What The Vesta Asteroid Means For Your Relationships & Love Life Until August 2020

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What The Vesta Asteroid Means For Your Relationships & Love Life Until August 2020, According To Astrology

We deserve to be happy, too.

The theme of family and home will be strengthened once the Vesta asteroid, one of the major asteroids in astrology, transits into Cancer until August 11th.

Vesta is one of the largest asteroids that we study and is the brightest, which means we often, even unconsciously, feel her energy. 

Once this planetary body shifts into different zodiac signs, based on her transit, she usually only spends a few months in each sign. That is, unless she’s retrograding, meaning, like any other planets, her stay is longer.

How does the Vesta asteroid relate to mythology?

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All of the planets have mythology attached to them, and Vesta is no different. Vesta is known as the virgin goddess of the home, a protectress, and the sister of Zeus and Jupiter.

This goddess was so stunning that both Neptune and Apollo wanted to marry her. Instead, she rejected them both and choose to be perpetually single (and a virgin) for the rest of her life.

Because of these choices, she’s become known for helping us make our own choices as it relates to our home and family life, the courage to follow our own path, and protecting ourselves and those we love within our intimate lives.

Vesta, depending on her placement in our birth chart and her current transit, can leave us struggling to balance self-sacrifice and selfishness.

This is because that one of the major lessons that we have to learn in this lifetime is that while it’s normal to care for those that are the closest to us, we can’t sacrifice our own self or journey in the process. In Cancer this lesson or theme is intensified as it’s also Cancer season so we can expect that all the feelings around home, family, intimate life and self-care will be arising.

What does Vesta in Cancer mean for our relationships?

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Because this is a planetary body that affects us in all of the most intimate parts of our lives, it’s important to discern what that looks like. And this depends on whether we’re talking about a spouse or partner, versus a child or ailing parent.

Vesta is the goddess of the home, but while she’s most known for caring for her home, this sometimes gets misconstrued as her being self-sacrificing when, in truth, she chose a certain path.

Vesta had the courage to choose neither of the men who wanted to marry her, and instead kind of lived happily ever after by herself. But for most of us, we don’t really want to live by ourselves or be by ourselves for the rest of our lives, even if we’ve learned to love ourselves and enjoy our own company. It’s also part of the human experience to share that with another.

In many ways, Vesta took the easy way out: rather than having to choose between two Gods, she just chose to avoid the situation altogether.

Whether or not we always want to see it, we do this sometimes, too. Instead of making a choice, we simply choose not to, and maybe Vesta found eternal peace, but maybe she always wondered "what if?" as well.

With this transit, we have to be conscious not to avoid situations in our romantic relationships that are asking for our attention.

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This means that if we’re feeling a shift in our feelings, struggling with feeling seen or heard, or even if we’re resigned to the fact that this relationship is over, we still have to partake in showing up for what this process looks like now.

As we move into this transit, we have to be aware of the tendency to avoid or overcompensate, trying to make our partner happy by sacrificing our own needs. This could show up as us hiding our truth, swallowing down our true feelings, or even trying to sweep our own dreams and desires under the rug.

The thing we have to realize is that while sometimes this seems like the logical approach to keeping the peace, it also won’t end well. When we repress anything, it shows up in our physical body; it shows up in what we repress in our daily lives and in the constriction we feel when thinking of something new or taking a chance.

To make the most of this transit for your relationship, it’s important to approach whatever comes up with the greatest honesty and authenticity. Try not to get caught up in what could be or how the other would react; instead, trust that it's all happening for a greater purpose, which means it needs to be dealt with, not avoided.

What impact does Vesta have on our home and family life?

Now, not all of us live with romantic partners and not all of us are in love with those that do, so it’s important to distinguish between these two types of relationships and how Vesta will affect each of them.

This type of relationships includes children, partners whom have transitioned to more friendships and/or co-parenting situations, siblings, and any other close contact with whom you feel a deep connection.

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In these relationships, rather than avoid, we run the risk of being too involved, putting the focus on them and their needs so we don’t really have to deal with ourselves. It’s great to be able to care for others and help those who are ill or going through a challenging time, but focusing on anyone will never take the real work off dealing with yourself.

It’s our own choices and revelations that end up having the greatest effect on the lives we live.

If we do decide to focus on raising children instead of our own happiness, if we do decide to worry about our sister or brother instead of building our own life, eventually, the façade we’ve built will crumble.

This is part of the energy of this time with Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn all in retrograde. If we have made that choice to focus on others, put ourselves last, or make our lives just about our families and children, we could also wake up to some pretty big truths around this time.

While every transit has its own lesson and theme, because so much of the current astrology overlaps one another, the major one is that we can’t make everyone else happy if we haven’t decided what that means for us. Because we can spend our lives trying to accomplish that, only to realize too late it’s not possible.

We always have to begin with ourselves, trusting that if we’re true to us, that's all we need to help others do the same.

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