How Mercury Moving Into Taurus Affects Your Love Horoscope Until May 2020

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How Mercury Moving Into Taurus Affects Your Love Horoscope Until May 2020, According To Astrology

Mercury in Taurus is a time for every zodiac sign to ground themselves and their thoughts so we can all plan for making our desires a reality. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication, which means it’s not just our words that are affected by this planet’s transits, but our thought processes as well.

What can we expect when Mercury moves into Taurus?

As this small planet moves through the zodiac, we are given different perspectives or areas to focus on. And in the earth sign of Taurus, it’s time to look at what's real. Taurus is represented by the bull, which means that while this sign is one of the least flexible of all the zodiac signs, its steadfast nature is one we can use to our advantage. 

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Depending upon whether this planet is retrograde or not, which it does three to five times a year, it usually spends approximately three weeks to a month in each sign as it moves through the zodiac. This means that while it takes decades for a planet further from the sun to make a full cycle through the zodiac, this planet takes only about a year.

Usually, we see Mercury move into Taurus during this sun sign’s season, taking place at the end of April. In doing so, it allows us to have a fresh perspective on whether we’re headed in the right direction or if we need to rethink some of the previous plans we’ve made.

This year, it moves into this earth sign from April 27th to May 11th. This is part of how astrology works in unison with the energy of our yearly cycle. January is what the majority of the globe celebrates as the start of a brand new year, and with it we always have great hope and make plans for what we hope the year will bring.

However, by the end of April and us being about a third of the way through the year, we are called back to focus on if we’re on the right track. The truth can be the hardest thing to accept and then integrate into our lives, but in this case, Mercury in Taurus asks us to take a hard look at what is real by also asking us to see the truth — the truth of not just our own plans, but of those close to us.

Mercury in Taurus can be one of great growth if we’re able to separate what's real and true from the ego, and the main distractions that surround us.

This is a time for us to connect to that physical world that Taurus rules so we might root our own self into it and be able to see how we feel in certain situations, like our job or even romantic relationships. During this period, we’re able to clearly see how we feel and if the words of others have weight behind them, or if they are only superficial.

While we do have to remain aware of not becoming too stubborn, a trait of Taurus, we can take this rigidity and instead turn it into dedication for our path that is based in truth.

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Taurus is not just an earth sign, but one of two signs that rules Venus, the planet of love, with the other being Libra. This means that while Mercury isn’t romantic by nature, in Taurus we tend to focus more on the words that we speak to our partner, and those they say to us.

But Taurus isn’t just concerned by pretty affirmations; instead, Taurus wants the truth, the grit and the reality of life. Even though this is a sign that cares about the physical, which includes material pleasures, it’s also one that wants to make sure it’s on the right path.

It's also one of stability. Because of this, we tend to have more important future-based conversations with our partners while Mercury is in Taurus, which lends its help for us to answer that age old question: “Where is this going?”

While Mercury moves into Taurus approximately the same time each year, the season itself will represent different things depending upon the other astrology that is occurring at the time.

However, the roots of it will always be truth, stability, romantic partnerships (not just relationships), and growth. So, for us to make the most of this season, we have to be prepared to not just ask others some important questions, but be able to answer our own first.

This season often shows us that while we can search for growth and stability within a partner, it’s crucial that we find that sense of grounding within ourselves first. This means we can likely expect lessons around self-validation and confidence where we’ll be asked to become the partner we’re seeking to be with — not because we don’t need anyone, but because we need to radiate what we hope to attract.

Once we can do this, our entire energy changes from one of uncertainty and superficiality, to strength and determination. This helps us advocate for ourselves during this transit.

Our words hold immense power, which is magnified when Mercury moves through Taurus. It's so we can make concrete plans both for ourselves, and with a romantic or even business partner.

And thanks to the influence of Venus, confidence will become even more attractive, meaning that having a strong voice won’t just help you in the workplace, but also in the creation of the romantic connection you’re seeking.

This is a prime time to do a self-evaluation for how the year is going, so you can readjust where necessary and re-dedicate yourself to what is already working.

This is not a time to be afraid to speak your truth, because we will be reminded that those who are meant to be in our lives will never waiver when we do.

And we are asked to remember that in life there will always be distractions, an illustrious opportunity, and a pretty face. But only by following and listening to what’s real will we be able to grow into our best selves and have the life we’ve always dreamed of. 

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