How The July 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Relationships All Month

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July 2020 Monthly Love Horoscope For All Zodiac Sign Relationships

The July 2020 horoscope starts off decidedly different than June, with all of us feeling that eclipse wildcard energy in full swing, making it seem that maybe magic is real after all.

We experienced two eclipses in June, with the last one just occurring on the 21st.

This means that as this new month starts, we’re going to be in that two-week rabbit hole window — which has actually been four weeks, since we’ve had three eclipses this summer — making everything seem just a little bit unreal. 

What does the monthly love horoscope mean for your relationships, love life, personal growth, and future changes? 

It all depends on the various planetary transits we will experience this month. 

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Saturn Retrograde enters Capricorn: July 1st

This is big energy. Saturn is actually the one to thank for so many of the collective issues we’ve seen play out this year already.

While this planet is the one known to govern divine timing and karma, he also is responsible for the structures that uphold our lives. Saturn helps us establish boundaries and govern not just what we do, but how we do things.

As he’s been moving through just the beginning degrees of Aquarius this year, we’ve seen many pre-existing structures crumble. But now, during his retrograde period lasting until September 29th, he transits back into Capricorn — not to recreate those structures of conformity or outdated ideas, but so we can take the past and learn from it. 

Collectively, this will impact our lives post-pandemic and the number of companies that choose to telecommute long-term. This will affect racial and social justice issues worldwide, along with new ways of growing food, living, and operating more sustainably.

We are now given time to take what we need from the past and move into our future so we can evolve — personally and globally. 

Relationship-wise, Saturn in Aquarius meant the joining of many divine partnerships.

During this brief backtrack into Capricorn, now is the time to learn from the past, make different choices, and actually start to make plans for how we want to live our lives together. 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: July 5th

This will technically end our eclipse season for the summer; however, we will experience another set of eclipses in November and December of this year, so we’re far from being able to relax into any sort of routine.

Full Moons represent a time of fruition and manifestation, and, in this case, we’re looking at a cycle coming to a peak that began on December 26th, 2019. This is because that is the last new moon in Capricorn we experienced; since then, we’ve been working towards new beginnings in the structures and foundations of our lives.

But Lunar Eclipses mean internal change, and we actually had one initiating that last month, too. So, here we are again.

But even though we just had a Lunar Eclipse, there is no mistaking that this one is different.

Between Mercury retrograde, Venus turning direct, Neptune retrograde, and Cancer season having begun, there is a strong pull to make sure that what you’ve invested in is actually investing in you, especially as it relates to home, family and relationships.

As always, be prepared for change, and likely in the areas you least suspect it. 

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Ceres and Chiron Retrograde: July 7th-11th

Well, as if all the retrograding planets weren’t enough, here comes the asteroids!

Ceres and Chiron, two of the major asteroids, turn retrograde during this time period, calling our attention to our inner healing and nurturing.

As Chiron is the wounded healer and Ceres the earth mother, again, it's likely that we’re going to be focusing on how these themes may relate to us personally, but also in the intimate relationships we have in our lives.

Because as we know, who we surround ourselves with is a barometer for how we feel about ourselves. 

Mercury turns Direct: July 12th

This is definitely a good piece of news, even if we’ve still got the post-shadow phase to contend with.

Mercury is the planet that governs our communication, but in Cancer it means that we’re asked to share more of our feelings; for many, that can be uncomfortable.

While in retrograde, we were asked to share more of our truth, to be open about how we felt before in our lives and relationships (Cancer rules home, family and motherhood, so this will still be in focus). During the retrograde period, perhaps we found closure or had sudden realizations about our own situation or choices.

This is the time that we can still use that Mercury in Cancer energy to have important conversations about the future now that this planet has turned direct. Everything may not be completely clear, but the more we communicate and speak, the better it will become. 

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New Moon in Cancer (the second one of the summer!): July 20th

In case you somehow missed the message from the Universe this summer (well, the entire year), it's all about changes to our home and families.

Rarely do we ever see a double moon within a year, let alone within the same astrological month! But this year it’s happening, which seems well-fitting since everything else is unprecedented.

In fact, this year we skip our New Moon in Leo altogether (sorry, Leos!) to pull greater focus into what is happening within our families and home life. 

Cancer is the ruling sign of the moon and governs home, family, motherhood, and intimate relationships. This entire year, even with the quarantine we experienced at the start of the year, has been pushing us more towards focusing on the choices we’re making, and whether or not we are living our truth.

This means we have been asked to reflect on how our previous choices align with who we are now, and if we want to continue on the same path or have a shift in direction. 

We can put it off; however, it seems this year, we really are being asked to trust that everything can be figured out as long as we don’t avoid doing just that. 

Sun enters Leo: July 22nd

This begins Leo season, lasting until the end of August. And even though we don’t have a New Moon in this sign this year, we will all still benefit from this great fire energy.

Leo is the sign that rules the Sun and our hearts, so when we say to follow our hearts and to listen to them, it's all his energy. Leo can be proud, but he's passionate. And while he likes to maintain his kingly status, he’s not one to let stubbornness interfere with what he truly wants. 

For us coming on the heels of Eclipse Season, which, in some ways feels like the energy of the entire year, and the double Cancer New Moons, it will feel like the determination to face what is coming up for us.

This is encouragement to deal with what we’ve long put off, to take a stand, take the lead, and to not be so afraid of failure that we don’t take a chance at all.

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