Full Moon In Aquarius Tarot Card Reading For All Zodiac Signs

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Full Moon In Aquarius Tarot Card Reading For All Zodiac Signs

Here's your Full Moon in Aquarius tarot card reading for all zodiac signs in astrology starting August 3, 2020 with energy lasting for three months.

What does the Full Moon in Aquarius have in store for your zodiac sign, according to the tarot?

This Full Moon is also called the Sturgeon Moon and it's a time of balanced emotions and letting go of the toxic stuff in your life.

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The Full Moon in Aquarius arrives just before the end of Leo season and this lunar phase can trigger complex emotions and a need for freedom.

The Sturgeon Aquarius Full Moon urges us to seek flexibility and to express ourselves genuinely. This lunar phase can cause some tension. It might also create a little rebellion, too.

Full Moons are optimal times to release anything that is holding you back.

You can manifest what you need by disclosing them in meditation for the universe to hear

How will this Full Moon in Aquarius impact your zodiac sign, according to the tarot?

Here is your free tarot card reading for the August 3, 2020 Full Moon in Aquarius, by zodiac sign:

Aries — Six of Wands

Aries, the Six of Wands comes forward to tell you that you’re leading yourself and those you love to brighter days.

This is denoting a victory for something you’ve been working towards for a while.

This is a goal you’ve had set in sight for a while that is finally coming to fruition during this lunar cycle.

This Full Moon is a great time to rejoice in the company of those you love and who have been part of this journey with you.

Try to get on a Zoom call with the people you know will be proud of you and allow yourself to be congratulated for a job well done.

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Taurus — Nine of Wands

Taurus, the Nine of Wands denotes that this is a time you need to take rest from the strife you’re facing in your life.

There’s no denying that you are valiant or brave enough to keep going.

But you have been wounded in your fight and you need to address the wounds, be them mental or physical ailments that need tending to.

Yes, you’re strong, but you need to be strong enough to admit when you need to take a rest from fighting.

Make sure you’re putting your best self forward when you go off to battle.

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Gemini — The World

Gemini, The World comes through to denote that this lunar phase will be a time of success for you.

This time period will bring you the closure you’ve been seeking so you can move on to your next big accomplishment; but first, your rewards!

This is a time to celebrate all you’ve done and look at the future of new chapters with eager eyes, ready to explore whatever lies ahead of you.

Expect to feel accomplished, and with this a sense that you belong in your community.

You’re finding your place in the world in beautiful, bold movements.

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Cancer — Knight of Swords

Cancer, the Knight of Swords denotes a conflict leading to an ending.

Do not fret, this won’t be holding you back for long.

With this unraveling you will be finding your confidence, knowing that you are in the right and justifying your intense and ever-changing emotions.

You go for what you want, and you’re not about to let this petty disagreement stop you from getting what you deserve.

Don’t be afraid to shake up the status quo and go against the traditions set in place. Be eager to explore new opportunities and go forward with gusto.

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Leo — Seven of Pentacles

Leo, the Seven of Pentacles reveals itself to tell you to take a step back and start planning for the long term.

This might look like figuring out furthering your education or skill trade to expand your knowledge to better your career and financial opportunities.

If you wish to see a better future with more security and the ability to relax, then it’s time to start planning ahead instead of always living in the moment.

Get serious about the goals you’re setting for yourself and figure out a way to make them tangible.

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Virgo — Four of Cups

Virgo, the Four of Cups denotes that you might find yourself feeling bored with the same old routine you’re living.

There’s good news to this; a new opportunity will be coming from the mental work you do during this Full Moon.

Release what you no longer want, what’s making you feel tired with your day to day life.

Then, when you have let that go, look into what you actually want out of life

What sparks excitement in your soul and makes you feel alive again?

Take time to plan how to get that, and then get up and go get it!

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Libra — Knight of Cups

Libra, the Knight of Cups comes forward to urge you to follow your heart!

The most important thing during this lunar cycle is to invoke love.

Be chivalrous, lead with your heart, show people how much you care about them by speaking their love language.

In turn, you may be meeting someone under this Full Moon who completely sweeps you off your feet and leaves you breathless.

This is a great time for dating, being left with butterflies in your stomach after every good morning text.

If you’re looking to feel warm inside, seek love.

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Scorpio — Nine of Cups

Scorpio, the Nine of Cups denotes that you will have everything you could possibly want this Full Moon cycle.

Your wishes will be fulfilled in every way that you need during this time.

You will be living a life of success during this time, with the ability to manifest anything you need.

Your connections are solid at this time and actually assist in your growing successes.

When your relationships are happy, you’re happy, and when you’re this content there’s no limit to the magic that you can create in your life.

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Sagittarius — Two of Swords

Sagittarius, the Two of Swords reveals itself to uncover the crossroads you’re sitting at, scared to move forward.

You don’t know what the future holds, and you don’t know what the end result of following either path will be.

Instead of staying in the unknown, it’s time to focus your sights and face your fears. It won’t be as scary as you’re so worried it will be.

It will also provide you with the clarity you need to know what you’re up against and where to go next in life.

Don’t let your fear stop you from all the adventures you are meant for.

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Capricorn — The Hierophant

Capricorn, The Hierophant denotes a period of following traditions and wisdom.

This is a time you should be listening to the advice that you’re given from the people you respect.

It also is a great time for people to be heeding your advice; you are wise beyond your years and in your practice, you have become very observant.

People should pay attention to what you have to say more.

This denotes a time of success for you, especially if you are a married Capricorn who has needed a win at home.

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Aquarius — Justice

Aquarius, Justice comes forward demanding that karma comes into effect and influences the world the way it should.

Do not fret; you are getting exactly what you deserve, if not more than you initially asked for or even recognized you deserve.

If you are going through legal matters know that the success of these pending cases will likely end in your favor.

However, be warned, that if you haven’t had good intentions in your actions as of late, the universe will have taken note of that as well.

The karma may be sourer than you can bear.

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Pisces — The Moon

Pisces, The Moon denotes that there will be some anxiety entering the Full Moon.

However, it’s important to note that these fears and phobias are merely illusions.

They aren’t as scary as they feel. That’s not to say what you’re experiencing isn’t real.

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself as you would one of your own friends if they were feeling on edge.

Provide yourself with patience to be in a more rational mindset.

Be open to what your dreams say under this Full Moon; your subconscious is beckoning to be heard.

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