How Pisces Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationships And Love Horoscope Until March 20th, 2020

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How Pisces Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationships And Love Horoscope Until March 20th, 2020
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The new year will take an interesting turn as we welcome the start of Pisces season once the Sun moves into this romantic water sign on February 19th, initiating an entirely new chapter in our lives.

The Pisces love horoscope has a special place in the heart of every zodiac sign because it’s the time of year when we’re able to believe in the best of everything: life, career, self and even love. This is the time of year when we’re reminded, thanks to the sign of the fish, that love can really be all that we’ve dreamed of and more.

This time of year feels incredibly optimistic and love-oriented, but in 2020 will especially have that feeling for all zodiac signs as we delve into the potent astrology of the next month.

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We begin Pisces season with a sextile between Jupiter and Neptune. This is an interesting transit because while Neptune is the classic ruler of Pisces, Jupiter used to be, and even now is known as one of the ruling planets to this sign that is full of duality.

While Jupiter represents expansion, and Neptune unconditional love and the dream world, together it means we’re going to be invited to really give fuel to our innermost desires so we can make them a reality. But it’s also about setting the tone for the season as well.

Pisces is a deep, emotional, sensitive, mysterious, passionate water sign. Pisces is the mermaid; the siren that dives to the depths and seems to be at home in all matters that we sometimes feel are going to pull us down. Pisces is represented by the two fish swimming in opposite directions. 

Often misunderstood as being fickle or unable to make up their mind, this water sign is adept at handling both the real life and the imagination. The two fish of Pisces are said to represent one fish swimming up to the heavens and the other down to the underworld; a sign that can both be light but also still swim within the darkness.

Pisces brings with it an energy that we don’t need to choose. We don’t need to be all or nothing. We don’t need to let our dreams die so we can live life how we are supposed to, and we don’t need to throw away those comforts of human life to live in the ethereal realms of spirituality and dreams.

We can do both. We can be both grounded and yet fly. We can have that amazing love story and still get done what we have committed to in this life.

Right away, we begin by feeling like we don't need to pick either/or, all or nothing. Instead, we’re shown that it might take some work, it may involve some difficult conversations, but the ability to create a life that nurtures all sides of our personality is possible, we just must believe that it is.

Shortly after that, we celebrate the new moon in Pisces on February 23rd, which will help cast a fresh light on old hurts and beliefs.

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Thanks to the Mercury retrograde that has already begun, we will be experiencing a theme of forgiveness in the coming weeks, which will be echoed with this new moon as we start to see what’s possible once we stop talking and obsessing about the past.

Sometimes in life, it becomes less about the forgiveness from others and more about the forgiveness that we offer ourselves. While there is so much occurring with this new moon, including possible big shake-ups in romantic relationships thanks to aspects with Venus and Uranus, we also will be seeing the brighter side of life. We will feel a greater sense of peace, which will allow us to start believing in the best possible outcome, even if it’s also one we’ve previously tried to talk ourselves out of.

The last week of February is action-packed with numerous transits involving Venus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Pisces (in retrograde), and even Mars in Capricorn. There may be a lot happening this week in our lives as we come face to face with our past, as well as any aspects of our future that need to be dealt with now that we’re feeling this new, liberated sense of self and purpose.

Because we’re in a Mercury retrograde, we must understand that a lot of these feelings and a lot of what may come up may be directly related to something or someone from our past. Especially connecting back to the time period of October to December 2019, we will review a decision or choice we made.

Part of it is because that is the natural cycle of life, but it’s also because of a lot of the clearing we’ve done opens a hope that we long believed had died. This energy opens the doorway to Mercury moving into Aquarius the first week of March during his retrograde period.

This energy will shift from feeling what we had previously not wanted to deal with, to making decisions we had been afraid of or even reluctant to make. Also occurring around this time, Venus moves into Taurus, her home territory, and we’re encouraged to open our hearts, to remember that love is actually supposed to feel good. And with Mercury in Aquarius, we’re going to be in the place to make choices that align with our desires.

On February 9th, we have our full moon in Virgo, which is polar energy to Pisces, but it's energy we still need.

We need to remember the details, to be grounded, not to hold ourselves back from what we want, and have somewhere to plant our dreams. A day after on February 10th, Mercury turns direct in Aquarius; while still in shadow zone for a few more weeks, he transits back into Pisces a week later where he’s feeling different than February. More at home in his emotions and centered, he understands the lessons he was supposed to learn.

While a lot can happen unexpectedly within the February portion of Pisces season, many of the actual changes won’t occur until mid-March, so it’s important to practice patience. Be open to what comes your way this month, look for chances to go deeper, to forgive, and ways that you can create more peace in your life.

Recognize that how you think life will go at this point isn’t how things will play out. But still, let yourself hope again and believe that it’s all possible because, ultimately, that is what will shape our reality.

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