What The Full Supermoon In Libra Means For Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship & Love Horoscope, According To Astrology

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What The Full Supermoon In Libra Means For Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship & Love Horoscope, According To Astrology
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Just because we ignore reality doesn’t mean that it will disappear.

On April 7th or 8th, depending upon location, every zodiac sign will celebrate the super full moon in Libra, which will serve as the reminder that we can’t ignore reality, no matter how much we may wish we could.

In astrology, full moons represent a time of completion or fruition, and while this is no different, it also marks the second in a series of three supermoons that are meant to help us see what we’re in denial of so we can live deeper in our truth.

But there is also a great deal going on astrologically right now, so this isn’t a simple moon. This means the outcome will not be simple either, especially in terms of our relationships and love horoscopes.

To begin to dive into the meaning of this full supermoon, we first have to look at the significance of having it occur in Libra.

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Libra is an air sign, one that rules partnerships and thrives off of balance and fairness. While not in Venus, the planet of love, Libra works her relationship magic in other ways that are tied to the realistic way another shows up for us. Libra is that cohesion that happens when two people are on the same side and working for the same goal.

In the most developed sense, Libra is the energy of a healthy reciprocal relationship, one that translates to knowing that we’re with someone who wants to show up for us, and that we hold that same desire without the over romantic ideals.

Because of this reality factor, it also means that when we see moons within this sign, it tends to exacerbate or bring to light any of these injustices of imbalances within existing relationships. But the other side of this is that it also tends to shed light on those connections that feel a high level of ease within them; those that already feel balanced and full of delicious love.

This can be a good thing, but sometimes these types of connections feel like being given that cold glass of water after thirsting for so long, which means that we tend to just want to focus on the good.

This isn’t always a bad thing, but in this case, with the other astrology also in play, it translates to us getting carried away with the good and forgetting that we still have to deal with what this full moon is making evident.

The thing with relationships that we sometimes overlook is that the heart doesn’t care about convenience. It doesn’t care about what we should be doing or who we should be with, because while we can control many things, the heart isn’t one of them.

Highlighting this is the fact that we’ve got four planetary bodies all in air signs: Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn. This isn’t quite a grand trine in air because the degrees are a bit off, but that doesn’t mean we’re still not going to feel that pull between these four planets.

To gain a better perspective at what this means, we have to understand that Venus is the emphasis on that love feeling; Mars is action and passion; Saturn is the lord of time and karma, and also is usually the one to help us learn the significance of personal boundaries.

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Air is a strong element, though; it’s one that rules our independence, our cerebral thought process, and lets us imagine different possibilities and outcomes. Air is also movement, which means we can expect that to factor in significantly for this lunation. Along with the Mars-Uranus square that is occurring, we could very well see ourselves running for the exit door, no longer concerned with walking and taking our time.

But we have to remember during this moon that while it’s wonderful to feel that connection with another person, and while it’s intoxicating to feel that passion and excitement for the future, we can’t forget that we still have to deal with our pasts.

Libra is adept at showing us the truth of our connection, but we have to remember to deal with it too, to work through what arose, and to remember that the point of learning something is to demonstrate it with our increased honesty and integrity.

The full moon in Libra is a chance for us to own our truth and actually act like the higher selves we’ve been evolving into.

Be grateful that injustices and imbalances arose, be appreciative of where the energy just flows with another, and use all of that to create a reality that feels like the life we’ve dreamed of.

It’s okay to want to rush ahead into amazing, but just spend a moment working through the truth that arose first. Not just because we owe it to the other person that this likely affects, but also because it’s all energy. We receive what we put out into the universe, and while it’s a situation that began last month and is peaking at this time, we still won’t see a final resolution until the full moon in Scorpio on May 7th.

Astrology works in building blocks, so this story we’re seeing in front of us began around the time of the super full moon in Virgo, with plans coming into question. And now, as we celebrate this full moon, we will be more aware of the unbalance that exists.

And when it comes time to welcome the last super full moon of the year in May, we will be ready to see the truth of the situation and initiate transformation with the sign of Scorpio.

The thing to remember during this time is to practice gentleness with ourselves and understanding. We might get caught up in the really good feelings, in the bliss and the passion, so if we find that we have, all we need to do is backtrack a bit and take care of what we’re meant to.

When it comes to something that is meant for us, we have all the time in the world to get it right. And sometimes, as humans in this life, we get carried away with happiness, so it’s just about remembering reality (even when we don’t want to) so we can put our pasts to rest before moving into our future.

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