Daily Tarot Card Reading, August 29, 2020

Daily Tarot Card Reading, August 29, 2020

Your daily tarot card reading is here.

Your daily tarot card reading is here for all zodiac signs in astrology starting on Saturday, August 29, 2020.

Here's what your daily tarot card reading predicts for your zodiac sign starting this Saturday.

The Sun is in the zodiac sign of Virgo which continues the theme of self-care and personal organization.

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The Moon spends the day in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which brings attention to work but enter Aquarius at 8:38 p.m. EST.

Saturday's numerology is a Life Path Number 5, the Freedom Seeker, which encourages play.

On Saturday, you can expect to receive advice that will shape the course of your future.

Keep your ears open and listen to those around you. The Universe comes presenting lessons.

Here's what your daily tarot card reading has in store for your zodiac sign starting on Saturday, August 29, 2020:

Daily tarot card reading for Aries: King of Wands

Aries, the King of Wands tarot card reading predicts that you’re looking for success in something you enjoy rather than something you must do.

You would rather own your own business where you can monetize your hobbies and interests and spend your time investing in that rather than wasting away at a nine to five. You know you’re meant for more than this.

Your passions and interests are calling to you. Listen to this tarot card reading, see how you can maybe make a change so that you can spend more time wisely honing in on your skills and talents. A life spent doing something you love is within the realm of possibility.

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Daily tarot card reading for Taurus: Six of Swords

Taurus, the Six of Swords is a call to walk away, to take respite by the water’s edge and ask yourself meaningful questions in life. It’s time to change course.

Listen to those who support this change and see what they advise as you make major shifts in the path you’re on.

You’re finding out that you don’t have to stay committed to something that makes you feel less than the whole.

While this is freeing, you can also admit that this is terrifying. You don’t know what the future holds or if your plans will be supported by the universe.

The only way to find out is to make the change and try.

Daily tarot card reading for Gemini: King of Cups

Gemini, the King of Cups is a moment calling you to be empathic.

Connect with others through similar stories, share your own experiences to show that you understand. Above all, it’s important that you listen.

People come to you because you have many different perspectives, but oftentimes you also have impeccable life lessons to share that you have gained through lived experiences.

Listen to your emotions and body responses when people are talking to you to see what you pick up energetically.

You might be perspective to clairsentience Saturday, where you will be able to intensely feel what others are feeling. Use that to make a difference in someone's day.

Daily tarot card reading for Cancer: Three of Cups

Cancer, the Three of Cups is a call to celebrate and hear from others about the impact your success and legacy has had on them.

Saturday is perfect to be joyful and to call forward reassurance that the universe has your back and good things are to come.

Don’t fall prey to negative self-thinking, start recalling all of the strides you’ve been making towards a better and healthier life.

You should be proud of yourself for working so diligently to change your bad habits and toxic behaviors or even working harder to make money and provide for yourself or your family.

You should be able to celebrate with those you love for all of these successes.

Daily tarot card reading for Leo: Nine of Wands

Leo, the Nine of Wands means that you don’t need to keep going in your fight.

Listen to your advisors; it’s time to take a rest. Everyone knows how hard you fight for justice and the truth, but Saturday you need to take some time to yourself to heal and rest for the bigger battle that lies ahead.

Don’t waste your energy on the little things that are trying to distract you from the bigger picture.

Know that you don’t know exactly what’s coming or what to expect and that you’ll need all of your energy for the future.

Little annoyances shouldn’t matter this much right now. Focus on yourself and your healing, if only for Saturday.

Daily tarot card reading for Virgo: Seven of Wands

Virgo, the Seven of Wands means that arguments will be arising Saturday.

There are conflict and disagreement in your life and it’s starting to become overwhelming.

You have a choice in this though. Instead of arguing back, stay cool and rational. Ask questions.

Maybe in the heat of frustration, you and the party you’re quarreling with are losing the meaning behind what you’re saying.

Try to articulate your points in a balanced manner and be honest when you realize you might have made a mistake.

Try to have communication to fight against the battle. Remember, it’s you and them against the problem, not each other.

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Daily tarot card reading for Libra: Nine of Pentacles

Libra, the Nine of Pentacles means that Saturday will be serendipitous as you won’t be without.

While this does speak to financial abundance, what you’re truly rich in is connection, love, and devotion.

You have all that you could ask for right at your fingertips. If you’re feeling lonely, reach out to someone that you are longing to hear from; don’t wait for them to come to you.

The universe isn’t going to deliver, you’re going to have to take action if you’re alone.

Talking to a loved one may provide the recentering and divine energy you’ve been searching for. Don’t be afraid to be the one to make the call.

Daily tarot card reading for Scorpio: Eight of Swords

Scorpio, the Eight of Swords is a call to remove the blindfold and binds and face the reality of your situation without hiding from the truth.

A lot of your anxieties are self-induced and not as real as you give them the power to be.

Choose to think rationally instead of emotionally, challenge your intrusive thoughts that are distracting you from your light and truth.

Saturday might be a good day to watch a self-help TedTalk, to book an appointment with a licensed counselor, or to seek comfort in one of your oldest friends.

You may need help getting out of the negative rhetorics you’ve created for yourself.

Daily tarot card reading for Sagittarius: Nine of Cups

Sagittarius, the Nine of Cups speaks to a day where your wishes will be fulfilled.

If there’s been a goal you’ve been going hard for you can expect major movements, if not an end in sight to come about Saturday.

You will not be without it. The universe has decided to reward you Saturday and gift you with abundance.

Saturday is a day you will be absolutely divine, glowing, and radiating brighter than the sign.

This is a good omen and a sign of wealth to come. Things are looking up from here. Life is about to get so much better. If you’ve had difficult times lately you can expect a change in luck to start Saturday.

Daily tarot card reading for Capricorn: The Chariot

Capricorn, The Chariot predicts that on Saturday you will be receiving the advice that helps you triumph and get a leg up over your enemies. This speaks to you becoming an unstoppable, driving force.

When you get into this mindset the options are limitless of what you’re capable of accomplishing.

This card is a big indicator of success; great things are coming your way as you achieve great goals and set your sights on bigger, braver journeys ahead.

You should be proud of yourself and be sure to thank the person who helps you reach these achievements Saturday. Be grateful for how far you’ve come and all the strides you’re making.

Daily tarot card reading for Aquarius: King of Swords

Aquarius, the King of Swords predicts your day. Listen to those who have an experience that you don’t have yet. You don’t have all the answers because you haven’t lived a day in their shoes.

Stop thinking that you know best and listen. People are offering you solid advice from their learned experience that you wouldn’t have privy to unless you went through the motions and made the same mistakes.

Your community members trying to speak to you are only trying to help.

They’re not trying to pick on you, they're trying to give you the best advice they can to show you what you’re worth and how you should approach the situation.

Daily tarot card reading for Pisces: Page of Pentacles

Pisces, the Page of Pentacles predicts your day. You’re ambitious and you're eager to learn, however you don’t have the means to be able to achieve what you wish quite yet.

Whether it’s financial or that you just don’t have enough experience, it’s impossible to achieve these goals Saturday; but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever achieve them.

You’re very capable of making these things come into your life. Listen to those around you and instead choose to take baby steps Saturday rather than rushing the whole race to hope you can make it to the finish line.

Don’t be so hard on yourself for not being there now, enjoy where you’re at Saturday.

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