How The Juno Asteroid In Retrograde Will Affect Your Love Life & Relationships Until June 2020

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How The Juno Asteroid In Retrograde Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscopes & Relationships Until June 2020
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Even if it seems like everything is ticking along quite nicely in our love horoscopes and personal lives, there's an undercurrent of change already beginning to ripple across.

The Juno asteroid, which governs marriage and commitment, turns retrograde on February 8th and lasts until June 21st. Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage and the Queen of Gods.

Because of this energy, when we see this asteroid change zodiac signs (which she does quite frequently) and turn retrograde, we feel this impact within our own lives and relationships.

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Juno is an asteroid that is becoming more well-known and popular as our awareness and understanding of just how deeply astrology impacts our own life spreads. Asteroids are smaller planetary bodies that aren’t large enough to be considered planets, but that still affect our lives.

This retrograde period of Juno will be more eventful because of the astrology that is already occurring around this time. So, it’s important that we understand how and where its impact will play out in our lives so we can act and make decisions with greater awareness.

We first must understand that astrology doesn’t make us do anything. We can’t blame that crazy one-night stand or our divorce on astrology because the stars alone can’t make us do something. However, it does is influence what is already there.

Astrology helps us be more aware and make changes when needed so we can keep growing and experiencing life, rather than becoming stagnant. We can always choose differently, but that doesn’t mean we can ever escape our fate.

Juno is an asteroid that rules marriage, committed relationships and partnerships; this asteroid is the ruler of home and family life, which means that for the next few months, this is where our focus will be as well. Generally, she changes signs every two-and-a-half months, having moved into Libra back in November 2019. Because of her retrograde period, she will be in this air sign of balance until September 21st, when she moves into the water sign of Scorpio.

Having Juno in Libra is a very powerful time for all of us, especially because it will last for almost a year. But the retrograde we’re seeing in the middle of this transit will change many of our relationships forever.

Libra is the sign of the scales, and a sign that often is associated with Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Libra represents partnerships and balanced relationships, versatility and fairness.

With Juno moving through this eclectic air sign, it’s no surprise that it’s going to call into question many of our romantic connections, including marriages or engagements. In this sign, Juno wants everyone to be fair, for relationships to be balanced, and for the results to be just.

Balance doesn’t mean 50/50, and it doesn’t necessarily mean equal; rather, it's the complement from opposites aligning in a way that benefits both. In relationships, this means that both people can be their individual selves and feel they are valued by being seen, heard and understood by their partners.

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A balanced relationship isn’t when everything is split down the middle or when we can divide everything equally. But when we come together to make up where the other lacks, it’s the yin and yang, the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves coming together to create harmony.

The last time we experienced a Juno retrograde was back in 2018 when we had our last Venus retrograde as well. Together, these two changed the landscape of our relationships forever. In many scenarios, we’ve still been rebuilding and moving past what that retrograde brought up for us.

We will begin this Juno retrograde in February, while Venus won’t be turning retrograde until May 25th, so it’s crucial to be aware that many of the same issues we were dealing with or experiencing the last Juno and Venus retrogrades will come back for greater clarity and learning.

Emphasizing this aspect of our past coming back once again is Juno turning around the same time that Mercury does, which is a planet that always tends to bring an ex back just when we thought we were finally over them.

Retrogrades of any sort ask us to review something we’ve previously decided on or experienced so no matter what we think now, there's some aspect of our past we’re all meant to delve into this year, whether we’re married or not.

Juno retrogrades ask us to consider how balanced and fair our relationships are, and how just our actions have been. But in Libra, this is emphasized.

We will likely see this show up in terms of the agreements we’ve already made in our relationships, including marriage contracts, emotional or even social agreements as far as what we allowed versus what we truly wanted.

Juno in Libra is going to target our romantic life with expert precision and could leave us feeling as if we’ve been taken advantage of by a partner or that we had agreed to something, including a relationship status, that doesn’t actually feel like it’s in accordance with our personal values.

Juno in Libra is already an energy we’ve been working with since last fall, so while it’s important to reflect on issues or feelings that occurred during the October-November time period of 2018, we also need to think back to the fall of 2019.

Sometimes, what we think we want ends up not feeling right. We say things don’t fit or that they feel off, when really there’s something, even if it’s an inner energy that isn’t in balance.

To make the most of this energy, it’s best to try to get our minds in a state of openness and acceptance. Things will likely change for many of us this year that are on that brink already. This includes separations and divorces, but it also includes those reigniting a love that was balanced.

A retrograde asks us to reflect and even gives us the chance to redo, which means this year, we get to love better after we’ve learned all we’ve meant to.

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