How Mars Moving Into Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until The End Of March 2020

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How Mars in Capricorn Will Affect Our Relationships and Divine Masculine’s Until March 30th
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The energy shifts within our relationships and with the masculine with Mars moving into Capricorn, an earth bound zodiac sign, on February 16th.

In astrology, Mars is the planet that rules the divine masculine, so whether we use that term for the men in our lives whom we love dearly, we still can observe changes within them as this planet moves through the zodiac. Because we all have a level of masculine energy within us, some more so than others, we can feel a stronger impact as well.

Mars is a fire planet that is ruled by Aries, and besides being one part of the cosmic lover’s relationship with Venus, he also rules ambition, drive, motivation, anger and even passion.

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We all need a little Mars energy because this is the planet that gives us our fire. This is the planet that helps with that little push when we’re feeling lost or confused. But like anything, if we have too much Mars energy, we’re going to rush into things without thinking, or fee more frustration and anger when things aren’t going our way.

To everything in life, balance is a necessity both within our internal world and our external, and while we needed that Mars in Sagittarius energy we’ve been under for the past month, in order to make headway on the plans and dreams we’ve been conspiring, we need Mars to get a little more grounded. That's why his placement in Capricorn will be so welcomed and beneficial for us.

Capricorn is one of the best placements for Mars and is considered exalted here, meaning the energies of both the planet and sign work together to bring about the greatest benefit for all of us.

Normally when we experience the Mars in Capricorn transit, it means we can expect to feel more focused and goal-orientated. Mars acts less impulsively, and even if his plans aren’t announced to the world, he tends to work more diligently. This is almost that "nose to the grindstone" energy we sometimes think of, because Mars in Capricorn doesn’t become discouraged by a long or challenging road ahead.

In terms of our general lives, including goals and career, this is an excellent transit because we’re not going to mind doing what's necessary to succeed. We won’t be put off or discouraged if something doesn’t work or we must go back to the drawing board and try again.

Mars in Capricorn is practical, so we’re looking at things from a more logical standpoint. But this doesn’t mean we lose sight of our dreams, only that we’re more realistic about how to accomplish them.

The last few weeks of this transit we might see more of this Mars in Capricorn career energy after the Mercury retrograde has left its shadow phase, and after we’ve left Pisces season and are feeling the changes that the Sun moving into Aries brings. But until then, it’s going to be largely focused on relationships, love and even desire.

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So much of the energy of 2020 has asked us what we truly want at a soul level, and then what we will do to get or achieve it. While we can’t really think of love in terms of getting someone, it still doesn’t mean we’re not after a moment or a chance in which we can either speak our truth or see if what we feel is for a reason. 2019 was an odd year because, in many ways, we were so busy finishing up these lessons we’ve been learning that we didn’t give ourselves time to ask, “Do you really want this?”

Since the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer at the beginning of January, we’ve been having time to do just that, which means that while Mars in Sagittarius likely helped us figure out what we really want by opening our minds to new paths, now we all need a little (or a lot) of Mars in Capricorn energy so we can make a plan to take these feelings and thoughts, and manifest them into a way of life.

Mars in Capricorn is looking long-term at the big picture. This isn’t the time to rush ahead, be impractical or purely do what you want, when you want. This is not immediate gratification, but it is great for building the foundation that will feed our dreams for years to come.

The thing that Mars in Capricorn teaches us is patience. Sure, we can rush ahead and likely have a taste of what we desire, but as we all know, especially in terms of relationships and love, that doesn’t always translate to a solid future.

One thing to be mindful of with this energy, specifically for the divine masculine and men in our lives, is that it can seem they have become detached during this transit, but that doesn’t mean those feelings are truth.

Mars in Capricorn affects men differently than women, so if you’re either in a relationship or just in love and it feels like things have halted, paused, detached, just wait.

Men who have a healthy sense of Mars in Capricorn won’t want to drag you into their process or their drama, and while you want him here with you right now, you also have to respect a man who wants to get their life together before they ask you to be a part of it.

Let them do their thing. Let them work on life, on themselves, and don’t just hold space but look at what you can work on in the meantime. Focus on your path and where Mars is directing you.

Sometimes, what we must realize is that once we understand what we’re working towards, it makes the work and the time passed a lot more enjoyable.

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