What Venus Moving Into Cancer Means For Your Relationships & Love Horoscope This Month

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What Venus In Cancer Means For Your Relationships & Love Horoscope This Month

It may feel as if things change overnight as Venus — the planet of love, beauty and money — shifts into the water sign of Cancer on August 7th, bringing an end to a particular time in our lives.

Venus will move through this emotional and temperamental sign until September 6th, giving us the chance to see what family and home mean to us. Venus in Cancer also gives us the chance to find clarity, especially after Venus’s recent retrograde period in Gemini.

What happens during the Venus in Cancer transit?

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Venus is the planet that rules our romantic relationships, finances, real estate (home), and even our level of self-love. Depending on what sign this beauty is moving through, it can either have us wanting to enjoy more casual dating, or saying yes to that big question.

In general, depending on what sign Venus is in will help us move through the different stages of love, and even lessons in our own lives.

Since May, Venus has been in Gemini, the sign of the twins, as she prepared to turn retrograde and embark on a 40-day journey into what she really wants from life; and, in turn, which path we’re going to choose in our own lives.

After turning direct at the end of June, Venus has been traveling back over the degrees of her retrograde, finally leaving the post-shadow phase on July 28th, and now leaving behind that Gemini energy altogether.

Heading into this new planetary cycle of Venus in Cancer means more than normal, because we’re just coming off a retrograde. This means this cycle will be more about action and change than other phases.

Cancer is the energy that has and will continue to dominate the energy of this year. Not only is this the sign of the feminine, but it’s also directing our focus towards our families, our home, and intimate relationships.

For Venus, this is a welcome relief after debating what choices or decisions dominated the past few months, thanks to the retrograde phase. And it means we’re ready to cross certain thresholds of finality.

Adding to this energy of decision-making, this transit is occurring within just a few days of Mercury shifting into Leo, the Full Moon in Aquarius (where both Uranus and Saturn will be major hitters), and the Lion’s Gate Portal.

This is a great deal of strong divine timing, change-inducing energy. So with Venus in Cancer adding to it, for many, it will be about one of two things: either it’s time to walk away, or it’s time to go all in.

What struggles will Venus in Cancer bring to our lives?

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Even though Venus in Cancer is a great energetic window that we will get to enjoy and use for the month of August, it still doesn’t mean that it’s not without its own set of challenges.

While we will gladly welcome the new energy of Cancer into our love lives, there will still be a settling period where we transition from the overexuberance of the Gemini energy, to the nurturing of Cancer.

This may feel a little awkward at first, especially if what came up for us during retrograde has yet to be acted upon. This is because Venus in Cancer will further direct our focus to what really matters most, and what we really want long-term.

So, while welcoming and beneficial, if we’re still dragging our feet at making some of these changes, we could see this show up in terms of restlessness and even arguments with those we love.

With the Full Moon occurring just a few days prior to this transit, it’s also likely that we could begin this phase in Cancer almost feeling like we were forced to. This is because of Uranus and Saturn’s influence that likely will bring unexpected events and opportunities fairly quickly.

If we had hoped to take our time, but now are seeing that we can’t, we also have to contend with letting go of our idea of how things should happen so we can be open to how they are occurring.

Some important dates to look out for include: August 25th, August 30th, September 2nd, and September 4th. Venus comes into alignment with Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and then Mars.

These dates could add some stress to any romantic situations, as well as help push things along faster than we had hoped for. However, also keep an eye out for August 27th, as Venus and Neptune join together to create a day perfect for enjoying the loving energy that feels good to melt into.

What success will we find with Venus in Cancer?

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Ultimately, this transit is about helping us get over the retrograde.

Venus in Cancer will help us take those big decisions and put them into action so the lives we create are in alignment with our truth. We will feel more motivated to do whatever we have to do to feel like we’re at home — not just a physical place where we rest our head, but also in terms of feeling that we are where we’re meant to be.

The month of August seems to be one of great importance in representing that turning point, and will allow us to be more aligned in how we choose to live and those we surround ourselves with.

But we also have to be ready on the other side.

This may be a month of great movement, but not every change will be one that brings a smile. Endings are imminent, whether they occur within the next few weeks or as we finish up 2020 — because that is the purpose of this year.

We aren't supposed to end it as we began it, so now it’s about surrendering to the process of becoming, knowing that for a new era to begin, another has to end.

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