter account to seemingly address the matter. "People don't recognize how much words can actually hurt," she wrote, seeming to imply that she was wounded by the accusations made by Haliti.


James, however, has not issued a comment about the matter. 

As of this writing, neither LeBron nor his wife, Savannah have issued a comment or a statement about the accusations made against him. However, we will keep you posted if indeed that changes — but it's highly unlikely that James, or his team, will address the rumors. 

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Editor's Note 10/26/20: Lawyers for Erza Haliti have reached out to clarify items in this article, specifically:

  • She has never been friends with Sofia Jamora. In fact, they have never met or spoken.
  • She has never tried to initiate a sexual relationship with Lebron James, nor did Ms. Jamora ever attempt to initiate a sexual relationship with Ms. Haliti’s boyfriend, Nick Vannett.

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