What The Sun-Mars Sextile Means For Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until April 2021, According To Astrology

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How The Sun Mars Sextile Will Help Us Find The Courage To Live Our Truth
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We will be fueled by passion and the desire to act swiftly upon our desires with the astrology transit of Sun sextile Mars, with Sun in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn, on February 25th. Traditionally, in Pisces season we are more apt to be in our feelings, especially feelings we’ve tried to avoid or ignore.

The end of February is a very active month with numerous transits that will occur between the 23rd and 26th, all of which have the capability to change the landscape of our love horoscopes and lives forever.

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a harmonious and beneficial aspect that also delivers with it a dose of karma. Depending upon the planet and zodiac sign, a sextile can represent different meanings and have a different affect on our lives.

In this transit, it’s between the Sun, which represents our external self and how we move within the world, and Mars, the planet of ambition, drive, motivation, and passion.

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This means we’re going to see feelings arise between what we are driven to do and the actions we take because of it. But with the influence of Pisces and Capricorn, we have this great balance of dreams and reality, water and earth.

This is a transit that often occurs once a year, and this year is no different as the next time we will experience it will be April 2021.

While there isn’t anything in astrology that ever represents a "now or never" type of energy, we do owe it to ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities that are brought to us, especially during a year when we are all so dedicated to starting off the decade on a new page.

This is a one-day transit occurring in the midst of a very active week of astrology, so we may not be able to fully embrace this energy until we move further into March. But the energy that is created with this specific aspect is one that will affect us for the next year in all the decisions that we make, specifically romantically.

When we think of living our truth, sometimes we just think that means we get to do what we want, or that we don’t lie to others. But it’s something much deeper than that, and it’s a decisions that truly end up not just changing our lives, but us as well.

Truth is an energy, a decision and a vibration. To vibrate on the frequency of truth means we don’t block, resist, control or force anything in our life. It means we are conscious, aware beings that have wrestled with our deepest, darkest demons and come out to dance into the light with them.

To be aware of our truth means we know ourselves, that we no longer hide from what we feel or think, and that we accept ourselves — all of ourselves.

Truth is defined as the absolute; it’s undebatable, which means it’s also an extremely strong vibration and energy. When we speak our truth, we can change the world; when we live our truth, we end up becoming an example to this world of what happens when we let our ego sleep and let our soul take over. It means there is nothing to fear, regret or mourn because we only ever listen to our internal compass, and those words and actions of others.

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When we think of fresh starts and new beginnings, we don’t consider how essential the truth is to that. And while we are creating this brand new start in our lives, we’re also realizing it’s because of how much we’ve learned, which means we’ve gotten to a new level of truth within our lives. What’s so amazing is that this energy will be here for a year for us to work with, so we can end up squeezing out the greatest good from it.

Pisces is a water sign that still believes in fairy tales, even if they look a little different in real life. You won’t be able to convince this sign that mermaids don’t exist or that magic isn’t something that’s real and around us every day.

Pisces is a zodiac sign that gets a bad rap for the dream world they live in. But when coupled with the practical, grounded nature of Capricorn, we can make our dreams a reality if we believe in them strongly enough.

This is the energy that Mars is bringing to the picture. Usually an impulsive and rash energy, in Capricorn he is tempered, he knows what he is working towards, and in what ways he should plan so he can move closer to those dreams. He takes his time in Capricorn; he’s focused not just on making something work but on what can work.

It’s like having this internal radar for what has the best chance of growing strong, which is an amazing energy for us to use in the coming year. We can be more discerning about the choices, projects and relationships we enter.

Creating a life that is based in truth means it’s also based in our dreams. We spend so much time talking ourselves out of these visions and ideals that we have for our lives, we don’t give ourselves the time or hope to make them a reality.

While Pisces may dream deep, Mars in Capricorn knows just how to make it grow.

How to weave them within the fabric of our lives until we wake up one day and realize it was never our dreams that were too farfetched, but that we lacked the strength to have hope even when we couldn’t see a way. Not realizing that it’s not about what we can see that creates our reality, but in what we choose to believe in — dreams and all.

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